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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 30 June 2016 Written Episode

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Happiness finally for Yuvraj and Suhani Star Plus Suhani Si Ek Ladki
Suhani Si Ek Ladki 30 June 2016 Written Episode

The Episode begins with Suhani telling the children that Yuvraaj is exhausting and Sadu, he despises life. Yuvraaj and Suhani contend. Suhani tells about Karwachauth where spouses keep quick for husbands. Krishna says mumma keeps quick for Yuvraaj. Yuvaan says Suhani will keep quick for Sambhav. Clothes admonishes Menka and says you have provoked me for being childless since six years, and you have stolen this infant, its mind boggling, let me know whose tyke is he.

The children tickle Golu and they chuckle. Soumya inquires as to why don’t we arm wrestle like some time recently. Bhavna says why not, and tells the children that Suhani constantly won in arm wrestling. Krishna says even Papa wins in each diversion. Soumya says even Sambhav is exceptionally solid constructed. Yuvaan says yes, he likewise never loses. Krishna says he will lose to my Papa. Yuvaan wagers that

Sambhav will win. Soumya requests that Bhavna let kids appreciate. She requests that the children call Yuvraaj and Sambhav.

Clothes asks Menka how could she have been able to she give Birla family name to anybody’s tyke. Menka asks to her and holds her feet, requesting that her not advise this mystery to anybody, you get to be Guru and I will end up being your worker. Clothes concurs and says you won’t prevent me from playing with your child, and would do what I need. Menka guarantees.

Kids bring Yuvraaj and Sambhav there. Yuvraaj asks whats this kiddish thing. Soumya says some of the time kiddish thing is useful for children. Suhani says this doesn’t look great between senior citizens. The children request that they concur, and contend. Yuvraaj takes the test to win over Sambhav.

Sambhav and Yuvraaj arm wrestle. Yuvaan says Sambhav uncle, you are losing. Krishna and Yuvani cheer for Yuvraaj. Yuvaan says mumma, I need to call Yuvraaj as Papa, afterall he is my Papa as well. Suhani says yes. Yuvraaj grins and takes a gander at Yuvaan. Yuvaan asks would I be able to call you Papa. Sambhav gets irate and damages Yuvraaj’s hand. He wins and requests that Yuvraaj get ongoing to lose, now I have come…..
Yuvraaj says if this is called failure, I m lose everyday. He tells Yuvaan that he won today, you are young to understand this. Later, Yuvraaj sees Yuvaan hiding in room and giving first aid box to Yuvani. Yuvani asks Yuvaan to come. Yuvrraaj thanks Yuvaan. Yuvaan says mumma has sent this for you. Yuvraaj smiles. Soumya and Sambhav look on. Soumya tells Yuvraaj that you won and still you lost. He says what shall I do, I was doing that for Yuvaan’s happiness.

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Radhe and Rakhi come home. Rakhi hears a baby cry and runs. Radhe says its not our baby. She beats him and says I lost my baby because of you. He says sorry. The villager woman says once I get child’s real parents, I will not leave Menka. Rags goes to Pratima and gets first aid kit. She says Yuvraaj will get hurt daily, if Sambhav and he compete daily. Soumya asks Rags whats all this. Rags says I m saying truth to Pratima. Soumya says don’t give tension to Pratima. Rags says I say everything on face, Pratima’s face to keep Sambhav here is bad, can two sautans stay together, you can heal external wounds, what about the wounds on heart. Pratima worries.

Bhavna tells Pratima that Rags did not say wrong. Pratima says I know, this will affect kids also, Rags is right. Sharad says I know there is fear of fights, but Rags is responsible for this, she suggested this to kids, we have to explain elders, we can’t flow in emotions. Pratima agrees.

Yuvraaj recalls Yuvaan and says don’t know what will happen now. Soumya comes and says sorry for that competition. He says no, I have won, I felt Pratima’s decision is right, I will win Yuvaan’s heart some day. She says but Sambhav would become Suhani’s husband. He says that’s okay, if I can move on, why can’t Suhani, I m ready to tolerate Sambhav for Yuvaan, Yuvani will also get her brother.

Krishna says they want to go to beach on picnic, we will make sand house. Sharad and Suhani agree. Soumya tells Rags that Yuvraaj is also excited. She thinks no one is concerned for me. Maid talks to her and says milk got spoiled, if anyone drinks this, stomach will get ache. Menka obeys Rags. Soumya vomits. Rags asks her is she fine. Suhani gets water for Soumya. Bhavna says we should take her outside of kitchen. Soumya has drunk the bad milk to vomit instantly. Menka asks Soumya is it good news. Suhani looks on.

Sambhav and Saurabh come. Menka says Soumya is pregnant. Krishna and Yuvani hug Soumya. Menka asks Suhani what happened, will you not congratulate Soumya. Suhani congratulates Soumya and hugs her. Yuvraaj comes and asks why is everyone excited. Sambhav congratulates him and says you are going to become Papa, Soumya is pregnant. Yuvraaj and Sharad get shocked. Yuvraaj looks at Soumya and Suhani……….

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