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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4 July 2016 Written Episode

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya Gopi bring Sona back the Modi house
Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4 July 2016 Written Episode

Pari appreciating juice with Monica says if Gopi loses her business, she will be not have anything to do than doing family unit tasks. Agent comes and Gopi apologizes him that specimens which she needed to show are not yet prepared. He indignantly inquires as to why did she call him then. Kokila carries saris with craftswoman. Businessperson likes sari plans and gives 25 lakhs rs advance check. Pari and Monica get desirous.

When specialist leaves, Gopi cautions Pari to stop her grimy traps, else she won’t be saved. Pari begins crocodile tears. Jigar cautions Gopi to quit charging Gopi outlandishly without verification. Pari says she attempted to help Gopi and Mona got stuck in cooler while attempting to help Gopi. Jigar says it is waste conversing with Gopi and clears out. Craftwoman furiously says if Jigar was his

nephew or sibling, she would have slapped him. Kokila says she won’t do that and needs her family to rejoin. Gopi says we as a whole with our hardwork will make our business effective.

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Priyal keeps running into Meera. Vidya apologizes Meera. Meera says it is alright. Priyal gives hand made thank you maa card to Meera. Meera gets passionate and inquires as to whether she set it up. Vidya yes, Priyal rose early and made it. Meera indicates it to Naiya. Naiya indoctrinates her that she is so blameless, just by calling maa she won’t turn into, Priyal’s maa. Priyal is doing exactly what Vidya instructs, it is Vidya’s arrangement. Meera indignantly says she will end up being Priyal’s mom, Vidya grabbed her youngster and now she will grab Priyal from Vidya.

Mona and Pari smolder in envy seeing Gopi and her craftswomen’s coordination and fast work. Women ask compensation from Gopi. Gopi says once her check clears in 2 days, she will pay them. Women get irate. Pari watches this and says know she comprehends what to do, she will make craftswomen ravenous and they will leave Gopi. She calls somebody and clarifies her arrangement. Mona applauds her that she is virtuoso.

Dr. Krishna offers solution to Kokila. She says she won’t have sharp pill. Dr. Krishna demonstrates her gajar halwa and says it is her prize. Gopi comes and remarks. Dr. Krishna says Kokila that her girl additionally know how to handle individuals, she has all around prepared her. He helps Kokila to remember gajar halwa and clears out. Kokila says Gopi Dr. Krishna arranged halwa for her. Gopi tastes it. Dr. Krishna grins remaining close entryway………

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