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Mohit Sehgal interview Must Read

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Mohit Sehgal interview Must Read

The dishy Mohit Sehgal broke a great many hearts in the wake of discarding his bachelorhood status. The performing artist as of late got hitched to the adoration for his life Sanaya Irani.

Interestingly, he began to look all starry eyed at her on his introduction show Miley Jab Hum Tum.

Mohit got glib with bes-parmak.com, where he talked about his life post the marriage, spouse Sanaya, his sudden way out from Sarojini, future ventures and the sky is the limit from there. Passage

How’s life post marriage?

I don’t feel any difference post marriage. The only thing that has changed is that before we used to go to our respective places after meeting, while now I can see my wife all the time (smiles).

Does Sanaya cook for you?

Well, we have a helper at home so it’s rare that we have to cook. But yes, Sanaya is learning to cook. She’s started making desserts. I am a good cook so sometimes I take hold of the kitchen responsibilities.

What is that one thing that has kept both of you going strong?

We both have a great understanding, which is the key to every successful relationship.

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Do you feel pressurized or more responsible post the wedding?

If you think that everything is same then you will take it positively. Hence, I don’t feel pressurized.

After the sudden exit from Sarojini, will you work with Rashmi Sharma Productions again?

It was unprofessional and I did feel bad about it, but I don’t hold grudges. Whatever I felt I have already told the media and moved on.

When do you plan to make a comeback?

I am waiting for the right opportunity. I want to explore as an actor and play different types of role on TV. I have and will go out of my way to show my versatility. So there are no particular plans…whenever good scripts come my way, I will go for it.

What kind of roles do you wish to plan in the future?

There is nothing particular as such. Whatever excites me, makes me think and is different and challenging…I will go for it.

Are you fine with Mythological, historical and fantasy-based shows?

I am not keen on doing mytho and historical shows, but fantasy-based are fine.

What’s your take on reality shows?

I haven’t been approached yet for reality shows. Except Bigg Boss, I am quite keen on participating in dance reality shows.

What matters to you- good script or money?

The only thing that matters to me are the people that I work with. Rest everything falls into place.

We wish you both a great life ahead!

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