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Naagin 10 April 2016 Written Episode

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Naagin 10 April 2016 Written Episode

The scene begins with Sesha feeling Rithik and disregarding Shivanya’s supplication to come and help her. She goes out and grins thinking back Rithik’s touch. She supposes she is nagin, yet why is she getting pulled in to human. She supposes by what method would she be able to get pulled in to human, what if she do now. She grins keeping on feeling Rithik’s touch. Yamini cmes and says she can wed Rithik. Sesha asks what she implies. Yamini requests that her free her bahu Shivanya. Sesha asks what she implies. Yamini says she knows cherishes Rithik. Shesha says nagin can’t love human. Yamini says she saw her investing energy with Rithik. She stayed silent as Rithik was exceptionally glad. Sesha’s feeling changes. Yamini supposes her dramatization is working. She says Sesha that she is simply stressed over her bahu, she will persuade her bahu to acknowledge even her. She will guarantee to get her wedded to Rithik and he can be with Rithik entire life as Shivanya. She hands over fake nagmani, yet Sesha breaks and throwsfake nagmani and says her show won’t fill in as she took nagmani from Ankush. Yamini proceeds with her acting. Shesha hears Shivanya’s supplication again and surges in nagin’s structure. Yamini proceeds with that she will get her wedded to Rithik.

Sesha achieves wilderness and sees snake charmer sadhus tormenting Shivanya and other icchadhari annoy nagins.
Rithik feels that icchadhari nagin is calling her. He goes into flashback where Sangram Singh saves icchadhari nagin from hawk. Nagin thanks him and leaves. Sangram Singh tells baby Rithik that they are protectors of nagmani icchadhari nag nagins and have tattoo on their neck. He shows his tattoo and Rithik’s. Rithik comes out of flashback and thinks he has to go and save icchadhari nagin and rushes towards shiv mandir.

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Sesha stops reminiscing romantic moment spent with Rithik and Yamini’s offer of gettin her married to Rithik, but then thinks it is wrong to snatch her sister’s love. She comes in front. Shivanya calls her. Sadhu changes her to nagin and captures her. Their head orders him to throw even this nagin in fire ring. He throws her with Shivanya. Shivanya asks why did she come so late. Sesha says she heard her plea, and since she was in her form and family was around, she could not come. She apologizes for coming late. Sadhu holds Sesha back and says he will sacrifice her first and then Shivanya.

Rithik travels in car towards shiv mandir and stops hearing someone calling for help. He enters jungle, but pandit stops him and says he cannot go further as Sadhus are killing anmimals for black magical powers and will kill even him. Rithik says he will save animals at any cost. Pandit says it means god has sent him to save helpless animals. Just when Sadhu is about to kill Sesha, Rithik reaches and stops him. Sadhu asks him to go from there. Rithik says he will not let them kill innocent animals. Sesha and Shivanya turn into snakes and escape. Sadhus capture Rithik. Sesha comes back in nagin’s form seeing that and bites sadhus. Rithik picks trishul to fight. Police reaches on time and arrests sadhus. Shivanya hides behind tree and gets emotional thinking Rithik came to rescue her and her clan. Rithik thinks he is feeling peace of mind by saving ichadhari nag and nagins.

Rithik then reachs shiv mandir and thinks Shivanya will meet him in this mandir. Shivanya gets out of car in nagin’s form, then changes to human and thinks why he came here searching her. She reminisces telling Rithik once that she goes to shiva mandir on eka dashi night. She reaches before he enters mandir and starts praying. Rithik comes and says he knew she would be here and asks her to promise that she will not go alone without him. She emoitonally things he saved her today, hugs him and says until he is with her, nothing will happen to her. Sesha watches them huging and gets jealous. Rithik and Shivanya then pour milk on shiv ling and pray together. Sesha imagines herself with Rithik and reminisces Yamini’s promise to get her married to Rithik. She imagines dancing with Rithik sensuously on song Aaj phir tum pe pyar aaya hai…song. She steps on thorn and gets out of imagination and thinks why she is getting attracted to Rithik so much……..

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