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Niranjan suffer heart attack TV’s Gangaa

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Drama is at its crest on TV’s famous show Gangaa (Sphereorigins), with Sagar (Vishal Vashishtha) and Ganga (Aditi Sharma) getting hitched.

In the event that that wasn’t sufficient, we have heard that Niranjan (Hiten Tejwani) would endure a heart assault in the coming episode…shooting the show remainder through the rooftop.

In the arrangement paving the way to the disaster, the family would be appear equipping to praise the celebration of hues. High on the bubbly state of mind, Sagar would apply hues on Niranjan and Madhvi (Gungun Uprari). Be that as it may, irate with Sagar for wedding Ganga, Niranjan would lash out at him.

In addition, Sagar would choose to play Holi with the new bahus, Supriya Bhabhi (Nivedita Tiwari) and Ganga, as it’s their first merriments at their in-laws’ place. Sagar would apply a dash of shading all over and toss the lay on Ganga…

It’s the first occasion when we would see Ganga exchange her white sari for a vivid symbol, on account of the gulaal. Be that as it may, Niranjan would slap Sagar for his trouble making.

In the mean time, Pulkit (Abhishek Tiwari) would come in with a legal counselor and request his part of the property. Listening to this, Niranjan would be smashed and endure a heart failure.

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Niranjan suffer heart attack TV's Gangaa

What will happen next? Will Sagar be able to save his father? Will Niranjan ever accept Ganga as the bahu?
Speaking about the upcoming track, Aditi said, “This is a crucial phase in Ganga’s life as she will now embrace her life’s journey with Sagar as a companion. It’s interesting how this change in Ganga is depicted through Holi. I am really excited to see audience reaction to the same. I am hoping for the audience love and support to continue as this only motivates us to do better.”
Adds Vishal Vashishtha, “I completely relate to Sagar as a character and I have thoroughly enjaoyed shooting for this new turning point in the life of Ganga. It’s such a beautiful story as finally Sagar has expressed his love for Ganga. I hope the viewers like this new journey that we have begun……..

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