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Madirakshi’s light avatar TV show

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Madirakshi's light avatar TV show

Actress Madirakshi, who was normally seen wearing elaborate ensembles and gems in well known fanciful appear “Siya Ke Ram”, will next be found in an all new symbol wherein she will display “light weight outfits and negligible gems”.

According to the up and coming succession of the appear, Ram (Ashish Sharma) and Sita (Madirakshi) will run for outcast alongside Lakshman (Karan Suchak).

“We will so start shooting for the adventure that will stamp the start of Sita and Ram’s affection story in genuine sense, the “Vanvaas” (oust). We all have been shooting in exceptionally delightful and elaborate outfits this while.

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“The planner made an impressive showing however the heaviness of the outfits constantly made it extremely hard to walk. I am happy that the “Vanvaas” outfits are light and would not set aside much time for us to get prepared,” Madirakshi said in an announcement.

The makers are said to have done extensive research to get the perfect look for the actress and also what kind of jewellery that she should wear.

“Ever since the show began, it has taken three hours to get into my look as Sita and believe it or not, most of my costumes weigh as much as me,” she said.

“Especially the lehngas that I am wearing as Ayodhya’s newly wedded bride weighs approximately 25-30 kgs and the entire look put together with the hair and dupattas is equivalent to my weight. As much as I loved dressing up, I am really looking forward to the light weight costumes and minimal jewellery as it’ll also take me lesser time to get ready,” she added.

“Siya Ke Ram” is aired on Star Plus……

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