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Silsila Pyaar Ka 23 May 2016 Written Episode

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Silsila Pyaar Ka up and coming story –Holi dramatization Raunak admit his adoration
Silsila Pyaar Ka 23 May 2016 Written Episode

The scene starts with sakshi says raunak that I m stressed y has mother not returned home and raunaks snaps at her to go and make meds and breakfast for father and mamaji says to raunak wat isn’t right with u, u r against ur mother and raunak says tat I do mind however every one of these years u all have misled me this time too mother probably took this opportunity to set some up untruth and mamaji says tat I have heard that young men change after marriage and raunka yells at mamji kindly don’t accuse my better half to anything its all wat u have deceived me thus I don’t trust and raunak requests that sakshi go and plan breakfast for father.

Janaki is conversing with didi and requests that her return home and come clean to raunak as she probably is aware everything and didi says tat I will converse with raunak yet I recollect how u acted with me and tossed me out of house so u now escape my home and I wont join u while janaki tells didi that u realize that the amount I adore my child so I m advising u that u need to come or else u know wat will happen.

Raunak is encouraging is father supper taking consideration sakshi sees this and feels upbeat while raunak says tat time given to mother is over so we ought to leave sakshi tries to say something yet raunak says we will leave and afterward says tat I will return in couple of minutes

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While kamini, mumun, mamaji and raunaks chachi thinking y is janaki so late where is she and comes janaki with raunaks bua and she then sees raunaks chachi and says tat u r still here y have u hued ur face wen ur spouse is in prison and afterward he says to mamaji that he is still here and asks who are these two and raunaks chachi says tat she is kamini and mumun janakis companion and bua says tat have u opened a dharamshala for all or wat and bua says tat he should be raunak and asks who is tat young lady and janaki says tat she is raunaks wife and sakshi comes ahead and takes endowments while raunak asks who is she and janaki says tat she is ur bua ur fathers senior sister and raunak questions y if I belive u and bua says tat I will demonstrate u pics and shows collection to raunak guiding her and her sibling and afterward janaki asks bua that will she meet her sibling now and bua concurs and goes up….
While sanjana is angry and tell vinays mother that niti has got to know the truth that I like vinay and she has now asked me to leave and vinays mother asks wat r u saying does she know that I m involved in this and sanjana says no
Bua enters room sees her brother lying pulls up a stool and stares at him raunaks father wakes up and bua says a riddle raunaks father completes the riddle and bua hugs him in happiness and says tat who says tat he is mad he is good and remembers me and bus asks wat u want and raunaks father point at sakshi and bua asks does she trouble u and raunaks father says tat no she is nice she takes care of me and then points at janaki and says tat janaki is bad I don’t like her and then asks where were u didi and bua says tat u only kicked me out and then raunaks father says to didi that now don’t leave me and go and she says that I will be here only now and then all go out of the room
Bua then goes out and sits in hall and asks wat is wrong are there no servant here no one asked for water or snacks and kamini says don’t worry I will bring for u and bua laughs u have brought ur friends to make them servant and laughs while janaki says tat bua I brought u here to tell u the truth and then bua asks sakshi to come close and gifts money as present Then janaki says tat pls tell the truth to raunak and bua tells that I liked janaki and our father too but randhir didn’t like her…….

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