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Swaragini 30 June 2016 Written Episode

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Sanskaar win back Swara Colors Swaragini
Swaragini 30 June 2016 Written Episode

The Episode begins with Sanskar preventing Swara from taking off. They take a gander at each other. Sahil adorns his room and converses with Swara’s pic. He says I realize that you will come here, and says he will propose her today and don’t know anybody to separate them. Maya comes there and is stunned. She requests that Sahil overlook Swara as she is hitched. Sahil says she is his. Maya says let Swara carry on with her life. Sahil says you let me know that she is ideal for me, and says he will sit tight for her everything life. Maya says this is not love, but rather franticness. Sahil calls Swara and says her telephone is not associating, says they may persuade Swara to acknowledge Sanskar. He says I need to go to Maheshwari house and bring her here. Maya tries to stop him yet futile. Swara is frightened with Sanskar. Sanskar keeps hand all over and says I won’t

let anything happen to you, and will deal with you. He says you tell that you don’t believe me and at the other. He says system came and the message is sent to Laksh. He is going to call Durga Prasad, yet the telephone is exchanged off. Swara says no issue, atleast message is no more. Sanskar approaches her to take rest for at some point. Everybody gets some information about Sanskar and Swara.

Sahil comes there and thinks where did Sanskar take my Swara. Laksh requests that them not stress and says he will come back with them. He gets Sanskar’s message and shows it Durga Prasad and others, saying they are in wilderness adjacent (peculiar). Durga Prasad requests that he go and bring them.

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Ragini tells Laksh that she will likewise run with him. Annapurna says what you are stating? In what capacity would you be able to go in pregnancy? She requests that her not stress as it is awful for her and infant. Ragini says my sister needs me now and requests that her not stop her. Annapurna says Swara will be fine and requests that her rest. She requests that Utara and Sujata consume Ragini to space. Laksh requests that Ragini take rest and says he can comprehend what she is feeling. He requests that her trust him and says I won’t let anything happen to Swara and Sanskar. Sujata requests that Ragini come and rest. Sahil hears them and thinks no one can prevent him from getting Swara. Sanskar sees Swara feeling icy and spreads her with his sherwani. He lights the blaze, while the music plays… … .He requests that her warm her hands. Swara takes a gander at him… ..Sab Tera Song plays… … as they have an eye lock… .Sanskar requests that her not stress and says we will figure out how to go home. Swara says I know, you will discover a way some way or another……..
Sahil comes to the jungle and looks at the pistol. He says he will kill Sanskar and take Swara. Police stops Sahil and says they can’t let him enter jungle area in the night. Sahil argues, but they make him leave. Laksh prays to God for their safety. Swara and Sanskar are sitting together. She rests her head on his shoulder and sleeps. Ragini calls Sumi and asks her not to worry, says Laksh will bring them. Sumi worries for Swara. Ragini asks her not to take tension and asks her to have food. Sujata comes and says you are making your mum understand as if she is pregnant. She asks her to drink milk. Ragini cuts the call. Sumi is apologetic to Ragini.

In the morning, Laksh calls Sanskar and searches him. Sahil wakes up hearing his voice, as he slept in the jungle. He thinks before Laksh could reach them, I have to get Swara. Swara wakes up and sees Sanskar sleeping. She thinks she has acted to become good as she thought it is the only way to come out. She leaves the place, and sees trees all around. She wonders where is the way and panics. Laksh wakes up Sanskar. Sanskar asks where is Swara? They search for Swara. Swara shouts for help. Sahil is searching for her and wonders where is she? Sanskar and Laksh are searching her at other side. Swara walks in the jungle. Swara marks on the trees to find a way. Sanskar gets tensed. Laksh asks him not to worry. They search for Swara. Sanskar sees S on tree and says it is made by Swara. He says she is here only. Laksh calls her name. Sanskar finds another S on tree. Swara falls down and sees someone……..

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