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Silsila Pyaar Ka 17 May 2016 Written Episode

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Silsila Pyaar Ka up and coming story –Holi dramatization Raunak admit his adoration
Silsila Pyaar Ka 17 May 2016 Written Episode

Randhir strolls to janki and gazes at her n leaves, everybody gets astounded at his response, Randhir goes to his room. Specialist says congrats this is a decent sign, he is reacting exceptionally well, n he didn’t free calm,he is certain to get well soon,just keep a watch at him,Kajal says sure,doctor says alright see u tomorrow n clears out.

Janki asks Raunak is he fine,Raunak says yes mama n clears out. Neeti says Sanjana why didn’t u let me know u n Vinay where there at Kartiks house,Sanjana says jiju constrained me,Radhika says Sanjana gradually and Neeti this wasn’t done,Neeti says I shd converse with Vinay I shdnt had slapped him,Sanjana says however di stop,Neeti leaves.

Kajal says to Janki,ma what’s wrong u look tensed,are u terrified abt dad recouping n uncovering ur truth n then u will free everything even ur child, don’t stress regardless of the fact that u have submitted any slip-up we can move on,Randhir calls Kajal plz come here,Kajal gets exceptionally upbeat listening to Randhir talk n strolls to his room.

Neeti says Vinay plz,u can’t question on our youngster on Kartik,Vinay sats Neeti plz allow me to sit unbothered I would prefer not to see ur face as well,Neeti recollects Janki cautioning her abt her marriage n leaves….

Kajal early morning goes to Randhir n gives him tea n medicines n says papa u recovering soon n yesterday u did good by slapping Raunak on his wrong did,Randhir says I don’t remember anything ,Kajal says soon u will remember everything,Janki out at sir listening to them. Randhir says Kajal u are very nice, Kajal says shall I ask u something,do u really don’t remember ma,Randhir says that lady she had trapped me in house n use to come with doctor n a moustache man,Kajal say that must be mamaji,Randhir says they use to keep me starving n give electric shocks n I don’t remember anything other than this,why does she do this to me n says she is my wife then why she tortures me,I don’t remember her or even my son,Kajal says don’t think abt the bad past, soon u will recover have medicines.

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Munshi n Ashok discussing shop matter n see Neeti sleeping on sofa n in tears,Neeti wakes Ho hearing their voice,Ashok says Neeti what’s wrong u look so tensed,Neeti starts crying,Ashok says what’s wrong,munshi says did Radhika say something,Radhika walks n says don’t blame me for everything,Munshi says then look at here, Sanjana says uncle u clam down,n tells him what happened.munshi says but that Kartik is her Friend, Ashok say show did Vinay talk to her in this tone,Munshi says call Vinay n Neeti don’t worry all will be fine,Sanjana says aunty come lets call Vinay.

Radhika says Vinay go talk to ur papa n uncle , Neeti is as she is but she is pregnant, Sanjana says jiju , I promise Didi won’t do anything here after, Radhika say Sanjana u don’t interfere n Vinay see u can’t breakup now so try understand.neeti says Vinay sorry I shdnt have slapped u,Ashok says see Vinay even it’s ur fault,Vinay says I don’t care I want divorce.

Ashok says Vinay have u lost ur mind,Vinay says Neeti was with Kartik last night n u can’t change that truth,I can’t stay with her anymore n if she stays here I’m leaving,Ashok says try n listen her side first,Neeti says papa he doesn’t trust me n so it’s better I leave n walks away,Sanjana says jiju plz stop Didi,aunty talk to them,Vinay walks away Munshi n Ashok walk away too,Radhika n Sanjana celebrate their victory.

Janki says this is not done,Randhir any time can reveal the secret, we now need to take a big step which will end everything n even Randhir leaves this house, kamini says we tried everything but all worked against us,Harish says only one way is left which we can’t do,Kamini says what is it,Harish says murder,Janki says lets try this too,kill him Harish,Harish says he is ur husband,Janki says I can stay without my husband but not a sec without my son n these many years he wasn’t there any way,Janki walks o mirror n says it’s not necessary that every wife has to cherish their husband but some take their husbands as burden n so do I n its night time I lose this burden to save my son from going a way from me…………..

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