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Naagin Colors 1 May 2016 Written Episode

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love triangle blossom Naagin
Naagin Colors 1 May 2016 Written Episode

The scene begins with Yamini cutting Shivanya and murdering her. Shivanya tumbles down in snake structure. Yamini then burrows ground and covers her and supposes she sent her bahu to her guardian’s home, to paradise. She then takes Rithik from that point.

Yamini bolsters milk to wind Sesha and says she killed her foe Shivanya today and she ought to do nagmani prassana pooja and after that wed Rithik. She demonstrates nagmani . Sesha supposes she will get both nagmani and Rithik. Once Sesha leaves, Yamini demonstrates nagmani to Ankush maali’s pic and says his place was in ground and now she is sole proprietor of nagmani. Rithik enters and takes nagmani from her and says he doesn’t require nagmani now as he conveyed it to secure his family and now does not require it. Yamini begins acting. Rithik gives back nagmani. She says she will remember it securely and smiles.

In the morning, Rithik immserses Ankush’s fiery debris in waterway thinking back Ankush’s affection for him. Yamini thinks maali Ankush achieved his genuine place now subsequent to helping her contact her fate. She tells Rithik that today she lost her significant other and child. Rithik says Angad is fine and he is remaining before her. She cuts him over and over. He thinks back Yamini’s fake affection and llies. Yamini says she needs to murder him before he offers nagmani to seshnag and says when she executed her significant other for nagmani, why will she save him. She likewise admits that she even slaughtered Shivanya. He thinks back Shivanya letting him know that Ankush and Yamini are killers. She additionally admits that he is not her child and in the wake of wounding repeateldy again pushes him water. Rithik falls somewhere down in water. Yamini then begins acting that she kiled her child, little girl in-law and even spouse. She lauds herself as extremely canny for sending her beta and bahu in panchatantra.. She says she will slaughter even Sesha for nagmani. With Shivji’s authorization, snakes bounce into water to spare Rithik.
Gurudev and Sangram Singh wait for Shivanya eagerly. Sesha says she will kill them both for nagmani and Rithik. She tries to attack them, but yogi raj holds her and freezes her in ice block and says he lost his powers to destroy Sesha’s, now Sesha will be freezed till evening. Gurudev asks Yogi raj where is Shivanya now. Yogi raj asks him to use his given knowledgge to find Shivanya. Gurudev uses his knowledge and sees shivji’s idol and says shivanya must be somewhere around. He asks yogi raj and Sangram to go and get Shivanya while he guards temple.

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Yamini holds knife and says with this knife, she can kill any nagin and Sesha will be gone. Chutkni nagin calls her from bottle and asks to free her. Yamini opens lid and frees her. Chutki comes out and asks what did she do with Ankush. Her jokergiri starts. Yamini blackensher face with guruma’s ring and sends her back in bottle.

Yogi raj and Sangram reach shiv idol which gurudev described and pray shivji to show where Shivanya is. Sangram sees snakes coming. Yamini reaches shiv temple holding knife and thinking she will kill sesh now. She tries to enter temple, but a protective barrier stops her. Gurudev is seen doing pooja. Yamini thinks Shesha must be playing trick. Yogi raj pays shivji and idol’s jata/hair water changes direction and falls on Shivanya’s grave. Sangram follow water. Yogi raj says water showed where shivanya is. Shivanya emerges from her grave and says Yamini can kill Rithik and she has to save him. She prays shivji to give her powes to save her husband. Some force takes her into water. She searches Rithik and prays god again. She with other snake reaches deep water and gets Rithik out .

Shivanya brings Rithik out. Sangram cries seeing unconscious Rithik and says Yamini killed Rithik. Sangram says he is not breathing. Yogi raj says Rithik cannot die as Shivanya got a boon that she will be sada suhagan. He says Sangram that his family tatoo mark will disappears after a person dies. Shivanya checks neck and finds tatoo mark. Yogi raj says nagmani can save Rithik. Shivanya says she will bring nagmani. Sangram says Yamini will kill her again. Shivanya says she will go in Sesha’s form. Gurudev tells Sangram that they both should pray till Shivanya comes.

Sesha reaches Yamini’s room and asks why is she holding knife, if she wants to kill her. Yamini says she is a boon for her and do nagmani pooja. Sesha looks at her suspiciously. Yamini says if she does not trust her, she can keep nagmani. Sesha looks at her. Yamini says she cannot ask gurumaa’s ring now and says she will burn if she touches nagamnil, Sesha asks where is nagmani and Rithik. Yamini says Rithik has gone out and nagmani is in her safety locker. Sesha leaves. Yamini starts her drama again. Angad enters. Yamini cries that she cannot forget Ankush……

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