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Swaragini 6 May 2016 Written Episode

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Time for some kitchen politics Colors Swaragini Swaragini 6 May 2016 Written Episode

The Episode begins with Ragini inquiring as to whether this is truth. Sumi says this is truth looking down. Ragini embraces her joyfully and asks by what means would you be able to stow away such a major uplifting news from me. Shekhar and Sumi are glad. Dadi asks Ragini, on the off chance that she has gone distraught? Ragini says Maa and Papa were seperated since numerous years and when their affection youngster is coming in this world, on the off chance that we ought to grab their joy due to society dread. She requests that the general population not insult them and don’t meddle in their family matter. She says I needn’t bother with anybody proposals. Dadi reproves Ragini and asks what are you saying? Ragini says you ought to be upbeat that you will get a great tyke once more. She says Swara will likewise be cheerful knowing this and requests that her call Sumi and Shekhar home. Dadi goes furiously to her home and bolts the entryway. Ragini rushes to Sumi and embraces her cheerfully. Sumi supposes how to let you know why did we go out? She supposes Dadi attempted to execute their child and that is the reason they cleared out home. Ragini embraces Shekhar and praises him moreover. Sumi requests that Ragini go and go to Utara’s mehendi. Ragini says I am leaving now and requests that they come. She gets Laksh’s message that Swara and Sanskar are protected, and he has obliterated that verification.

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Annapurna asks Santosh to decorate the house well. Sujata is also busy with the arrangements and asks Utara to get ready fast. Swara looks on tensedly. She gets Rajat’s message threatening her. Sanskar comes to Swara and holds her hand. Swara says mom asked me to get mehendi on hands. He applies ointment on her hand and says everything will be fine. Swara says I know you are very much tensed, but we won’t let anything happen to Utara or Bhabhi. Sanskar asks are you sure they will come. She says you know naa what to do. She says it was necessary. She asks Laksh, where is Ragini? Laksh says Ragini is with Maa and nothing will happen to her. Utara asks why you people are crying? She asks Swara about her mehendi. Swara says she will show her later. Sujata says what is happening there. Utara says I am making them understand not to cry, and save tears for my bidaai. Sujata says I am telling everyone, do not cry. Annapurna asks Sujata to come. Annapurna says today is your mehendi and asks Utara to come. He asks Laksh about Ragini. Laksh says she is on the way and will reach soon.

Swara sees Parineeta’s mum coming. Sanskar asks her to go and talk to her and says they will handle other ladies. Laksh asks Annapurna what is in sweets. Swara tries talking to her. She asks what is the matter? Swara shows her hand. Parineeta’s mum reads the message that Parineeta’s life is in danger. Swara recalls Sanskar writing with mehendi on her hand. Parineeta’s mum Sulekha is shocked. Swara asks her not to inform anyone. Sujata greets her and says I am feeling bad as your daughter didn’t come. Annapurna asks Sulekha and others to come. Swara holds Sulekha’s hands and asks her to come.

Parineeta is kept captive by Rajat somewhere. Parineeta asks Rajat to leave her, he refuses. Annapurna sees Sulekha crying. Sulekha cries and says Parineeta…..Annapurna says I didn’t feel bad and says she is like my daughter. Rajat tells Parineeta that she will never go back to Maheshwari house. Parineeta asks him to let her go. He refuses and says nobody can rescue you now. Sulekha asks Swara to promise and bring Parineeta back, and cries. Swara promises that she will bring Parineeta safely. Rajat says I will see who will free you from here.

Swara is tensed. Ragini sees her in tension. She says I forgot to give you good news. Swara asks if mum is fine? Ragini hugs her and says mum is going to be mum again. Swara says really? Ragini says yes, mum is pregnant. Swara hugs her happily. She says I don’t believe…we are going to be elder sisters. She says I will call Maa. Ragini asks her to talk in the morning as Sumi must be sleeping. Swara asks if Dadi is happy? Ragini says no, and says that’s why Maa and Baba are staying at Nani’s place. Ragini says good things will happen else we will make everything fine together…………

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