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Tashan-e-Ishq 2 July 2016 Written Episode

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Tashan-E-Ishq Latest Antakshri drama Yuvi upset Twinkle-Kunj’s romance
Tashan-e-Ishq 2 July 2016 Written Episode

Scene 1

Rough comes in question and answer session with Pallavi. Media begins making inquiries, Kunj says i know all of you have numerous inquiries in regards to my engagement yet i need to show you AV, in the wake of seeing video, all of you will be upbeat, my wedding organizer is not here, appears as though she is as yet getting prepared. Twinkle and Yuvi comes there. Yuvi requests that Pallavi give DVD, she offers it to him. Yuvi puts in DVD player and begins playing video, it has pictures of Twinkle and Kunj close, when twinkle went to Pallavi’s room and how he embraced from behind, Yuvi sees media catching it, Twinkle is tensed, Yuvi kills Tv, Twinkle says how could this recording came here. Media comes to Twinkle and asks what were you doing with Rocky? you are hitched and as yet playing with Rocky? you are same Twinkle Sarna whose MMS

was spilled as well, Yuvi says stop it, my significant other has nothing in this, dont irritate her, my better half is honest, allow her to sit unbothered, media individual that you are Yuvraj Luthra, who made her MMS, he is included in Kunj Sarna kill as well, why did you wed your better half’s executioner Twinkle? Yuvi says quiets down, dont say trash, first check truths, this is my significant other and she doesnt need to give character endorsement, media individual that it would you say you was who made her MMS and now you letting us know about her character? Yuvi says gives up from here Twinkle, Kunj requests that he quiet down, Yuvi says i dont care, she is my better half and i wont stay here any longer, he leaves with Twinkle. Kunj requests that media leave, media says they didnt significantly answer our inquiries, they leave, Kunj grins and is cheerful to see all that.

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Pallavi comes to Yuvi and offers him water, he says no. Pallavi offers water to Twinkle, Kunj is gazing Twinkle. Yuvi comes and sit adjacent to Twinkle, he says overlook everything Twinkle, we cannot control what individuals consider us, individuals are here to say waste, yet dont let it influence you, you are my tigress, Kunj says he is correct, individuals simply require chatter yet not everytime media isn’t right, they more likely than not got some tip, i dont think about your own life however in the event that media recalls such old thing then it should huge contention, Yuvi did you truly made that filthy MMS? i should say Twinkle, you have guts, even in the wake of knowing this, you hitched individual like Yuvi, i just neglected to see in what manner can a young lady like you wed criminal, media individual was likewise saying that Yuvi killed your significant other, he got captured as well even after you wedded him how? Yuvi is furious listening this? Kunj says would it say it was that you were included in this arrangement with Yuvi? Yuvi holds Rocky from neckline and says quiets down, how could you.. what course of action would all say all is this? you arr doing dramatization from the time you have met us, you are focusing on my better half Twinkle, why should you judge us? Twinkle says abandon it Yuvi, they have propensity for judging, we will do our work, gives only a chance to be proficient, Yuvi says instruct them to not discuss my own life, you are my significant other and in the event that anybody tries to point finger at you then i will cut that individual’s hand, i feel you both are included in this, Pallavi how did Twinkle and Rocky’s photos came in that DVD? it was with you Pallavi, Pallavi says so you are reprimanding us? Yuvi says yes, Kunj says enough, in light of the fact that your significant other was offended today doesnt imply that you can accuse my life partner. Worker comes there and offers DVD to Yuvi, Yuvi says its genuine DVD, Pallavi says now i comprehend i cleared out DVD at table, somebody more likely than not traded it, Yuvi says why might anybody isn’t that right? Twinkle says why might somebody target us? Pallavi says possibly you have some business competition, Kunj says perhaps you both have harmed somebody, you both have done amiss with somebody and now he is paying back to you, its said that what you sow might you harvest, lets overlook it and Twinkle is correct, lets keep it proficient, you both have enough consideration, we need to get ready for engagement so lets proceed onward, Yuvi says Twinkle gives up, he gazes Rocky and leaves with Twinkle…..
Scene 2
Twinkle and Yuvi comes to their room. Twinkle is tensed, Yuvi looks at her, he sits on his knees infront of her and says i am sorry, Twinkle says why you are saying sorry? Yuvi says i feel Rocky is right, we get payback of our deeds, you are very nice but i have done alot of mistakes in life and you are getting payback of all that, Twinkle says you have gone mad, you were bad in past but you have changed totally, you are my best friend, you have kept my family united, dont feel guilty, Yuvi smiles, Twinkle says we need to find out who is doing all this, Yuvi says once i find out who has done it then i wont spare that person, but seriously Twinkle i am sorry for everything, Twinkle says dont be crazy. Yuvi gets call from Babee, Babee asys come home fast, there are some goons in Sarna house, Leela says i will call police, goon says i will kill you, goons are checking papers in Sarna house, goon says if anyone of you try to speak then i will kill you. Babee says to Yuvi on call that goons have come in office and are destroying things, Yuvi says dont worry i will come, she ends call. Yuvi tells Twinkle that there are some goons in house, we have to leave, Twinkle says you bring out car, i will inform Pallavi that we have to leave as its family emergency. Goons take safe from Sarna house and leaves, Usha, Babee and Leela are tensed.
Pallavi says Twinkle you cant go, Rocky have arranged dinner, i want you to be here, Twinkle says i understand but my family has been attacked so i have to go there, Pallavi says i know you but you remain here then i will have strength, i need you, stay here, Yuvi comes there, Pallavi says to Yuvi that let Twinkle stay here, Yuvi says let me talk to Twinkle alone. He takes Twinkle from there. Twinkle says to Yuvi that i know you will say to stay here, Yuvi says Pallavi is tensed and that Rocky is mad man, she is tensed and needs you, Twinkle says my family needs me too, Yuvi says we are a team so i will go there and you stay here, dont worry, Twinkle says fine you go and i will stay here, Yuvi holds her hand and says if Rocky makes you uncomfortable or you have any other problem then just call me and i will leave every work and will comeback to you, promise me that you will call, Twinkle says i will, you go now, Yuvi looks at her and leaves, Pallavi have listened all this and smirks seeing Twinkle alone, She calls Rocky, he asks what? Pallavi says our goons have done work in Sarna mansion and i have done your work, Yuvi has gone to Amritsar and Twinkle is alone here, Kunj says great, he ends call. Kunj says the maze in which i have made you get lost in, you will just now become more confused in it, you will remember Kunj the more you get lost in all this, your past will be infront of you all the time, i will complicate things for you so much that you wont be able to understand what is happening with you, today Yuvi saved you in press conference here but who will save you from me now……..

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