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Silsila Pyaar Ka 7 May 2016 Written Episode

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Silsila Pyaar Ka up and coming story –Holi dramatization Raunak admit his adoration
Silsila Pyaar Ka 7 May 2016 Written Episode

Rauank says mama I’m exceptionally sad, Janki says 20 yrs I have been concealing this torment of mine,I never given anybody a chance to learn abt it n remained quiet about this torment only, this sindoor is a trust that ur father will give back sometime in the not so distant future, I know our past was severe one yet he is my better half n so I will continue nurturing him n Kajal today u hurt me a lot,this room is my n my spouses emit n I didn’t need my past to come over Raunak yet u Kajal, do u know Raunak abhors his father yet he is my Husband n I cherish him similarly as I adore Raunak, Kajal u are extremely fortunate that u have ur family, u got hitched again after Akshays demise yet me , I don’t know where my significant other is,I likewise don’t know whether he is alive or not, till today I have battled alone for everybody n didn’t release anybody through torment n I will continue battling for it, this room has ur fathers retains n it gives me quality yet Kajal look what u did, u demolished it all,every house has a few privileged insights Kajal n they are mystery for some reasons, my reason was to not give my child a chance to trouble by my agonies but rather u n ur tenacity, u grabbed my quality n hope,Raunak says ma,Janki says no Raunak plz leave, I need to be separated from everyone else for quite a while plz leave,Raunak says mama but,Janki says go Raunak plz go.

Raunak gets extremely annoyed with Kajal n keeps keys n strolls away,Vidhi sees him leaving n says what new show on there inside, Kajal says mama, plz pardon me, I would not like to hurt u rather needed to help u n get u out of agony, I am exceptionally sad plz excuse me, Janki begins grinning n takes a gander at Kajal in indignation.

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Neeti says Kartik i am married now, this is my in laws place this is all not fair, Sanjana says di I have no personal room here so I got him here, Kartik says sorry Neeti u are my friend I will maintain my line in front of ur in laws but here u know , Neeti smiles n says Kartik u will never get real,Sanjana says di look jiju is here,Vinay is surprised n confused, Neeti says Vinu, Vinay says I forgot office files, neeti says he is Kartik my school friend.

Janki says Kajal ur work is not to spy on me instead look after this house. I will not allow ur interference in my life, Kajal says u are cheating ur own son, I did this to save u, Janki says he is my son, I did this all to keep him away from every pain,Kajal keep in ur limits , Vidhi listening to them hiding beside window, Janki says Kajal I was in hospital but it was for all u all good, look after u n ur relation don’t force me to separate u n Raunak, I hope u understood my point, this is the last time u stepped in here but there is not next time don’t even think of it.

Janki holds kajals hand n pushes her out of the room n closes the door,Vidhi holds her n says Kajal careful. Kartik asks Neeti fashion designing what abt it, seriously don’t tell me u gave u all dreams n became housewife ,Sanjana says she is pregnant Kartik, Kartik says ok I shd leave, Sanjana says come let me drop u n both leave,Vinay says fashion designing, Neeti says no Vinu it was just past, Vinay says relax I am ok u studying further just don’t bring guests to our room, Neeti says sorry Vinu I will take care, Vinay says ok n hugs her, Sanjana looks at it n gets angry.

Vidhi says Kajal, Didi loves u a lot, just forget this as a bad dream I mean, no one ever uttered a word abt raunaks dad not even Pradeep but u are behind it so keep away from it,it’s a very sensitive issue, I don’t knew what it is so let it be, it won’t be good for u, Kajal says it’s my responsibility to look after this house n so I was doing all this but now I won’t, Vidhi says good n leaves.

Raunak upset in his room, Kajal walks to him,Kajal says sir, rauank says Kajal why did u play with my ma n her emotions, did u see how hurt she was,it’s her broth day tomorrow but all thanks to u, u spoilt it, I hate my father, though my ma hopes to see him back but I never want him to be back,Kajal says sir I didn’t, Raunak says plz stop doing all this n troubling my ma………….

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