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Silsila Pyaar Ka 3 May 2016 Written Episode

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Silsila Pyaar Ka up and coming story –Holi dramatization Raunak admit his adoration
Silsila Pyaar Ka 3 May 2016 Written Episode

Kajal sees Harish n Janki leaving in homestead she tails them. Kamini says raunaks gone lets begin our gathering once more, rauank opens entryway n sees Sanket Kamini munmun n Vidhi together n says Sanket how set out u come here. Kajal calls Janki once more, Janki says why is Kajal calling, Harish says restore her call Didi, Janki says Kajal what’s wrong why are ur calling me, Kajal says I just called to ask when will u come,Janki says I will be late bye.

Vidhi says Raunak pardon him, my entire life is a wreck, my significant other is imprisoned n my child plz Raunak I ask u, let Sanket return home, I can’t stay without him, he is ur sibling as well, rauank says he broke trust, mama will never excuse him,vidhi says he is my child, if u were a father u would realize what my torment is, Sakshi descends n hurries to Raunak n embraces him n says I missed u papa,rauank says I missed u as well, Sakshi says what did u get me, rauank says check in that sack, Sakshi says munmun didi will u help me,munmun says yes come gives up.
Vidhi says if u can’t stay without Sakshi how I may be living without Sanket, rauank says I understand ur pain Chachi but sankets mistake can’t be forgiven, Sanket says why Bhai why can’t u forgive me, everyone needs a second chance I’m really sorry, I am ashamed of what I did n will never do it again, rauank says Sanket u betrayed ma n so only she has the right to forgive u.

Kajal misses jankis car. Kajal walks home, Sakshi asks ma where were u, Kajal says I had some work n sees Sanket n walks to him, rauank says ma will decide what to be done with Sanket, he was here to meet Chachi, Janki n Harish walk in,Janki says Sanket what are u doing here, Vidhi says Didi I called him here, Janki says how could u Vidhi,Sanket says plz forgive me , I am very sorry I will never do this, plz plz forgive me I beg of u, Vidhi says Didi plz, I promise u he will never do This again.

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Rauank says ma, Sanket is ashamed of what he has done, let’s give him a chance, Vidhi says plz Didi,Janki says rauank I never forgive people but just bcoz u saying Sanket is allowed to come back home,Sanket smiles n says thanku , Vidhi says thanku Didi, Janki says Sanket I hope I dint ruin this chance too, Vidhi says no where won’t Didi,Kamini says wow this is time for celebration,lets get sweets, Sanket is back.

Janki looks at Kajal n then says here are sweets my friend sent it for all have it, Kajal says ma I need to talk to u , it’s private, Janki says hairsh come with me,Kajal u too.

Janki says Kajal what is it that was so private, ur phone calls embarrassed me so much, Kajal says I know u weren’t in any engagement, Harish says what do u mean, Kajal says u were in Indore in an hospital,what are hiding ma,Janki says u are mistaken Kajal I wasn’t in any hospital,Kajal says no ma, i am very sure it was u, Janki says when I say no it’s a no, Kajal says I know u will never tell em truth n so now I will tell Raunak sir abt it n then may be u will tell the truth, janki says u threatening me, Kajal says no I am just worried abt u n Raunak sir has full right to know abt u n leaves, Harish says God this girl look at her, Didi what will we do now.

Kajal says Raunak sir I’m very sure it was ma n mamaji,Raunak says are u sure, Kajal says I was just informing what I saw , rauank says don’t be upset, Kajal says no I’m not I am just worried abt ma, Raunak says ok I will talk to ma happy,kajal says u may not if u don’t trust me ,I am just concerned abt ma,rauank says good to know u worry abt her I will talk to ma,Janki hears this conversation.

Janki says Harish rauank may come anytime ,Kajal has convinced him,Raunak walks n says ma,Janki says u two here what is it, rauank says ma Kajal said she saw u at hospital in Indore, Kamini comes n says Janki look Mrs Varma is here, she was so upset that just u n mamaji went to engagement n so is here to invite us all, Varma says Kajal u too come with Janki to my daughter wedding,Janki says plz come take a seat, Varma says I’m busy with arrangements plz do come bye.

Kajal thinks how is this possible, Janki says Raunak u questioning ur ma,I hope u are answered,Raunak says ma I was just trying to, Kajal say sorry to ma,Kajal says sorry ma,I was just concerned, Raunak gets angry n leaves,Janki says it’s ok Kajal…………

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