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Rocky Handsome Convincing action low emotions

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Rocky Handsome Convincing action low emotions

Director: Nishikant Kamat;
Cast: John Abraham, Diya Chalwad, Nishikant Kamat, Sharad Kelkar, Natalia Kaur and Shruti Haasan;
Rating: **1/2

Stuffed with lunatic activity successions, “Rough Handsome” is a run of the mill dull, grumpy and coarsely made wrongdoing show that depends on the 2010 discharged Korean film “Man from Nowhere”.

It is the tale of a resigned specialist Kabir Ahlawat otherwise known as Rocky in the erring condition of Goa, where drugs, tyke trafficking, organ exchange and merciless killings are the standard of the day. How he fashions a far-fetched bond with his dismissed youthful neighbor, Naomi and takes it upon himself to shield the little tyke from vicious culprits who abduct her, structures the essence of the story.

Chief Nishikant Kamat’s “Rough Handsome” is a poor reproduction of the first as it does not have an enthusiastic interface.

The plot, exhibited in a sensational and convoluted way, is strewn with plot-openings in abundance that make the film outlandish and unfathomable.

Despite the fact that the characters speaking to the underbelly of Goa are finely scratched, being obtained from the Theater of the Absurd, they have a tendency to seem preposterous, paltry and cartoonish.

Narrated in a non-linear manner, the screenplay is complex and convoluted. With nothing much happening in terms of the story, the pace drags in the first half, but picks up momentum in the latter part of the film. The only thing that keeps you gaping at the screen are the astutely choreographed gruesome action-packed sequences and the performances of the cast.

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The film is John Abraham’s canvas and as the beefed-up Kabir Ahlawat, he shines sporadically. He offers the punches more convincingly than his dialogues.

Shruti Hassan in a miniscule role as his wife Rukshida is natural, but her onscreen chemistry with John seems awkward and forced.

It is the little spirited Divya Chalwad, who is adorable with her uninhibited and spontaneous performance as Naomi. She steals your heart as the little imp constantly seeking attention of her “gangster” neighbour, Rocky Handsome. It is touching to see her innocuously explain her pet name, “Dustbin”. Hers is a flat, two-dimensional character that leaves an impact and you wish she had more screen time.

Director Nishikant Kamat makes his acting debut in this film as the ambitious drug peddler, Kevin. He is notable and gives a fairly spirited performance. But, in the overall scheme of things, he is never intimidating.

The actor playing Kevin’s brother Luke is over dramatic and buffoonish. He adds buoyancy to the narration though.

Sharad Kelkar as the police inspector is stereotypical and wasted.
On the specialized front, the battle successions with sledge and pickaxe wielding goons is ghoulish, yet energizing. The going with sound impacts, which incorporate the washing of the blades and beating of the drums particularly, in the peak scenes gives an adrenaline help to the review experience.

With generally direct creation values, chief of photography Shanker Raman with his insightful lensing, conveys a dim milieu that cunningly mirrors the characters’ outside and inside.

The altering is smooth and the melodies work well into the portrayal yet they don’t upgrade the recounting the story.

Generally, “Rough Handsome” will undoubtedly request just to those attached to activity movies…….

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