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Kumkum Bhagya 9 May 2016 Written Episode

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Pragya STOP Abhi Tanus wedding Kumkum Bhagya
Kumkum Bhagya 9 May 2016 Written Episode

The Episode begins with Tanu telling Nikhil that Pragya have turned out to be effective and won’t give her a chance to wed Abhi and get his property. She apologizes to her infant. Nikhil says this infant is our own, and I will help you get his privilege. I will kick that Pragya out of the house. Tanu gets some information about his arrangement. Nikhil requests that her be with her in this quarrel and is over to embrace her, yet Tanu says she needs to allow as Abhi may be to sit unbothered. She goes. Abhi is miserable and contemplates the happenings. Pragya says miserable as well. Tum Bin Jiya Jaaye Kaise… … .

Pragya thinks to brighten him up, and tells verse Mohabbatein sort… .Ek ladka tha anjana sa… Abhi hears her and says I adore my fuggi in particular. In the event that my fuggi adores me. Pragya requests that he discover. She culls the bloom petals and says I cherish you/I adore you not… Abhi gazes her… while a tune plays… Boldo Na Zara… ..Pragya says it is I adore you not. Abhi says you are conning, and culls the bloom petals. Pragya says I adore you. He embraces her and says I adore you as well. Allah Wariyan plays… … Tanu gets back home and sees Abhi embracing Pragya strongly. She gets envious and goes. Tanu thinks in what capacity can Pragya cross the cutoff points, and take advantage. She supposes she can’t prematurely end the kid moreover. She supposes to ensure herself or execute Pragya.

Pragya thinks what to do now? Abhi looks at her. Abhi asks Pragya to look at him and says I told you that you are hidden in mogambo, and will confess your feelings. Pragya thinks what to do now. Abhi asks her to tell that she can’t be away from him. Pragya says I have done what I want to do. Abhi asks what do you mean? Pragya says I am your boss and friend too, and can’t see you sad as it will affect my business. Abhi says you are acting now, and says he felt her emotions. Pragya says I was acting then.

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Abhi says you can’t hide your heart beats, and asks her to hug him. Pragya refuses to hug him and says it was good that you was sitting quietly. She says I am going to sleep. Abhi says see what I will make you do in dreams. He thinks I will not forget this day and want you to say this daily even if it is a lie. Pragya thinks this moment happens daily. She smiles and sleeps.

Tanu thinks how to keep Pragya away from Abhi. She sees Nikhil coming and says she couldn’t sleep entire night. Nikhil asks what happened? Tanu says Abhi and Pragya were hugging as if they will never leave each other. Nikhil asks her to relax and says I have made a plan to kill Pragya. It is a matter of few days. Abhi calls Robin and thinks to apologize to Tanu. Tanu hides with Nikhil. Abhi looks for her in the room, and thinks she might have went for breakfast.

Nikhil shares his plan. Tanu asks do you know about my delivery date and says Pragya will kick me before that time. Nikhil says I just need to execute the plan and asks her to do it. He asks her to bring Pragya to the said place. Tanu says Pragya is my best friend and will come with me. Nikhil says she will come. Just then they hear sound, and see Sarla in room. Tanu says it is Sarla’s room and she heard our planning to kill Pragya. Sarla looks on tensed and angry.

Tai ji and Mitali argue over taking dhoklas. Dadi asks them to end the fight. Dasi asks Robin to bring two more plates of dhoklas with chillies. Abhi comes and asks what happened? Dadi talks about family and happiness. Dasi asks him to have food. Abhi sees Pragya tensed and asks what happened? Dadi asks him to cheer her mood, and says she is hungry.

Abhi comes to Pragya and tries to cheer her up. He says I have returned your favor and asks her not to take tension as report will be normal. He asks her to make Sarla have dhokla. Dadi gets happy seeing them talking happily. Pragya says I will meet Maa before Doctor comes. Abhi holds her hand..A song plays……Mujhe Tumse Pyaar Hai………

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