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Sasural Simar Ka 1 July 2016 Written Episode

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Sasural Simar Ka Latest News Siddhant finally accept Prerna love
Sasural Simar Ka 1 July 2016 Written Episode

Scene 1

Prem says to Simar would you say you are alright? Mataji gives her water. mata ji says improve? Simar says too bad. I am better at this point. Gives up begin the havan once more. Mataji says no you are not well. Mataji says havan didn’t finish is it something to stress over? Kamiya says this time is to celebrate. Keep in mind what baba said. Karuna says you mean simar.. Kamiya says precisely. Mataji says you are correct. Express gratitude toward God. Kamiya says sees Mataji rani Kaal is in her womb. Everybody compliments Simar. Mataji says uma take simar to her room.

Pandit ji said we will do om havan. There can’t be any shrewd powers in this house. He peruses a mantra and spots a needle in door.

Specialist checks Simar and says yes she is pregnant. It is at least a supernatural occurrence. I have endorsed a few medications.

Jhanvi says i will get a ton of cash as blessing from both of you when he is conceived. Sankalp says if its a young lady she will be a tennis player and if a kid then cricket player. Kamiya touches simar’s tummy and says I am exceptionally upbeat. I will deal with you starting now and into the foreseeable future. Mataji says we are appreciative to you Kamiya. Prem says yes simar will consent to everything Kamiya says. You are auntie of this tyke. Simar says you will have an exceptional connection with this youngster. This will similarly be your kid. Prerna says what is going on. I am his auntie. Simar says close relative in law. Prerna says that as well yet at the same time I will deal with him. Mataji says dont battle every one of you. Kamiya says in heart when he comes there will be festivities that will shake this planet.

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Mahmaya and her witches are doing their move. Mahmaya says the earth will be ruled by demon. The murkiness will govern the world when Kaal will be conceived. He will come as dread to world.

Mataji and everybody is doing pooja. Mataji says this tyke convey a considerable measure of endowments to us. Kamiya says these imprints are still on mu hands. I ought to go. She tries to go out however returns. Kamiya says what is going on. She sees the needle. Kamiya says that baba more likely than not put it there.

She reviews mahamaya saying you can do anything holding simar’s hand while taking assistance from Kaal….
Simar is asleep. the spider is on her. Kamiya says what should I do. Prem comes in Kamiya’s roomn. She is wearing a shawl. Prem says its too hot you are wearing a shawl in this weather. She says I feel cold. prem says let me take you to doctor. SImar screams.. Prem ji. Prem runs out. Prem comes to simar and hugs her. Prem says what happened? Everyone comes. Mataji says what happened? Simar says I saw a nightmare there was spider on me. Kamiya says relax simar. I will tell you some yoga you will feel better. Karuna says you should do yoga daily. We should all go out. prem says can I stay? Kamiya says if you stay she wont be able to focus. Don’t come in. She has to concentrate. They all go out.
Kamiya asks simar to meditate. She says close your eyes and do not open them until I ask. Kamiya holds simar’s hand. She says in heart I can get power from kaal and get better.
Prerna is teaching Anjali. Anjali says I wanna go to mama. Preran says mama is busy in meditation. Anjali says no I wanna go to mama. She runs. Anajali comes in and says mama. She is shocked. prerna comes in too. She is shocked too………

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