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Mere Angne Mein 28 June 2016 Written Episode

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Preeti go missing from her wedding Star Plus Mere Angne Mein
Mere Angne Mein 28 June 2016 Written Episode

The Episode begins with Chanda and Mohit talking. Chanda lets him know that she needs to retreat home now, Shanti would hold up. Riya records the video in her telephone. Mohit goes. Chanda gets Riya and says nobody could get Chanda till now. Riya says you have fallen a considerable measure, and hits on her leg with a stick. She takes her telephone and says numerous things happen without precedent forever. Chanda grabs her telephone and squashes it. She says your truth has gone, what will you tell everybody, my marriage will happen tomorrow itself, this is my guarantee to you. She goes.

Riya holds her head seeing her broken telephone. Riya calls Nandu and requests that he meet, will he come. Nandu says on the off chance that anybody knows at home, it will be inconvenience. She guarantees she won’t tell anybody, come quick. He concurs. Shanti sits tight for Chanda. Chanda returns home hurt. Sarla and Rani come. Shanti asks what happened. Chanda says I went to sanctuary, I saw a shadow infront of me, that lady looked like Riya, and I don’t realize what happened, I was pulled towards her, then she tossed sindoor on me and said I can never wed Shivam, I was frightened and blacked out.

Nandu thinks Riya can’t do this, Chanda is lying, I need to help Riya, else don’t comprehend what will Chanda do. Shanti says Riya is assaulting everybody, we will keep marriage tomorrow itself. Shivam and Preeti come there and see Chanda. Shanti requests that Shivam see what Riya is doing, we will keep marriage tomorrow. Shivam says however Riya… Shanti says don’t take her name. He says yet Papa. She says I will persuade him, you get ready for your marriage. He goes. Shanti says Riya supposes we will get frightened, we will do Chanda’s marriage cheerfully, Rani begin moving. Kaushalya plays dhol. Chanda thinks its great what I needed has happened, now nobody can prevent this marriage from happening.

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Riya tries to recuperate information and calls numerous individuals. She tells Anupam that nobody is prepared to help, marriage can’t stop now. He says we can document police report, and marriage will stop. She says no, I would prefer not to lose them, I need to win their heart. Nandu come sand says marriage is tomorrow at 11am. Riya lets him know everything about Chanda and Mohit. He gets stunned….
Rani thinks why is Amit not answering, his intentions do not look good. Shanti asks her to dance. Rani says I will end work first. Sarla asks Shanti to give her Chandrahaar. Shanti says it will come, don’t worry. She asks Kaushalya about Chandrahaar. Kaushalya says I will give that tomorrow to Chanda. Nandu asks how will we stop marriage. Riya cries and says I don’t know. He says maybe your work can be done, I can take help from railway office computer department guy. He calls Yogesh and asks for help to recover data. Yogesh asks him to come home. Riya takes her broken phone. Nandu asks them to come.

Shanti asks Kaushalya to end all haldi and other rituals before 11am. Kaushalya says fine, and goes to Shivam. Shivam removes Riya’s pic and recalls her words. He cries. He tears her pic. Kaushalya comes and gives him a sherwani. She says its hard to forget the memories, its important for you to make her out of your heart, I kept sherwani there, come for haldi.

Yogesh tells Nandu that its tough to recover data, memory card looks damaged. Nandu asks him to try, its about someone’s life. Yogesh says it will take much time, you can get data till tomorrow 10am. She asks him to try to get data soon. He says fine, I will try. Nandu thanks him and tells Riya that there is no other way. Riya cries and says if I don’t get this video till 11am, then everything will get over, I can’t stop this marriage.

Its morning, Sarla gets ready and asks Ashok to get ready, he has to do kanyadaan, I made Chanda my namesake daughter. Ashok refuses to do Kanyadaan. She asks Amit to do kanyadaan, as she is like his sister. Amit says she is not my sister. Rani argues. Nirmala says I will do Kanyadaan if they all are not agreeing, Ashok ji you can do that, its good deed. Rani tells Sarla that Nirmala is trying to take your place. Sarla says you can do kanyadaan, but take nek along. Nirmala thinks if I act sweet, my stopped decision will become an order.

Shivam gets ready. Kaushalya cries seeing him upset. She says I will finish other rituals, I know you are not happy, don’t know what Lord wrote in my children’s fate. He asks did you tell Papa. She says I wanted to, but did not had courage. He says its important to tell Papa, call him once. Shanti says no need, we will tell him later. She asks them to come, I will dance in baraat, smile now. Shivam looks on sadly………

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