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Mere Angne Mein 1 July 2016 Written Episode

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Mere Angne Mein Spoilers Shanti defames Riya with Mohit Riya’s video clip
Mere Angne Mein 1 July 2016 Written Episode

The Episode begins with Shivam apologizing to Riya. Kaushalya offers juice to Sarla. She says its great and tranquil in Shanti Sadan like some time recently. Sarla says its Shanti Sadan, any show will happen whenever, see what happens tomorrow. Shanti inquires as to why are you talking awful for our home. Rani takes tiffin and welcomes everybody. Rani and Sarla clear out.

Vyom grins getting a fake reptile and drops on Nimmi. Nimmi shouts seeing it. Vyom giggles and says its fake. She asks what joke is this. He says you feel you are extremely shrewd. She says I m savvy. He says I have seen your sagacity. She asks what was this. He says regularly, you are blowing up, I simply touched you. She praises on him and says I m additionally tapping typically. They both pat each other. He holds her nearby and they have an eyelock. They tumble down on

the informal lodging at each other. He holds her face. The lights get off. Vyom and Nimmi draw near.

Riya cries seeing her room. Shivam close the entryway and says Riya. She tosses things and reproves him. She asks how was he remarrying, in the event that I did this then… . He says I would have chomped you. She asks should I chomp you. He says fine, nibble me, did anybody stop you.

They embrace and says I mistook to make my affection fall powerless, I guarantee this won’t happen once more. She says we will never give our affection a chance to fall powerless. He says I don’t recognize what might have happened in the event that you didn’t reach on time. She doesn’t say anything, you would sit in police headquarters and recording theft grievance against your second spouse. They grin and embrace.

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Preeti cries in her room and reviews Mohit. Nandu comes there and sees her crying. He says I don’t have any privilege to wipe your tears. Mohit calls Preeti and insults her for being Nandu’s significant other. She stammers and says Mohit ji, you… Nandu takes telephone and says don’t call Preeti once more, else I will break your head. He admonishes Mohit. Preeti asks how could you take my telephone. Nandu evacuates sim and says I will get new sim, Mohit won’t call you. Preeti chides him. He says I m in my cutoff points, I m doing spouse’s obligation. He goes. She sits and cries.

Nimmi gets up in morning and reviews the previous evening. Vyom comes and says whatever happened between us yesterday… She requests that him not say anything and goes…..
Pari hears Vyom and Nimmi talking. Nimmi asks Vyom to accept him as his wife. He refuses. She cries and says I hate to stay with him. Pari goes to Sujeev and says I want to become kids’ mummies, and shouts. Sujeev says kids don’t come easily, be quiet, don’t shout. She keeps shouting. He slaps her and says you know I get irritated. She calls him useless and slaps Sujeev. She says I hate you mads man, and scolds him. Sujeev takes a stick and runs after Pari to beat her. Pari goes to Nimmi’s room and says Sujeev gets abnormal attack. Nimmi asks what, I will open the door. Pari stops her. Sharmili calms down Sujeev and asks him to take rest. Nimmi asks Pari to say the matter. Pari asks her not to interfere and goes.

Sharmili says Sujeev’s madness is increasing, what shall we do. Mama says what to do, I m saying make Sujeev stay separate. Sharmili says how, he has all property. Mama says trust people are eyeing the money. She says we want some easy way till Vyom’s baby comes. Sujeev comes and asks what, tell me. Sujeev recalls Pari’s slap and pulls Mama’s ears saying you bad Pari. Pari looks on and worries thinking if he gets my ears, he will pull my ears too. Sharmili says he is your Mama, don’t do this. Sujeev calms down by Sharmili’s motherly love. Sujeev asks what am I doing here, when did I come. Sharmili says you maybe tired, go and rest. Sujeev says I don’t like that bad Pari, she is thief, she won’t stay in my room. Sharmili says you said right, don’t worry, I will beat her and make her leave, go and rest. Sujeev goes……..

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