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Tashan-e-Ishq 14 April 2016 Written Episode

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Tashan-E-Ishq upcoming Twinkle-Kunj romance locked room
Tashan-e-Ishq 14 April 2016 Written Episode

Scene 1

Twinkle and Kunj are supplicating, Twinkle discovers Devika seeing her, she comes to Devika and reviews how Mahi tumbled off from bluff, flashback demonstrates Twinkle tragic about Mahi’s demise and sitting in greenery enclosure of her home and appealing to God for Mahi, she says i am going to Mumbai to inspire quality to battle with Yuvi, i cannot live here as i miss you, all say that you wont rebound however you will rebound, my heart says you will rebound, wind blows intensely, Twinkle sees Mahi coming there in harmed state and falls oblivious, Kunj comes there as well, Twinkle cries seeing her harmed, Mahi says when everything had a craving for completing, i reviewed countenances of my relatives, when Yuvi pulled rope and i feel off from precipice, i held tree and didnt tumble from mountain, if Yuvi realizes that i am alive then he will attempt to murder me once more, i am frightened, Twinkle says you wont go anyplace, that Yuvi will go to imprison, Kunj says we cannot indicate Mahi to everybody like this, we need to trap Yuvi so he admits his wrongdoing himself, Twinkle says i have an arrangement and for that Mahi will require new personality and new place and that place will be Mumbai, we will start our arrangement in Mumbai just, we will get equity for Mahi, flashback closes. Mahi embraces Twinkle and says i never saw your adoration, you continued cherishing me and i continued getting out of hand with you, i mistook, i couldnt comprehend your aims, Twinkle says you cannot cry, you are solid Devika now so now you need to take revenge from Yuvi for every one of his deeds, Kunj says Mahi have done extraordinary acting, Yuvi now trusts that she is Devika, he is stupid to the point that he fell in our trap, flashback demonstrates how Twinkle and Kunj intentionally discussed fingerprints infront of Yuvi, how Mahi held glass by putting additional skin on her finger so when Yuvi fingered print test, it couldnt match with Mahi’s fingerprints.

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Yuvi comes to Anita, Anita says this cannot br genuine, possibly this is Mahi’s arrangement, Yuvi says i did fingerprints test furthermore Devika has style and self image, in what capacity can Mahi change so radically in such brief time?
Mahi says to Twinkle and Kunj that i have got confidence and attitude in such short time because of you both, this new Mahi has so much confidence, Kunj says dont say anything against my real Mahi else i will scold you, our Mahi is best than Twinkle too, Twinkle says i miss my old Mahi but we will continue with Devika till we dont trap Yuvi fully. Yuvi calls Devika and says i wanna meet you with my mother, my mother wants to meet your parents too, Mahi says i will meet your mother alone first as i have to see if she has class to meet my parents or not, what if she has low standards? Yuvi says okay we will meet you first then we will meet your parents, can we come in half an hour? Mahi says are you mad, you cant come to meet at anytime, i dont have time to waste like this, come at given appointment to meet me, she ends call, Anita says she is so arrogant, Yuvi says if you want her money then you have to bear her attitude, Anita says i will prepare so much to meet then she will know my class, she called me of low standard, now i will show her my class.
Mahi says to Twinkle that i wanna talk to mom and dad, Twinkle says just wait for sometime, let Anita also know that what she sow shall has to reap.

Scene 2
Anita and Yuvi comes to Devika’s house. Anita finds Kunj and Twinkle there, Yuvi says there are wedding planners of Devika, Anita says i wont allow them in Yuvi’s marriage, she says we will hire other planners, you both get lost, Mahi/Devika comes there, Devika says who the hell is this lady talking like this? Yuvi says is my mother, Devika says i dont like anyone insulting my guests(Kunj and Twinkle) and i dont like people talking in high tone, Yuvi says sorry, Anita whispers to Yuvi that she is exactly like Mahi by face. Anita sits and starts questioning Devika, Devika says your son is marrying me so i dont have to answer you and look at your clothes, they are so down market, it feels like you have come from some village, you have any idea if i make you meet my parents then it will be insult to me too, they will say no for this proposal. Kunj mixes some tablets in juice. Servant brings juice, Yuvi drinks it. Yuvi says to Devika that mom has brought Shagun for you, she has brought fruits, jewelry and clothes from best shop. Mahi sees jewelry and says this is so tacky? from where did you buy it? who wears these cheap things in this age? these clothes are so cheap. Anita gifts bangles to Mahi, she says i have ordered these specially for you, Mahi calls her servant and gives bangle to him saying gift it to your wife, Anita is shocked, Mahi says cheap bangles like these are worn by servants here, Anita is stunned, Mahi says to Yuvi that i wanna talk to you alone, she starts taking him from there but Yuvi feels dizzy, Mahi says i will take you to guest room, she leaves with Yuvi. Twinkle says to Anita that why you are silent today? i have seen you getting insulted from daughter in law for first, now you know how Mahi would feel when you used to insult her being her mother in law? Anita angrily leaves from there.
Yuvi is sleeping in room, he wakes up, he has headache and listens some noise, he finds a silhouette there and says Devika? he comes out in corridor, its all dark, he gets afraid…….

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