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Silsila Pyaar Ka 12 May 2016 Written Episode

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Mohena Singh enter Star Plus Silsila Pyaar Ka
Silsila Pyaar Ka 12 May 2016 Written Episode

Janki says Kajal I excuse u,Kamini asks where is rauanks father, Kajal says I cleared out him where he has a place too,on streets, Raunak leaves,Kajal says sir stop plz don’t get him,Raunak goes out n sees alarming his father with crackers,Raunak spares him from them n asks him is he fine, individuals around ask Raunak it’s ur father right what is he doing here,dad says I won’t stroll with outsider, Raunak says I’m not more abnormal I’m ur child, father says Raunak, Raunak says yes I am n strolls in with him.

Kajal says sir why did u get him back,plz leave him,Raunak says u don’t need to let me know what to do,u got him here, he is ur obligation now n leaves,Kajal strolls to Janki n says how was my acting b begins chuckling n says don’t gaze it’s all I gained from u,now u perceive how I help ur spouse show signs of improvement n all ur secretes n shrouded truth will be out now, n this is my guarantee to u.

Vinay says Neeti I didn’t expect this from u,Neeti says I know yet let me account for myself once, bhabhi n bhaiya had some issues n so I got late n so Kartik was reassuring me,Vinay says I don’t comprehend this fellowship n im ur spouse, Neeti says u questioning on me, Vinay says I’m not u will never comprehend my point so overlook it n goes to bed, Sanjana gets exceptionally glad listening to them battle.

Vidhi says Janki Didi,Kajal is very smart, Kamini says Vidhi is right this Kajal has some big plan,Janki says don’t let Kajal bother , Raunak will never accept Randhir n Randhir not even God spare him from me, so Kajal forget it.

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Sanjana walks to Neeti n asks di why are u crying, Neeti says in Bhopal bhabhi n bhaiya have issues n here Vinu, Sanjana says Didi this Vinay is so bad, Janki am was right ,jiju doesn’t believe u , I heard u talk till when u will listen to all this, we are leaving tomorrow n will never return, this Vinay is a bad guy.

Kajal prays to God n asks to give her strength, Raunak sees her pray n remembers the incident where he was abt to slap her n then Randhir hitting Janki, Kajal sees Raunak n says sir, but Raunak walks away, Kajal says its not ur fault u have always been kept in dark but not anymore.

Neeti says Sanjana no we aren’t leaving , Vinay is right n this is my house, my family n will never leave them n go,n if I leave this proves ma was right but she isn’t n Sanjana we aren’t kids n so this careless attitude don’t work, Sanjana says but I think this is ur big mistake,neeti says one day ur will get my point , vinay says Neeti I will be late I have meetings, Neeti says breakfast, Vinay says no I have work, neeti says even I won’t then, Vinay says u will never listen, Ashok says she is right have breakfast.

Kamini n Vidhi knocks jankis door, Janki says don’t u knee is we Raunak first everyday, Kamini says I know see what Kajal is upto,she has got specialist to look after Randhir,Janki opens her eyes n walks to Kajal, Kamini says see Vidhi she is so over confident n now see Kajal made her even forget her morning ritual n did u really knew nothing abt Randhir, Vidhi says yes I didn’t come lets go see the new drama.

Janki sees Randhir been checked by doctors, Kajal shows some reports no sees janki walking in but walks to Janki n stops her n takes her out if the room,janki says leave my hand n who dare u get these doctor , Randhir is already been treated n new doctors aren’t good for him, Kajal says for him or for u, now u see how u pay for all ur bad deeds n Raunak sir will see ur true dirty face, janki says mind ur language,Kajal says yes I will n my plans too .

Janki says Randhir is my husband don’t interfere, Kajal says sir gave me this responsibility n even I have to know what severest have u been hiding, kaminis ays Vidhi look how dare Kajal hold jankis hand, Janki says Harish go check those doctors, Kajal says don’t mamaji, dad is my responsibility better not interfere that will be good for u,Raunak sees Kajal stopping Janki n shouts at her, janki slowly wispers now see how I send ur doctors out of my house………..

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