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Kumkum Bhagya 5 July 2016 Written Episode

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Kumkum Bhagya Gossips Shikha Singh aka Aaliya quit the show
Kumkum Bhagya 5 July 2016 Written Episode

The Episode begins with Abhi and Pragya moving on the tune Bolna… Dadi grins taking a gander at them. Abhi asks Pragya, why she is grinning? Pragya inquires as to whether he came to know anything about Nikhil. Abhi says something interesting happened and advises her that he saw Tanu and Nikhil talking clasping hands. He says Tanu won’t arrange against me, however can arrange against you. Sarla gets Beeji’s call and says she is in Pragya’s home and will come. She tells Dadi that Beeji is holding up and requests that her tell Pragya that she cleared out. Tanu looks infuriated. Dadi inquires as to whether she is smoldering. She says Abhi and Pragya are solid while moving and appears like made for each other. Tanu says sun and moon are made for each other, yet can’t see each other, and in the event that they confront each other then obscuration happens. She says regardless of the fact that

you make Abhi and Pragya move together, yet Abhi will be mine as I am pregnant with his child. Dadi says ice needs to liquefy and get to be water once more. She says you are hopping high in light of this child, and might be you need to cry likewise on account of infant too. Pragya advises Dadi that Pragya is going to end, however dramatization will begin now. She approaches Dadi for her favors. Dadi favors her. Pragya reports that she needs to tell something and says might be couple of persons won’t be upbeat knowing this.

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Nikhil thinks might be Tanu’s trepidation is valid. Tanu additionally thinks the same and requests that Pragya tell tomorrow as everybody is drained at this point. Pragya inquires as to why she is terrified and says everything will be changed. She says you imagined that you have composed my fate, yet now everything will be changed. Abhi asks Purab, what she is stating? Purab requests that he hear her. Pragya says you individuals will ask me for what reason I didn’t tell this some time recently. She says I wasn’t having confirmation some time recently. She says Tanu is the individual, who came in this house as visitor, yet began imagining to end up bahu to get all the riches. Tanu requests that her stop the babble and says this is all done by you. Pragya says my expectation is great. I have experienced insults you, and even bear my mum’s affront. She says you individuals was dealing with Tanu as you surmise that her infant will be Mehra’s beneficiary. She says despite the fact that Tanu is hitched, however the infant doesn’t have a place with Abhi. Abhi is stunned……
Tanu says she is lying. She is jealous of me and Abhi. She says you are ruining Abhi’s name by telling that this baby is not his. Pragya says she want everyone to know the truth and says she is lying. Pragya asks her to tell that she has no interest in Abhi and have only interest in his wealth. She says her modeling career is finished so she wants to get money through this baby. Tanu asks Abhi to tell that this baby is his and asks Pragya why she is doing this. Abhi asks Pragya why she is doing this, and says he knows that this baby is his. Pragya says she makes you feel guilty every day, and says I understand as I came in her talks. She says when I came to know about her truth, I had returned to stop the marriage, but couldn’t tell you as I know that you believe me. Abhi says I can’t believe even now. He says this is a big thing. Tanu asks Abhi to ask Pragya if she has proof to prove her point. She shows the file of DNA test.

Pragya says this DNA report proves that the baby is not of Abhi. Tanu is shocked. Abhi asks what is this DNA report? Pragya says this baby is not yours. I can’t see you feeling guilty and asks him to believe her. He says but Tanu…Pragya asks him to see the proof once. Abhi checks the report. Everyone checks it. Abhi asks Tanu to tell the truth. Tanu acts innocent and says I don’t know what she wants to prove. She says she wants to end the reason because of which we will be marrying. She says she pushed me from the stairs, when she couldn’t succeed then have done this. She says Pragya is lying. Tanu asks him to stop blackmailing him with baby’s name. She says this baby is not Abhi’s responsibility. She says you know well that this baby is not his and asks her to accept her lie infront of everyone. Tanu asks her to stop it. Pragya says baby is with you, but Abhi is with truth. She asks her to apologize to Abhi..

Pragya apologizes to him for not telling the truth before. She says I couldn’t tell you before as I don’t have the report before. She asks him not to feel guilty. Abhi asks from where did she get the blood samples. Tanu says she didn’t give any sample. Pragya says your sample was taken when you was unconscious in the hospital, and Abhi gave his blood sample when I took him to hospital on the pretext of insurance. Tanu says she has lied to you. Pragya says I lied for his betterment and asks her to accept her lie. Tanu is shocked and tensed. Pragya says you are caught now with the proofs. She says we have decided that whoever wins will stay in the house, and whoever loses have to leave the house………

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