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Pakistan Tourism Websites Are One of the Reasons We Don’t Get Any Tourists

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Pakistan Tourism Websites Are One of the Reasons We Don’t Get Any Tourists
Tourism is thought to be one of the greatest and most productive commercial ventures far and wide. It requires nearly little venture for enormous returns and income. Its a chance for each nation to save and showcase its legacy and pull in remote trade.
The tourism business has been used by nations around the globe to fortify their economies and balance out their monetary standards because of expanding universal coin in stream. It’s incredible for neighborhood organizations, expands assessment forms and is useful in raising the expectation for everyday comforts of a nation.

Pakistan has seen its tourism industry decrease in the course of recent decades or somewhere in the vicinity. Remote voyagers, particularly from Europe and America, have lessened over that period because of security issues and terrorism dangers in the nation.

Be that as it may, Pakistan still gets thousands (if not more) of outside voyagers every year, the larger part of them being from Asian nations. Pakistan likewise has stays of a percentage of the most seasoned civic establishments, legacy and landmarks which pulls in archeologists to the nation. What’s more, how about we not overlook the beautiful northern and uneven territories that Pakistan has.
The amount of tourists that Pakistan gets is purely organic, i.e. without any government intervention or promotion. To top it off, the only platform available to international tourists — so that they can learn and understand what Pakistan holds for them as a tourist destination and hotspot — the tourism websites, are malfunctioning. There are a ton of other issues that affect tourism in Pakistan but our sites are perhaps the most public and primary sources for information on traveling in our country for foreigners.

Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation, federal and provincial governments have shown almost no interest in the industry. A brief look at any of the tourism websites is shocking to say the least and can’t possibly be of any assistance for foreigners planning or thinking about visiting Pakistan.

Pakistan International Tourism Website (PTDC):

We should begin with the official tourism site by the Government of Pakistan. When you look “Pakistan tourism” or anything comparable, you will discover the site on the principal page of Google list items.

When you visit the site, you are welcomed with different glimmering red images expressing “New!” You won’t be the one and only on the off chance that you thought you incidentally propelled a deceitful or phishing site. These sorts of images are regularly seen on such fishy sites and is certainly not the kind of welcome one is searching for when going to a tourism site.

The download symbol at the upper right corner of the site is not really a download symbol, but rather a connection to media display which contains recordings and wallpapers. One of the significant outline imperfections in the PTDC landing page is that there’s no “Welcome to Pakistan” in English, considered as a worldwide dialect and the dialect of the site. Rather the architects ran with Korean and Chinese. There are additionally two choice sheets for Google decipher, rather than one.

Pakistan Tourism Websites Are One of the Reasons We Don’t Get Any Tourists

Allowing such style to sit unbothered, we should investigate the advancement alternatives attempted for the site. The site utilizes Adobe Flash for its primary slider showcase. So on the off chance that you utilize a cellular telephone, tablet or any such gadget, you won’t have the capacity to see anything separated from a tiny bit of content at the top and the base. Adobe and whatever is left of the world say the module is dead, yet the engineers behind the Pakistan tourism site were ignorant of the happenings on the web. A large portion of the world, including outside guests utilizing the most recent programs on versatile and desktop can’t in any way, shape or form view or utilize the site.

That is just the start of everything. In the event that you have Flash introduced, despite everything you won’t have the capacity to do much. The showcase which is showing a couple pictures from a couple vacationer urban communities has three tabs. When you drift your mouse over any of the tabs, a moderate movement realizes more choices which ought to give the client a chance to get more points of interest. It appears to be, be that as it may, that the engineers neglected to rename and connect each of the 14 of those menu choices. Clients get “unclear” on each and every one of those menu alternatives. Discuss dead connections.
There’s a section below the slider for videos. Sadly, it’s empty. The links beside the flashing “New!” signs, are related to PTDC services and employees but, for some unknown reason, are placed at the front page of the tourism website.

Pakistan Tourism Websites Are One of the Reasons We Don’t Get Any Tourists

Not Sure if Serious or Trolling: A Screen grab from the Tourism website

We would also like to mention the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions” page here. It’s not clear whether PTDC is trolling the visitors or whether it’s a mistake. The picture says it all. Of course, how to come to Pakistan was supposed to answer the visa procedure, guidelines and such things. Simply answering “A Plane” is nothing less than a troll reply. The reply is followed by a picture and a text saying “Islamabad Lah” (Not visible in photo due to a small text box on the site).

Finally, clicking on any link takes the visitor to the old website. That website is relatively better but will only be accessed by someone who actually manages to force his way into the website. That page also has its bugs and flaws, including a random number “3” at the bottom left of every page. The website’s copyright flag is also outdated and still states 2015. There’s much more but these points should suffice in explaining the situation of the website.

Provincial Websites:

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Pakistan additionally has commonplace/state tourism sites which incorporate Punjab, Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Gilgit Baltistan and Azad Jammu Kashmir. There is no devoted tourism site facilitated by the Balochistan government.


Punjab Tourism site is maybe the most obsolete site out of the entire cluster, as far as configuration. The site utilizes an outline reminiscent of the dial-up web period. TDCP site is unusable on cell phones, is hard to explore and in spite of being overhauled with substance, does not resemble its planned to pull the group to visit Punjab. It confronts the same issue as the PTDC site, utilization of Adobe Flash which doesn’t chip away at most telephone or PC programs.

Pakistan Tourism Websites Are One of the Reasons We Don’t Get Any Tourists

Having tender notices and other such info on the main page definitely looks bad on an already outdated website. Punjab’s tourism website’s copyright flag (and obviously website design) hasn’t been updated since 2008. As shocking as it may seem, Punjab government is not interested in developing the website as a platform for tourist assistance. Punjab’s website does offer a Facebook page link for interaction but the page hasn’t had any status update for the past 5 months.

Sindh (CTAD):

Sindh’s administration has held a few occasions gloating about how they are functioning for the better of Sindh’s way of life and tourism. Sindh has a solitary site for society, tourism and collectibles. The site is a wreck, with logos over connections, obsolete substance, no game plans or associations of page, botched up draw down menus and photos of the decision government officials of the region because of obscure reasons.

Pakistan Tourism Websites Are One of the Reasons We Don’t Get Any Tourists


It offers no information or insight on what Sindh holds for tourists and how they should plan about their trips. There is close to zero help for local or international tourists. There are no social shortcuts. The website can be called incomplete, despite its completion two years ago (when its design was last updated).

Pakistan Tourism Websites Are One of the Reasons We Don’t Get Any Tourists


Azad Jammu Kashmir (AJKT):

Azad Jammu Kashmir has a decent tourism website. There’s adequate information and the website is very easy to navigate. Even the website’s older design doesn’t look that bad but the website has not seen any kind of update since 2014 and the last copyright update was in 2013. We can’t say for sure how accurate the information on the website would be since it hasn’t been managed in such a long time.

Pakistan Tourism Websites Are One of the Reasons We Don’t Get Any Tourists


Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (TDKP) & Gilgit-Baltistan (VGB):

KPK presumably has one of the best sites in Pakistan alongside Gilgit-Balitistan (GB) Tourism. Both sites accompany a la mode outlines and upgraded content. Since both sites have comparative components and defects, we summed up the audits.

The news segment, visitor direction data and strategies for going to the territories and leasing facilities are specified. KPK site offers data with respect to top traveler spots and vacation destinations identified with various classes like Gandhara, Culture, Adventures or Archeology.

Both sites offer overhauled climate data for visitor spots also. While the GB site has some pointless data like the range’s political pioneers, KPK site concentrates on the area’s lovely landscapes. KPK’s site is the most socially associated site also. Nonetheless, there is dependably opportunity to get better and both sites could improve route controls for universal voyagers, as both sites need most rules for nonnatives.

KPK site forwards clients to non-existent Vimeo, Google Plus, YouTube accounts. Whatever is left of the social records work however.


Google offers more understanding into Pakistan traveler destinations than our own particular authority sites. The most exceedingly terrible being the national site took after by the common/local sites of Punjab, Sindh and Azad Kashmir. Each of the four of these sites require a complete upgrade alongside customary substance overhauls. Nearby sites like KPK and GB tourism sites would be a decent begin.

Malaysia is one of the nations which depends intensely on its tourism industry with the vast majority of its salary created from the division. It is additionally the best case to take after for Pakistani tourism divisions. Their site is a la mode, offers unrivaled route and informs a considerable measure concerning the nation and its hotspots. Travelers can even purchase bundles, stay redesigned by membership and get complete direction data straight from the site.
So also, sites for Australia and USA offer an unrivaled involvement with partitioned forms for cell telephones and PCs. Sightseers can get a wide range of data about the nation and access the nation’s diverse state-particular sites. These sites aren’t far-removed from what Malaysia Tourism offers on their site.

Offering access to common tourism sites is an absolute necessity for the national tourism site of Pakistan. Tragically, the creators disregarded it (and they overlooked a ton of other stuff). The greater part of the common and local sites should be overhauled to universal norms also if Pakistan is to advance tourism. Tourism could turn into a wellspring of pay and outside trade, it’s a high ROI (Return on Investment) industry and holds potential for greatly enhancing the nation’s GDP…….

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