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Kumkum Bhagya 6 May 2016 Written Episode

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Pragya STOP Abhi Tanus wedding Kumkum Bhagya
Kumkum Bhagya 6 May 2016 Written Episode

The Episode begins with Purab coming to Neil and offers to give him cash in return of the confirmations against Aaliya. Neil concurs and says I am prepared to do anything on the off chance that you give me cash. Purab requests that he come. They take off. Pragya comes to room and sees card kept by Abhi and the beautifications. She gets cheerful and thinks just his affection can take her out from her torment. Dadi comes and requests that her embrace the blossoms as Abhi has adorned the room only for you. She says when I asked him, he rejected and lied… She requests that Pragya not abandon him and make him admit. Pragya becomes flushed. Dadi says you are feeling timid. She says you individuals are hitched thus much time have passed. She says I will go, and goes. Pragya supposes this hush is for me and my sister. Abhi is in the auto and thinks if Pragya saw the blossoms and beautifications in the room. He supposes Pragya may call him, and supposes what to say? He supposes on the off chance that she doesn’t tell anything then what should I tell? He supposes to express love just, and makes a beeline for the house.

Purab conveys Neil to Mehra house, and says Pragya will come now. He says we will give you 10, 15, or 20 Lakhs. Neil says I need cash, call Pragya first. Pragya comes. Neil welcomes her and says you have changed to such an extent. I had full certainty that you will turn out to be enormous one day. Pragya requests that he quit talking babble, and says I heard your discussion with Aaliya. Neil inquires as to whether you was there?
Pragya asks him not to waste her time and says I need proofs against Aaliya which you have in your office or home. Neil laughs and says Aaliya has made your life miserable. He says I can’t give you peace….He says if Aaliya has snatched your husband from you, and says he is seeing Nanand- bhabhi drama for the first time. Neil says I am in need of money, but can’t forgot that I am in this situation because of her. He says I am at peace seeing your desperation. Purab asks what are you saying? Neil says our enmity was when Bulbul was alive, but not anymore. Pragya asks him to talk to her. Neil refuses to take money and give proofs. Pragya is shocked. Neil says you might be desperate to know why did I lie? He says I will help Aaliya and ruin you. He says your destiny was good, else you would have died instead of my Bulbul. He blames Pragya for her death and asks Purab, how can he take Pragya’s side. Purab says I don’t need any advice from you. Neil says I will not get money from Aaliya also, and says I will not stop Aaliya as you are on her focus point, don’t know when she will shoot you.

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Purab threatens him. Neil says I don’t have weapon now, else I would have kill you. He says Aaliya is enough for you people, and I will return that you are ruined. Neil comes out and collides with Aaliya and Tanu. Aaliya says I am arranging money. Neil says I have set everything. Aaliya asks if he has sold proofs to Abhi. Neil asks Aaliya to talk with love and says I did deal with Pragya, but haven’t taken money from her or you. He says I need money, but want one thing from you, and asks her to ruin Pragya. He says if you need money, then call me…I am just a call away. He says I am in love with you…Aaliya. Aaliya says what nonsense. Neil says I like your revengeful side. Aaliya says I won’t leave pragya. Tanu says let me leave, else my health will deteriorate.

Aaliya comes inside and thanks Pragya for thinking about her. Pragya says I know everything. Aaliya says I am happy that you people know everything. She says I really don’t care. Now you also know what I did with you. She says I have finished my crimes. Pragya says you have become shameless. Aaliya asks her not to act as sati savitri, and says you had snatched Bhai’s property and stopped his marriage, and then also you are right. She says Corporator also wants to take revenge from you. Pragya says I don’t care about the number of my enemies, and says I came here to save my husband from my enemies, and win. She says I don’t care about you all, and will fight with all of my enemies. Don’t think me weak. She says if you are four, then we are also four. Rachna and Akash comes and say they are with Pragya.

Aaliya counts and says we will win. Dadi says we are five, and says I am with Pragya. Aaliya asks how can you support Pragya. Mitali hears her. Dadi says Pragya’s thinking is right and have snatched his everything because of his safety. He says your thinking and way is wrong, and says Abhi has fulfilled all of your wishes. Aaliya says Abhi didn’t give me Purab and stopped me from marrying him. Aaliya says I hate him…She says I will make him bend down on his knees and will make him beg infront of me. She says Pragya can’t prove my crime and can’t harm me. She says even Bhai can’t do anything. Mitali thinks who will save Aaliya now…………

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