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Meri Saasu Maa 1 July 2016 Written Episode

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Sattu and Pari keep their marriage secret Zee TV Meri Saasu Maa
Meri Saasu Maa 1 July 2016 Written Episode

Scene 1:

Area: College

Shona holds up in expectation, however he frustrates her by saying that he as of now has somebody in his life, and begins depicting pari, without naming her. pari is overpowered at his admission of adoration. pari then makes shona comprehend that he has another person. in any case, shona says that he has another person, simply because he didnt start things out to her, or else he wouldnt have had his sweetheart. he says that being with her is imposible as he cherished, adores and should dependably cherish her. she requests that he acknowledge it then. pari is tensed. Shona tells sattu that its her test, as she has confidence in her adoration, that inside a month, she might make him overlook his better half and his affection and should acknowledge her adoration rather and inquires as to whether he has the guts to acknowledge the test. he goes along. pari

is upset.

Scene 2:

Area: Maasa’s home

The bahus experience considerable difficulties the youngsters. pari and shona come in tensedly. the bahus are remorseful, as by chance they have torn the notes of sattu, to play with the kids. sattu lashes at them. maasa comes and asks whats the matter. pari requests that her not apologize, and that he is tensed as sattu is in an awful mind-set. maasa asks what happened. pari requests that her come aside. In the room, maasa is stunned, alongside others to hear what happened, and ponders what is their stratgey, now, as she has fallen in genuine romance with her. they additionally describe to everybody in the matter of how shona’s companion proposed a cooking cmpetition to choose who is better. he says that his sweetheart makes a magnificent pastry. he is asked of his most loved dish. they both talk up together. shona says that she know everything in regards to him, however is boggled how pari knows. shona gets some information about his preferences and abhorrences. sattu says that he had told, and makes a story. shona chooses that then they should taste hher and his sweetheart’s and after that it might be discovered who improved a treat. maasa asks whats his arrangement. sattu says that he might get the desert from the best cook around the local area. maasa grins. pari is tensed however.

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Later, in the night, while sattu is concentrating on, he discovers pari tensed, about whether it is great to get it from outside. he says that its fine. she says that she should make it. while they are talking, by the influence of his hand, the mangalsutra tumbles off. she considers it as a sign, however he cautions her against it, and requests that her not be troubled, and on the off chance that she is so resolute, then she should make it. she grins, while he guarantees that she might have a mangalsutra to wear tomorrow. she is tensed still.

The following morning, while pari is in the kitchen, looking at the fixings, of the treat, maasa comes in and eyes her thankfully. she says that she realized that he would herself make the treat, pari asks how could she have been able to she know. maasa says that she knows her girl. maasa urges her to win today. she then gets shona’s call, who beseeches her to bail her out. Pari is stunned, however has no choice, yet to agree. she requests that her wash the crude veggies first. maasa inquires as to why is she saying as much, and pari says t cap shona has noone else yet her, as a companion, and she needs to bail her out. maasa says that she is unbelievably pleased with her, and wishes her good luck. she then clears out. pari gets back to shona. at that point she begins advising her the formula, and they both make it together….
As she goes in the room, pari wonders where sattu is. Meanwhile, Sattu is busy tying the mangalsutra back, saying that he told her that he would get it in good shape tomorrow. she is overwhelmed, and lunges her neck ahead, as he makes her wear it. he promises to be by her side always. he tries to taste the dessert, but pari stops him, saying that its for the tasting. she then asks him to get ready for college. he complies.

Scene 3:
Location: College
Shona anxiously makes pari give her opinion about it. pari says that its okay. shona thanks pari for her help. she finds sattu coming and tells pari, as she sits as the judge, saying that she hopes that her dessert is better than his girlfriend’s, and hopes that he likes it better than the one he gets. pari asks how is she so sure, as she just wants th best one to win. sattu arrives, and eyes shona tensedly. they both place their tiffins on the table. Pari eyes them both tensedly. The screen freezes on her face…….

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