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Suryaputra Karn 30 June 2016 Written Episode

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Suryaputra Karn 30 June 2016 Written Episode

Vasudev Krishna gives begin of scene good gyaan. He says fellowship ought to resemble water and drain, they both are as one and milk is bubbled, water vanishes and drain tumbles down first and spares water, when a touch of harshness falls in milk, it ruins. Kinship is same, even a touch of misconception can break it.

Master Parashuram reminds Karn to utilize his vijay dhanush/triumph bow. Karn says he comprehended what he implies. Parashuram favors him and takes off. Karn returns back to his base camp and holds vijay dhanush with pride. He thinks back slaughtering a calf by misstep while executing beast and a rishi/holy person reviling him that he will overlook his insight when he will require it the most.

Krishna comes and touches his shoulder from behind. Karn turns without getting astonished.

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Krishna inquires as to whether he is not astounded seeing him. Karn says he is not after Guru Parashuram met him close stream bank and he recalled rishi’s condemnation, he understood today is an uncommon day. Krishna proposes him to not go to war today and leave Kaurav’s group. Karn says he won’t retreat from his guarantee and recognizes what he implies, he is prepared to meet his end today and won’t hurt Arjun. He exits. Krishna holds peacock quill and stone in every hand, stone flies. He trusts Karn would have acknowledged his offer.

Vrishali does Karn’s aarti taking a gander at him enthusiastically. He requests that what she needs say. She says she needs him to come back with triumph. Karn says he won’t disillusion her and will return they way he prefers…..
Kauravs gather. Duryodhan says Karn he needs Pandav’s heads. Shakuni says Karn has forgotten to fight, he is fighting with Arjun since 1 week and did not harm him a bit. Karn says he will prove that he is better than Arjun and wants a charioteer of his choice, he wants Madraraj as his charioteer today. Madraraj shouts he will never become his charioteer. Duryodhan says it is not time to fight. Madraraj says Karn will not interfere when he will ride and just concentrate on his bow and arrow. Karn agrees. Madraraj smirks and thinks he will take Karn towards his death today.

Krishna asks Arjun to sharpen his arrows again as today is the most important battle of his life. Arjun says he is ready in all aspects…….

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