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Pratyusha death Actress and her BIG controversies

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Pratyusha death Actress and her BIG controversies

Known not a discussion magnet among companions and industry, the youthful Pratyusha Banerjee was involved in troublesome circumstances, babbles and bits of gossip.

It may have been an integral part of her calling, yet she took care of it with effortlessness and coarseness.

Be that as it may, some place, those circumstances debilitated her heart and two days back (1 April), the performing artist put a conclusion to life by professedly hanging herself to death.

Pratyusha’s tumultuous association with her beau Rahul Raj Singh is said to be the motivation behind why the young lady from Jamshedpur with huge dreams, chose to close her eyes until the end of time.

Loved ones are stunned that the performing artist couldn’t take the weight, as she had battled everything before this with an amazing quality.

Here, we give you a lowdown of the contentions that Pratyusha experienced in the six years of her starry profession.

Balika Vadhu exit:

With dreams and goals in her eyes, Pratyusha moved to Mumbai from Jamshedpur as one of the main three young ladies played the lead in Balika Vadhu, Colors’ most mainstream demonstrate that time. With a SMS surveying sorted out by the channel, the country picked Pratyusha as their Anandi. It appeared fortunes had composed the best story for her.

Be that as it may, all went futile when news of Pratyusha’s nonstop fits of rage began doing the adjusts. Because of contrasts among the producers, Pratyusha and the channel, she quit the prominent day by day and was supplanted by Toral Rasputra.

Body of evidence against ex Makrand:

Appears as though Cupid was never on Pratyusha’s side. Indeed, even before Rahul came in her life, the performing artist had a fizzled association with Makrand. The two, albeit painted the town red with their adoration story, were continually battling suspicion and desire. With steady contentions destroying the relationship, Pratyusha stunned all when she recorded a police body of evidence against Makrand expressing that he was debilitating to execute her. The appalling spat finished with the two going separate ways. Pratyusha was said to be under wretchedness post which she discovered love again in Rahul.

Broken fellowship with Sara Khan

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In the business where connections are more delicate than a glass, Pratyusha found a genuine companion in Sara Khan, another up and coming performer. The two soon got to be similar to Siamese twins, spotted all over the place together. Their “kissing” pic in the swimming pool stood out as truly newsworthy. Yet, everything was over soon when Sara blamed Pratyusha for being a tattle monger and double-crosser. Such assertions smashed their companionship. In any case, at some point back, the two got back together, overlooking their disparities for a new beginning.

Pratyusha-Karan Patel-Kamya edge

While in the Bigg Boss house, the one candidate Pratyusha trusted indiscriminately was Kamya Punjabi. Calling her Kamya di, Pratyusha was a vigorous adherent and it appeared like this fellowship would make it to the historical backdrop of TV industry. Be that as it may, individuals woke up to the stunning story of Kamya and Pratyusha’s fellowship going bad. The reason? Karan Patel. Kamya, who was dating Karan then, associated Patel and Pratyusha with being excessively close and in this way she tossed Pratyusha out of her and Karan’s lives.

Fits of rage on the arrangements of Sasural Simar Ka

Pratyusha’s profession appeared to again see a high moment that she stowed the negative lead in Sasural Simar Ka. Her character discovered awesome affection among the group of onlookers, as well as her execution as the daayan was quite valued.

Before long however, news of Pratyusha’s amateurish conduct began doing the adjusts. She would purportedly not achieve the shoots on time and would be affected by medications and liquor. When, she likewise raged out of the sets irately after a few issues with the generation group.

Left the arrangements of Darr Sabko Lagta Hai

Pratyusha bagged an important episode for &TV’s Darr Sabko Lagta Hai but even before she could start shooting, she moved out. Sources shared that the makers offered her clothes that she was not comfortable wearing onscreen. On the first day of the shoot, Pratyusha fought with the team and stormed out. The team though clarified their stand stating that the attire was the same in which Pratyusha had given her look test.
Non-repayment of birthday party bills
Rahul, like a typical boyfriend, threw a grand party for Pratyusha’s birthday last year. With industry people thronging the gala, it was a night to remember. But after a couple of months, news surfaced that the party bills were yet to be paid. The cheques had bounced and the hotel authorities were left in a lurch with Rahul refusing to pay the bills.
Police intruding her house
Recently, Pratyusha made headlines after she accused few men of intruding her house, pretending to be bank officials. Pratyusha and her mom were alone at home when some hefty men forced their way into their house looking for Rahul. Her boyfriend had missed few instalments of his car and they were on his lookout. The actress solely handled the situation and filed an FIR against the men at the Kandivali police station.
At the mere age of 24, Pratyusha seemed to have gone through a lot and every time her belief and confidence seemed to have only weakened. She might have a smiling face, a strong girl attitude for all, but what she went through was known to none. And no one will ever know…as the girl is now in heaven, smiling at all that is happening here………

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