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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 1 July 2016 Written Episode

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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman
Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 1 July 2016 Written Episode

Scene 1:

Area: Earth

Hanuman asks whats this inward quality that he discusses. Ruler shiva says that he is exceptionally anxious and fretful as of now, and that isnt useful for his mental steadiness and wellbeing. hanuman asks what would he be able to do then. master shiva says that he might need to take the correct reflection. The ruler shiva begins showing him the significant five contemplations, to get a steady personality. he discloses to him the significance of being rationally steady. hanuman asks whats the importance. shiva says that it gives a man dock and his points of view are extended. he then requests that he see the waterway, and say what he sees. hanuman says that he can see his appearance. he says that simply like in still waters, a reasonable reflection can be seen, correspondingly, with a quiet personality, he says that a

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individual finds the more profound truths about himself. at that point he offers hanuman to toss a stone in it. as he does as such, it creats swells. ruler shiva then clarifies, with reference to how everything got cloudy and misty, since he isnt ready to see plainly any longer. he again clarifies how as a result of being insecure, by the tossing of the stone, and making of swells. master shiva says that right now his mental state is comparable, by diverting musings, and by contemplation, his psyche might quiet down, and there should be clarity of considerations, and he can take legitimate choices, and that might help him to accomplish thought processes, with full devotion and responsibility, and increase his inside quality to be effective. hanuman says that he is a monkey kid, and henceforth bound to be precarious, then in what manner should he accomplish this interior quality. ruler shiva says that on the off chance that he can regardless of this obstacle, then he might set a good example for others. hanuman is energetic to begin his practice. ruler shiva makes him take a seat in the best possible stance, and shows him the method for contemplation. At that point he discusses OM. hanuman is curious to know whats the importance of it. Ruler shiva joyfully reacts. he says this is the primary sound, made when earth was shaped. hanuman is shocked to know this, as Lord shiva begins the droning of Om, making a perfect air around him. master shiva says that because of this mantra, eternality in the atmosphere was made. hanuman encounters around himself. Master shiva then discloses in the matter of how the whole universe, depends on this mantra, and that life was made on the earth because of this as it were. master shiva says that it continues resounding dependably all over. hanuamn listens mesemerised. shiva refers to endless case of individuals having OM around every one of them the time. they both they begins contemplating. hanuman says that he can somewhat encounter it. ruler shiva says that soon he might be habituated to it, and afterward he should comprehend the virtue and holiness of it, in the matter of how it ties, the individual to his spirit. hanuman is more than excited to begin the recitation, and begins. Shiva observes joyfully. be that as it may, he continues getting occupied by outside elements, sound of the waterways and the leaves, murmuring of the honey bees, trilling of the flying creatures, his exceptional sweating, his brain straying to the rabbit. shiva asks what would he be able to encounter around himself, without opening his eyes. hanuman begins describing everything, that was diverting him. be that as it may, when ruler shiva makes him open his eyes, he finds that there is no such element around. he requests that he shield himself from every one of these elements, and attempt and concentrate just on the elocution of the mantra, attempting to accomplish inner reverberation. Hanuman tries it once more, and its troublesome at to start with, yet soon can get absolutely into the contemplation, and is slightest courageous by the outside components evolving quickly, with master shiva directing him each minute…..
From the heavens, the lords are amazed and think that he shall master this art, but are tensed wondering whether his wandering spirit shall support him or not. Parvati says that they shall know with time.

Shiva thinks that now its time to test Hanuman and his practise. he thinks that water can distract anyone easily. lord indra presents himself, and greets lord shiva. he asks Lord Indra, not to think about success or failure, but should comply with his duties merely, as he inwardly hopes that he becomes unsuccessful and hanuman wins. he asks Varun to try and distract hanuman as he is busy meditating deeply. he throws in a huge stream of water at him, but hanuman is least distracted by it, and continues to chant, completely oblivious. shiva is impressed along with Lord Indra. The lords are amazed at hanuman’s capability while narad exclaims in happiness, as hanuman passes his first tested Lord Indra himself confirms that. then he beckons Lord Varun and asks him to test his powers too on hanuman as he is deeply engrossed in his meditation. he asks him not to go lenient on his own son, and try the hardest powers, as he knows that his fatherly affection gets in between, but asks whether he doesnt want his son to succeed crossing all barriers. He does with reluctance, and throws in a full stream of air at him, while hanuman continues meditating without being affected at all. the lords are aghast at the way hanuman is least affected, even when Lord Varun tries his full powers. Parvati eyes overwhelmingly and with prideful affection. Lord varun too clears him. Then Lords try and distract him one after the other. The screen freezes on Hanuman’s meditative face……….

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