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Silsila Pyaar Ka 6 May 2016 Written Episode

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Mohena Singh enter Star Plus Silsila Pyaar Ka
Silsila Pyaar Ka 6 May 2016 Written Episode

Kajal serving breakfast to everybody, rauank says I will help myself u don’t know the amount I eat nourishment might be squandered so,Kajal drops water on Janki n says sorry it was by misstep, rauank says Kajal, Janki says Raunak it’s fine I will go change, don’t get furious, Kajal says I will go check Sakshi, rauank supposes I figure Kajal is disturbed bcoz I was irate I shd converse with her. Neeti says Vinu plz get me jalebi on ur path back n here u overlooked ur wallet, Vinay says what is it u are so fiendish today, Neeti says nothing only thanku for Sanju, Vinay says u called how would I be able to say no,Sanjana hears them talk n calls Vinay, n says can u plz drop me, Vinay says alright come,Sanjana says Didi will eat out so don’t hold up bye.

Janki keeps keys in seat n goes to change her saree,rauank goes to space to converse with Kajal yet she isn’t there,Kajal goes to jankis room,n sees keys in seat n picks it no begins searching for the emit room key n discovers it, Janki turns out, rauank too strolls to jankis room, Kajal stuck between both, rauank goes down to check Kajal, Janki comes out,Kajal stows away in mean while,janki picks the keys n clears out.

Kajal comes out she was hiding behind the curtains, Kajal has the keys to secrete room,Kajal comes out of jankis room. Janki says Raunak me n mamaji going to Varma wedding n u coming for reception, do come of ur meeting is cancelled, rauank says ma I will be late, Janki says ok Vidhi look after the house n leaves with Harish, Sakshi comes down n asks doubt to rauank, rauank tells its cinplucarem Vidhi sees Kajal has keys n gets very happy.

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In Indore, Neeti sees Sanjana has left breakfast, Radhika says she left as soon as u n Vinay left, Neeti says God this Sanju. Vinay says Sanjana , I love Neeti a lot and I don’t want anyone to interfere in my life, Sanjana says is that why u avoiding me,u are just my friend don’t worry relax,Vinay says ok but don’t bother Neeti abt it.

Kajal walks to secrete room n abt to unlock it,rauank walks to her n asks what are u doing here Kajal,how do u have these keys, wait a minute did u spill water purposely,Kajal says yes, bcoz I had no other option, rauank says why what u want to prove, ur these habits are creating lot of problems, Kajal says I know I would tell u why but I don’t trust me,u never understand my motto instead keep scolding me, I saw ma yesterday n all that happened was lie, I saw ma going to this room, rauank says ok go in check, even I want to see it lets go what is it that matters ma,come n see look what is here.

Kajal n Raunak walk in to the room. Neeti says kaki I cooked bhendi, door bell rings, Neeti sees its some guy who hugs Neeti, Neeti pushes him away n says u n smiles, he says where were u n won’t u call me in, Neeti says yes plz come,Neeti says kaka kaki this is Kartik my school friend, Kartik holds neetis hand n says woo Neeti u got married, Neeti leaves hand n says it was quite quick,Kartik says ya I can see that n I was so excited to see u, aren’t u happy, Sanjana walks in n hugs Kartik,Munshi says Neeti let the guest be seated, Kartik says Neeti before that come lets chat in ur room, Sanjana says yes come Come I will show u her room, Radhika doesn’t like it.

Raunak n Kajal shocked to see the room all well equipped n clean, Kajal says this looks like someone’s bedroom,Janki knocks the door, Raunak says ma what is all this, Janki says this room is that which still pinches me,it’s ur dads room,Janki in tears says I kept Them as it was with a thought that some day ur dad will return,Kajal says sorry ma, I thought u must be in some trouble so, rauank
Returns the key to Janki,Janki says these keys don’t matter any more…………

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