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Meri Saasu Maa 30 June 2016 Written Episode

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Meri Saasu Maa serial upcoming story review
Meri Saasu Maa 30 June 2016 Written Episode

Scene 1:

Area: Maasa’s living arrangement

While sattu is occupied with youngsters in his home, he gets pari’s message requesting that he meet her at the Bade Bagh. he is interested believing that she wishes to see him and speedily takes off.

Scene 2:

Area: Bade Bagh

Sattu arrives and discovers her sitting tensedly, in a seat. he imagines that she is looking so delightful, while she is lost in her own particular considerations. he watches her entranced. before he can get to her, shona stands up to him. he is boggled and bothered as well, when she grins and gives him a card for his assistance. she says that it was her arrangement to get him here through pari. she discusses her misjudging, that he loathed her in affectation, however really watched over her. he gets progressively tensed. she says that for this adoration, she

is here today. pari is dismayed and stunned, while sattu is chafed. Before pari, shona proposes to sattu, and asks his choice. he slaps her tight over her face, saying that he can never cherish her, and that he despises her unpleasantly and requests that her not play this astringent amusement, and afterward tells pari that he didnt expect this from her, tending to as MAM. Pari is tensed, as he strolls off. shona tells pari that she is fine, and that she is glad, that atleast sattu thinks of her as his own, thus could slap her, which implies he has sentiments, and for her, she has effectively given her heart to him. pari is startled to hear this.

Scene 3:

Area: Maasa’s living arrangement

Back home, sattu asks pari for what good reason she did this. all listen eagerly. she says that he was getting away school, and she saw no other way out, with the goal that he could defy her and clear her misnotion, that he cherishes her and that there isnt any future, and perhaps she would have comprehended, as adoring is a wrongdoing. he says that he knows, yet shona ought to realize that cherishing a wedded man is a wrongdoing. pari reminds that shona doesnt realize that. he inquires as to whether she has overlooked as well. she says that she is tied by his guarantee just, as he didnt need anybody to realize that she is his better half, and needed him to have a typical understudy life. she says that its typical in school life. he is disappointed, and points the finger at him for this whole wreckage. all hear tensedly. he says that had she not supported her, then this wouldnt have happened. he says that he would disclose everything to shona, once he finds the opportunity and in her own specific manner. he requests that her tidy up her own particular chaos. he clears out. the bahus desert her as well, saying that they have no experience, to unravel this issue for her. Maasa requests that her not be tensed and rather go to sattu and talk it out. In the hall…..
Pari calls sattu from the corridor, and she says that she lost something and tried everywhere to search for it, and asks if he can help her find it. he enragedly asks what he has to search for. she keeps giving directions. he gets frustrated and asks what she lost. she says that its his smile he has to look for. he smiels, as she cancels the call. he turns around and finds her walking, towards him with a smile. He gets shona’s call, who says that she took sleeping pills, and if he loves her, he shall come and save her and that she is exactly where he left her, and he should come, and if he doesnt, then its good that she shall die. she says that its better to die than live like this. she abruptly cancels t he call. he gets enraged at her furthermore. she is shocked to hear about him. she hopes nothing happened but he is tensed. He says that he wont go to college, till the matter is cleared. she says that she would find some solution, and hastily sends him off.

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Scene 5:
Location: Bade Bagh
Shona waits, when sattu arrives. she gets lighted up. he reprimands her severely, and she gives him corny, romantic cheesy lines, saying which she starts getting dizzy. he grabs hold of her as she falls unconscious. he places her on the bench, and dials a number.

Meanwhile, Maasa finds pari tensed, and then asks her where sattu went, and that too in such haste. she says that she didnt want to interfere but she couldnt stop herself, and asks whats the matter. Pari narrates everything. Maasa asks if she is fine now. pari gets sattu’s call, who tells her of what happened. she asks him to take her to the hospital. maasa says that it shall become a police case, if he takes her to the hospital. she asks sattu to get her home, so that they can get a doctor, and the news isnt leaked out. he complies.

Scene 6:
Location: Maasa’s residence
All wait in anticipation, while the doctor checks shona. The doctor examines and says that she is progressing, and that her pulse has stabilised too. maasa thanks him and then he takes his leave. sattu tells pari to explain and find a soltuion, before it gets out of hands. pari is tensed. maasa says that she has a solution, and that this is the only way, to kill shona’s love for sattu. pari asks what has she thought. they are both boggled.

The next morning, Shona wakes up, and is shocked to find the strange home she woke up in. she looks around, and finds pari coming in. she asks shona that its good she woke up, or else she shall have been slapped. she tells sattu left her here. he eyes them from a distance. pari reprimands her about what she did, and the implications of it, and asks if its love or lunacy. shona says that this is love and that she has only pari and him, and begs for help, as she cant even imagine life without him. she gets berserk, and says that she couldnt understad when she fell in love, and says that he too loves her, but is ignorant, or pretending to be one. pari calms her down saying that she shall talk. shona thanks her escstatically. The bahus get her breakfast. pari takes leave, saying that she would just come, to take her and leave her to the hostel. babita promises pari not to worry, as she wont be allowed to go outside. Outside, pari is tensed, as sattu again confronts that she is going further in the mess. he says that he wont go to college. she says that he has to for the fulfillment of maasa’s plan, which she is sure would work. he is tensed.

Scene 7:
Location: College
Sattu gets pari’s message syaing that they are headed his way, and he neednt be tensed. but before she can do anything, shona goes and kisses him on the cheeks. they both are shocked. pari asks herself to control her anger, as shona is innocently doing this, while shona says that this is for saving his life, and its her way of saying thank you. shona turns to pari, who comes in, and says that she shouldnt support this, nor speak in this matter, but still she wants to tell everyone, that shona proposed sattu yesterday. they start hotting, and she asks them not to cheer, as sattu doesnt love her, but it doesnt stop here. she then narrates everything. PAri asks him not to play with shona’s emotions, and asks him for whom hsi heart beats, and who does he love truly. Sattu places his hand on his chest, and declares that he loves….and both pari and shona wait anticipatedly for the answer, as he opens his eyes with a loving smile on his lips. The screen freezes on his face……..

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