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Make my career better back time Ashish Chowdhry

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Make my career better back time Ashish Chowdhry
There is something magnetic about Ashish Chowdhry that makes one fall immediately in love with him.
And when he talks, you instantly realize that you are hearing words that are unadulterated and straight from his heart – a rarity in television.
The Ek Mutthi Aasmaan actor got chatty with Tellychakkar.com for a heartfelt conversation on TV, comeback, family and more.
When do you plan to make your comeback on fiction space?
I am not happy with the kind of roles that I am being offered. Post Ek Mutthi Aasmaan, I want to do shows which my fans will enjoy watching. I have been offered lot of comedy genre shows, but I want to play intense romantic and thriller roles.
What kind of roles do you wish to play on small screen?
(Thinks) Nothing in particular but something which is substantial and ice-breaking.
Any particular TV actress that you would like to work with in a show?
Well, there are many talented actors but I wouldn’t like to name as even they would wish to work with me. But yes, there are few productions houses that I wish to be part of like Balaji Telefilms, Sphereorigins and more.
Any regrets in life?
Not regret, but I would never want my kids to watch my previous movie called Girlfriend. I was young and wasn’t aware about the film and its script. I just said yes without giving a second thought. I don’t want to do shows and cinema which send across a wrong message.
Given a chance, if you had to change any one thing back in time what will it have been?
Nothing in particular, as unless you don’t fall you will never learn to walk. But given a chance I will make my career better back in time.
Any special person from the industry that has been your support system?
For me relationships come first, then other factors. Friendships are more important to me. Money has never mattered to me. In fact I have worked for free in many of my projects. Few people who have been my support system are Riteish Deshmukh and Sohail Khan. They have stood with me down and out.
Any myth about that you want to break?
I am a very transparent guy but people think that I am difficult to approach and non negotiable which is the biggest myth that I want to break.
In today’s time when relationships are falling apart, what is the one secret to your happy married life?
Love comes with a bunch of responsibility and understanding. One needs to look deeper to know the depth of the relationship. And people who have fallen apart have taken a good decision as its better to breakup than having ugly fights in front of your kids.
Apart from being a good actor and husband, how are you as a father?
I am not exaggerating but I am a best father. I can change my kids’ diapers like no other mother. My wife calls me ‘Manny’ man plus nanny……

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