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Swaragini 1 July 2016 Written Episode

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Kidnap action slap and more Colors Swaragini
Swaragini 1 July 2016 Written Episode

The Episode begins with Sahil seeing Swara and says look what Sanskar has done. Swara asks how would you realize that I was with Sanskar. Sahil says he thought he is with her. Swara is shocked. Sahil says I won’t release you and acts insane. He says he hunt down her in the wilderness throughout the night. Swara says you are not in your faculties, pushes him and runs. Sanskar and Laksh hear Sahil’s voice and keep running behind them. Sahil requests that Swara stop. They reach close to the bluff. Sahil gets her and holds her hand. Swara requests that he abandon her hand. Sanskar and Laksh come there. Seeing them there, Sahil takes out firearm and keeps at Swara’s head. He says Swara is only mine. Sanskar and Laksh request that they abandon her. Sahil says I will execute you. Sanskar requests that he leave Swara and murder him. Swara requests that Sanskar go and says Sahil

will murder you. Sanskar says let him execute me, however I won’t let anything transpire. Sahil says you was her past, however I am her present. Swara requested that Sanskar shoot at Rajat. A fb is appeared. Swara nibbles Sahil’s hand and runs calling Sanskar. She embraces him and blacks out. Laksh says Swara is blacked out, we should take her home. Sanskar asks where is Sahil? Laksh says he may have stolen away. We will see him later. They bring Swara home. Specialist checks her and says she is fine. Ragini requests that Swara open her eyes.

Annapurna requests that her not stress. Sujata solaces Sanskar and says she will be fine. Laksh tells Durga Prasad that we ought to go out and Ragini to stay with her. Swara takes Sanskar’s name in oblivious state and after that opens her eyes. She sees Sanskar and reviews all the incident when she lost her memory. She gets up from quaint little inn to embrace Sanskar firmly. Everybody is cheerful.

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Swara apologizes to him cryingly. Sujata is glad. Swara apologizes to him, for denouncing him and treating him severely. Sanskar says it is alright and requests that her not cry. Swara says I remember everything now. Ragini is especially cheerful and embraces her. Swara apologizes to Sujata and says you have cried as a result of me. Sujata says no and embraces her. She says she is especially upbeat today and kisses on her brow getting some information about all that. Swara embraces Annapurna. Durga Prasad says this house life is back. Sujata says she needs us to go so she can invest energy with Sanskar. Utara says let them talk. Annapurna says we will come later and requests that her rest. Ragini calls Sumi and educates her that Swara recovered her memory. Sumi is especially upbeat. Ragini says I am exceptionally cheerful and requests that her come and meet Swara. Sumi says OK. Shekhar asks what was the deal? Dadi asks what? Sumi says Ragini called and said that Swara got her memory. Dadi says it is an uplifting news and goes to light in sanctuary. Sanskar makes Swara wear her mangalsutra. Principle Tere Liye Duniya Chod Dun plays… … Swara is cheerful and gazes him affectionately…..
Sanskar also looks at her with love in his eyes while the song continues to play……………..Swara feels bad about the happenings. Sanskar says nobody can separate us. Swara says I can’t live without you and will die. Sanskar says no and kisses on her forehead. Swara hugs him and cries. She says I trusted Sahil and raised hand on you. Sanskar says he was taking advantage of your memory loss. Swara says I thought he is a good man, as he saved my life. Sanskar says his intention changed. Swara says you said right and says she wants to tell him something. Sujata comes, knocks on their door and asks them to come down fast. She says Parineeta went to her mayka and haven’t come till now. She says I am going to call Ragini and Laksh. Sanskar asks Swara to freshen up.

Ragini tells Laksh that she was thinking to tell Swara about her fake pregnancy. She says if she comes to know then she will feel bad. Laksh asks her to think again. Ragini says Swara is my sister and this baby is her sister or brother. Even Swara has the right to know, and she should know that I am acting for our mum and sibling. She says she might think me wrong. They see Sujata standing at door and is shocked……..

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