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Sarojini 30 April 2016 Written Episode

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Sarojini to end Zee TVs
Sarojini 30 April 2016 Written Episode

Scene 1:

Area: Police station

The close relative asks the police whats the status, and the monitor advises her that the way her argument is going solid against her, its unimaginable for her to be out at any point in the near future. she is baffled and requests that he bail her out. she asks his assistance in solidifying the record that rishab pulls back cash from. she says that she should give him some of her man, who knows exceptionally well what should be finished. she says that she is rishab’s close relative, and consequently needs to offer something to him and sarojini on their marriage. Later, the investigator comes and advises her that the record is solidified. the close relative says that now rishab might know the genuine significance of cash. she gets some information about the other arrangement, and becomes more acquainted with that might begin genuine soon as well.

Scene 2:

Area: Sarojini’s living arrangement

Sarojini comes and finds indira sitting tensedly, and apologizes for wedding during an era that her marriage is going to pieces. Indira inquires as to whether he resfuses. he demonstrates to them the legal documents that samar has promptly marked. they are completely interested. indira expresses gratitude toward him, for helping him, much the same as soumu did. he says that she neednt, as she doesnt apologize to soumu as well. sarojini hears tensedly. he says that he simply needs to dwell in her heart.
Later, in the night, the same man comes and then tries to stab him with a knife, but gets hit on the head with an iron rod, by sarojini. she asks him who sent him, while rishab wakes up with a startle. he is at a loss for an answer.

Scene 3:
Location: Sarojini’s residence
Before they enter the room, Rishab thanks sarojini for standing upto him, in front of the aunt, and says that now he understands what marriage is all about. she says that she feels he isnt going to marry her, and asks if anyone calls his wife thankyou, and then asks him to get inside. he takes her hand and they both go in.

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The marriage preparations start, while the priest comes and starts with the arrangement for the ritual materials. all are involved with their bit of work. In her room, the ladies dress up sarojini, complimenting her, while rishab too gets ready, with bhaskar’s help. they are amused. nirjhara is tensed with the preparations. sapna is called down, after which sarojini requests indira, to help her out with a work. she complies. Rishab and sarojini’s wedding is organised with much cheer and happiness, as all happily participate in the function, with the full rituals. The aunt arrives at the altar, with a pistol, while rishab and the family are oblivious of this. she remembers how she had gotten out, with the help of the police inspector, who lets her out for a couple of hours. he says that he needs to be in disguise so as not to be seen and once she finishes the work, he guarantees her that there wont be any further problems. she complies and says that everything shall be perfect. she is about to fire, when the ladies come and block her view. then the bride is brought down. she takes her place at the altar. the rituals start while she tries to find a suitable place to fire. but sapna thinks that she must be a relative, and asks her to come in. the aunt is tensed, thinking that today she shall kill rishab, and stands exposing herself, her gun aimed at rishab, asking them to stop, as they take pious circles around the fire. he and others are shocked. he asks whats he doing. She asks what a co-incidence this is, as once she made her a widow accidentally, but today she shall kill him intentionally, and make her awidow once again.

Meanwhile, outside, the senior inspector arrests the inspector who helped the aunt, and his men and women rat him out. they rush to sarojini’s place to save any accident.

Inside the aunt tells them, that this is the right punishment for sarojini, as without love, she wont be able to consummate the relationship, and asks what does she think of herself, and points out the difference in their stature, and asks how dare she even think that. she asks her to show the guts now, as she too wishes to see what she can do. sarojini stands up and says that she is doing what is greatly wrong. he asks her to understand that she shall be behind bars, for a longer time. she says that she can easily mend the laws for her. he asks if this is what makes her happy, then so be it. but sarojini stands in front of her, and says that she shall have to kill her, before him. Nirjhara and others rush in front of rishab and sarojini, while she says that she wont spare them at any cost. she says that seh shall kill them all, and they dont deserve to be alive. the inspector comes and asks her to put the gun down. she resignedly complies. the police arrests her back yet again, while she leaves frustratedly. rishab extremely apologises for his aunt, and is overwhelmed at the way, tehy put themselves in front o him. dadaji points out that he is family now, and asks him to finish the marriage ceremony first. they again sit down and begin with the rituals. as a wedding present, he fulfilles sarojini and soumu’s long cherished dream. she is happy. they take everyone’s blessings, and then sarojini walks out with rishab, lovingly. The screen freezes on the whole family’s happy face………..

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