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Kumkum Bhagya 4 July 2016 Written Episode

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Abhi propose Pragya Zee TV's Kumkum Bhagya
Kumkum Bhagya 4 July 2016 Written Episode

The Episode begins with Pragya seeing Abhi playing with Pari. She wishes she should have a child with Abhi, and supposes he loves kids. Abhi asks what is she supposing and gets some information about having child with me. Pragya gets bashful. She supposes let the matters get determined first. Sarla and Dadi meet outside the gurudwara. Dadi advises Sarla that she came to do ardaas for Pragya. Sarla says she desired the same. Dadi welcomes her for birthday gathering of Nikhil. Sarla is shocked and inquires as to whether something is going to happen. Dadi requests that her come and see. She takes off. In the gathering, Abhi sees Pragya coming ground floor and grins taking a gander at her. Purab sees Nikhil coming and says bakra came to get relinquished. Abhi acquaints Nikhil with his companions. They say that Abhi is by all accounts inspired with him. Purab and Abhi

go on a side, and he says that he enlisted an investigator to keep an eye on Champak and think about their connection. Nikhil and Tanu converse with each other. Tanu says she has an inclination that they are making him bakra. Nikhil rejects her musings, and requests that her give a kiss. Tanu gets irate and holds his hand. Abhi sees them together and gets far fetched.

Pragya calls Dr. Sheela and gets some information about the DNA report. Sheela says it is affirmed in the report that infant is not of Abhi. Pragya gets glad. Sheela requests that her come and take the reports. Nikhil requests that Pragya make the most of his birthday. Pragya says I will bring your blessing first then I will appreciate the most. Nikhil thinks shockingly Tanu is not giving him blessing and Pragya is going to get it. Pragya slams into Mitali and apologizes, says she needs to go some place desperately. Mitali thinks on the off chance that she is missing something. Tanu asks Pragya where is she going? Pragya requests that her ask her sweetheart rather as he probably is aware for what good reason I am going?

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Purab thanks the visitors for going to the gathering. He wishes Happy birthday to Nikhil and says Abhi has marked an agreement with him. Nikhil goes ahead stage. Abhi gives him bunch. Tanu thinks why they are offering significance to Nikhil, and supposes they will make him tumble down. Sarla and Janki come there. Dadi welcomes them. Sarla asks where is Pragya? Dadi says she will come.

Pragya comes to Dr. Sheela and says thanks to her for the report. She says a lady can just help a lady, says her bliss is with Abhi. Dr. Sheela gives the DNA report of Tanu and Abhi and says Nikhil’s hair test was demolished as a result of biting gum, and that is the reason they couldn’t do the test. Pragya expresses gratitude toward her and requests that driver take her home. She supposes to call Purab and illuminate him. She tells she is getting back home. Purab says we have done this. Pragya says she will return home. Dadi says we will commend his birthday consistently and is glad. Bunty and Babli demand to have frozen yogurt. Raj requests that they have nourishment and says in the event that you don’t hear them out then you will be rebuffed. Nikhil requests that Dadi favor him. Dadi says what to say? Everything is in God’s grasp and says a man shouldn’t keep the desires. Nikhil looks on irate.

Purab asks for every one of the couples to come and move in front of an audience. Nikhil requests that a young lady hit the dance floor with him. Everybody move on the child Rang De Toh Mohe Gerua… ..Pragya gets back home and demonstrates the DNA report. Dadi says you have won the war. Purab checks the DNA report and says it is a strong evidence. Dadi says you have demonstrated that you are his better half. Purab says once Abhi sees this record, then he will blacklist Tanu. Abhi comes and gets some information about. Purab asks what you are doing here? Abhi asks Pragya, may I hit the dance floor with you. Saiyyara Re plays… … .She grins…….

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