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Laksh Mahima FIGHT and TV’s Holi bash Scoop

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Laksh Mahima FIGHT and TV's Holi bash Scoop
The Holi occasion of &TV, ‘and It’s Holi’ began off blissfully, with all the mainstream appearances of the channel performing. Be that as it may, evidently, the festival finished on a harsh note for the leads of Adhuri Kahaani Hamari, Mahima Makwana and Laksh Lalwani, as they cleared out the media present at the occasion confused in the matter of what turned out badly between them…

Yes, theirs is yet another instance of on-screen sweethearts not having the best of relations, in actuality.

According to a solid source, “Mahima and Laksh share only an expert affinity. They don’t converse with each other on sets, unless required.”

Sufficiently reasonable, so what happened amid the Holi bash?

All things considered, with the entire media crew being available to witness the Holi bash, Mahima and Laksh began the procedures by giving a breathtaking move execution. Everybody on the set was cheerful and the media present asked for the lead on-screen characters to play Holi with the goal that they could catch it on screen.

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Also, Laksh and Mahima soon began tossing shading on each other. Out of the blue, the cheerful vibe changed and Laksh was seen shouting out ‘Cut, cut’ as he raged off from the spot.
A source who was witness to the entire occurrence trusted in us that, “All began when Mahima intended to toss shading on Laksh. The gentleman twisted down to abstain from getting hued, yet tragically his glare dropped down on the ground. What’s more, Laksh got up, gave an irate look towards Mahima and exited.”

On the off chance that sources are to be trusted, Laksh even dishonestly charged Mahima of slapping him at the occasion.

We attempted our level best to connect with Mahima, however did not get past to her.

Our endeavors to connect with Laksh were additionally futile.

We took a stab at humming the channel representative, yet couldn’t overcome to them for a remark.

Everything we can say is, life is little. Also, folks, bura na maano afterall Holi hai …

Disclaimer: Any substance showing up under “Tattle” segment is simply prattle and TellyChakkar.com does not agree to the same………

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