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Tashan-e-Ishq 2 May 2016 Written Episode

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Kunj Twinkle uniteYuvraj leave the house Zee TVs Tashan-E-Ishq
Tashan-e-Ishq 2 May 2016 Written Episode

Scene 1

Anita says congrats everybody for Twinkle and yuvi’s marriage, she inquires as to why all are quiet, didnt you individuals see that Twinkle got hitched to Yuvi? i let you know Twinkle that just three hours and your life will be transformed, you should be in stun, i at long last won today, i sat tight during the current day from much time, this is registration move of mine, my sweetheart Leela well done. Yuvi says why all are standing like statue? compliment us, everyone meet Mr and Mrs. Yuvraj Luthra, he tries to hold Twinkle’s hand however Kunj comes there and punches him while covering Twinkle behind him, Twinkle is in tears. Kunj says to Yuvi that you demonstrated your affordability again yet your modest strategies doesnt move us, we dont care, get lost from here before i overlook mankind, Yuvi says you have turned out to be intense in the wake of getting my blood, you ought to thank and compliment me, dont take load, you are as of now sick and wont have the capacity to breath, hear me out placidly, the thing is that Twinkle is currently my significant other and what i couldnt do prior, i did this time. He says family did such decent readiness for my marriage, thank all of you. Leela is going to slap Yuvi however Anita says he is your child in law, this is sin, Leela says sin is the thing that Yuvi is doing, he cannot be called shoe overlook calling him my child in law. Anita says i comprehend that you are in stun yet what needed to happen as happened and its great that you acknowledge this, let me meet my little girl in law. Leela says you surmise that you can break us with this shoddy demonstrations? Kunj and Twinkle are quite hitched, no one can interfere with them not even your child, we dont have confidence in old and stale customs and conventions, Kunj and Twinkle are made for each other for 7births, Anita says truth is that Twinkle and Kunj’s marriage is broken as of now, they have isgned legal documents themselves, all are stunned, Anita indicates them legal documents which has Twinkle and Kunj’s sign on it, Leela takes a gander at confounded. Yuvi says choreographer was extensive for all of you after all he was not unique, Babee says it implies you came in mask of choreographer, Kunj reviews how he made Kunj and Twinkle sign legal documents inbetween contract papers. Leela says we dont trust this, this is junk, she tears legal documents and says we dont concur with this, anita says you are my in-law now, i know it happens, for your data this was duplicate of unique legal documents, we can send you more duplicates in the event that you need to tear more. Babee falls oblivious not ready to tolerate stun, all get stressed for her, Yuvi grins at Twinkle. Anita says to Leela that you think you are oversmart? you are pleased with your little girl and Kunj however see what i have made out of you individuals, all of you are defenseless infront of me, i will take revenge from Twinkle, my child has endured a considerable measure because of Twinkle and now its time for her to payback, Leela says dont even attempt to damage her. Babee gets cognizant and says i let you know that this Anita will pulverize everything, they see Twinkle missing from mandap, all glance around for Twinkle, Kunj goes to check her inside room, Yuvi says Twinkle child where are you? Leela says to Anita that if anything happens to my girl then i swear, i won’t save you and your child. Yuvi says Twinkle is timid, we have marriage night(suhagraat) remaining, Twinkle infant your Yuvi is calling you, where are you?
Twinkle is walking on road, Jag suna suna laage plays, she recalls how she fell in Kunj’s arms on their first meeting, how Kunj saved her life time and again, how they celebrated Karvachauth, how he took care of her, she recalls time spent with Kunj, their engagement, how Kunj promised to be with her always. She recalls her marriage with Yuvi, she cries.
Anita says to guests that we invited you on short notice and you people came. We want to invite you on tomorrow’ function, Yuvi says i couldnt celebrate any function with Twinkle so we will have ring ceremony tomorrow. Leela comes there and says this is difference between you and Kunj, he is finding Twinkle everywhere and here you are talking about this cheap marriage? Anita says whatever, we are worried about tomorrow’s function, i dont want to spoil it so do anything but find Twinkle, got it? Leela leaves angrily from there.

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Scene 2
Twinkle comes in mandir, she looks at Mata Rani and cries, she says i cant wear mangalsutra of Yuvi’s name, i hate him, she breaks her mangalsutra and throws it away. Kunj comes there and says you kept bearing everything alone and didnt even tell me anything, you should have atleast told me once, you could have tried to tell me, Twinkle runs to him and hugs him tightly, he hugs her back, Twinkle cries. Kunj says when you went from Mandap, i went to our room and found this mangalsutra, Kunj says to Twinkle that look at this mangalsutra, i gave you this, this is proof of our love and trust, dont let is go away from you, he makes her wear it, Sajna ve plays, she smiles, Kunj says we were always together and we will remain together, we cant be separated as our relation is made by God and these relations cant be broken like this, till my breath will go on, our relation will remain intact, nobody can break it, Twinkle says i am sorry, i wanted to tell you everything.. Kunj stops her and wipes her tears, he says you dont have to give any explanation, your eyes are telling me whole truth. Kunj says you kept bearing everything alone, you trusted that cheap guy Yuvi for my blood, you could have told me, we would have handled it together, Twinkle says i am sorry but we didnt had time, you needed blood, we found blood donor but Anita made him runaway, i couldnt understand anything, all i wanted to save your life, i can go to any extent to save your life, i took yuvi as your blood donor as i didnt have any other choice. Twinkle says to Kunj that i knew Yuvi was upto something, i had doubt on him but i didnt know that he would stoop so much low and will do something like this, i am sorry Kunj, she cries, Kunj holds her hand………..

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