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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 30 June 2016 Written Episode

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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman
Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 30 June 2016 Written Episode

Scene 1:

Area: Kailash Mountain

Every one of the divine beings achieve the Lord Shiva’s place, just to be welcomed by devi parvati. she discovers them tensed and asks whats the matter. they express their worry over hanuman and his lost forces, and how he might be a simple focus to tghe evil spirits now, who are his most despised adversaries. she quiets them down, as they get forceful saying that he wouldnt have the capacity to spare himself, from evil forces, and thus they require master shiva’s assistance. she mitigates them by saying that Lord Shiva has officially left for the earth, to have the capacity to get hanuman out of this grave issue. They are delighted.

Scene 2:

Area: Earth

Shiva resurrects on the earth in full symbol, of the god. he sees the natural life and grand magnificence around. Ruler Shiva

takes a gander at hanuman’s situation and after that tells a rabbit, and inquires as to whether he should do his work. he consents. shiva declares that if in any case Hanuman can be conveyed to him, then he should have the capacity to accomplish something to recover hanuman. the rabbit agrees and leaves off. The masters and Parvati are confident.

Scene 3:

Area: Sumeru

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Hanuman is in his folks’ lap, when he announces that he has quit contemplating the past according to their solicitation however requests that they guarantee that they wont ever be dismal, as he wishes to see them cheerful. he then swings to kesri, that he used to be loaded with pride, however now he can just see grave pressure all over, and inquires as to whether he did anything incorrectly. kesri says that destiny and time arent strong. she says that the ruler closes one and after that opens another entryway, and requests that he have confidence on the master, for his favors, in troublesome times, and that at the end of the day, the tide of time might quit taking its toll, and he should flourish. simply then, the same rabbit comes in and hanuman sees it. he demonstrates it to the guardians. he then gets up. The rabbit figures out how to occupy Hanuman and he gets agreeable with him, he requests that the rabbit come nearer, however he wards away. hanuman then gets to pursuing the rabbit. they are upbeat to see hanuman so cheerful after such quite a while. she is tensed for his wellbeing, while she discovers him meandering endlessly, after the rabbit, vanishing from sight. kesri requests that her let be, as after quite a while, hanuman is playing this way. all are delighted as he quickly surges after teh rabbit, who takes to the greenery enclosure. anjani is apalled to discover him so powerless and bobbling, however kesri requests that her not stress, as whats in his destiny, is fated. the rulers are concerned, that hanuman should not have the capacity to make up for lost time, as he has been stripped of his forces, however Devi Parvati requests that they persistent….
In the garden, hanuman asks the rabbit to slow down, as he is getting tired. he triers to use his powers, but is boggled, when he isnt able to. in his bid to do so, he falls on the ground, and looks up until it finally leads him to lord shiva, seeing whom he is overwhelmed, seeing whom he is shocked. he gets up and composes himself, looking at him. he folds his hands in gratitude, unable to believe his eyes, and then bends down to touch his feet, who eyes him amused. hanuman says that he knew, that lord shiva would come to relieve him of this dilemma, as noone tells him what happened to him, and that anjani told him not to try and remember, and he complied. he says that he wishes to know exactly what happened to him, and begs him to help him, as he was told that only he can. hanuman begs him to help him, and relieve him of this problem. Shiva descends down on the kness, and then eyes him. he blesses him. Parvati eyes this, and says that whats never happened is happening, as Lord shiva is on his knees for the first time, and hanuman is lucky to have been the recipient of this blessing. the lords are overwhelmingly relieved too. Hanuman says that he is in his blessings now. Shiva extends his hands, and hanuman rushes to him and hugs tight. Parvati is overwhelmed to see this. Naarad says that she needs to disclose whats going in her mind. Parvati exclaims as she looks at the salvation kind of happiness, that hanuman feels internally, as Lord Shiva on his knee, hugs him, and he hugs him back, with supreme satisfaction, and that it would be difficult for him to detatch himself from Lord Shiva. Indra comments as to how lucky hanuman is to have met the lord so easily. Meanwhile, hanuman hugs Lord Shiva, thinking that he should always keep him close to his chest, as there is no better happiness than this. he then cups hanuman’s face, and wipes the tears splotching his cheeks. hanuman asks what was it, that he experienced an inexplicable happiness, hugging him, and when he got away, he started becoming restless again. lord shiva explains and says that he has come to enable him to relieve himself of his dilemma, and he may have been stripped of the powers, but he shall revive them back. The screen freezes on his overwhelming face, as his eyes well up with tears………

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