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Kumkum Bhagya 30 June 2016 Written Episode

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Pragya beat up Champak Zee TV Kumkum Bhagya
Kumkum Bhagya 30 June 2016 Written Episode

The Episode begins with Abhi beating Champak. Tanu and Nikhil get terrified. Champak says I am not an instructor, but rather a performing artist. He says he is not having any connection with Pragya and has done this for cash. Purab says there is somebody behind him who is utilizing him and brought him here. Abhi asks who are them? Purab says who was guaranteeing that Pragya is engaging in extramarital relations with Champak and says they are Tanu and Nikhil. He requests that Abhi question Tanu and Nikhil, why did they reprimand Pragya and on what premise? Abhi inquires as to why you both are tranquil now, and says you both told that you saw Pragya with Champak. Tanu says I saw them in joggers’ park.

Dadi says Pragya never met him. Pragya supposes she saw Champak before some place. Champak says I met Pragya in park as sales representative and the pic was clicked. Purab says Nikhil

clicked those pics. Nikhil says I didn’t say that and says he had procured criminologist to take pics. He acts blameless and says he needs to help his companion. Abhi asks Champak, who has contracted him to defame Pragya’s notoriety, and beats him. He requests that Purab call magistrate. Nikhil alarms Champak and signs that he will execute him. Champak pushes him and breaks. Nikhil keeps running behind Champak and requests that he hit on his head when everybody turn out. Pragya inquires as to whether he is fine. Abhi says yes. They turn out. Champak hits Nikhil. Tanu tumbles down and shouts in torment. They take her to doctor’s facility.

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Pragya gets some information about Tanu. Attendant says she will be fine. Abhi inquires as to why didn’t you let me know. Pragya says wouldn’t you be able to make sense of when I declined to separation you. Abhi says alright. Pragya says I got furious when you accepted on Tanu and consented to engage in extramarital relations with him. They contend. Saiyyara plays… … Abhi says your direction wasn’t right and requests that her apologize. Pragya takes a gander at him. Purab and Akash are sitting tight for Nikhil. Nikhil turns out in the wake of getting the gauze, and expresses gratitude toward them for holding up. Purab tells Nikhil that he can’t trick them and realizes that he has acted. Purab says God has seen you acting and will rebuff you. Nikhil giggles and says I didn’t leave any confirmation. He says Tanu has fallen at the opportune time, and Abhi’s psyche will be occupied. Presently no one can hurt me…..
Pragya meets the doctor and she turns out to be her close friend. Doctor thanks Pragya and Sarla for getting him married to her husband. She says you have become a celebrity after marrying a rockstar. Pragya says it is not like that. Doctor asks Pragya what is her relation with Tanu. Pragya tells her that Tanu is claiming that her baby is of Abhi, but actually it is of Nikhil. Doctor asks why didn’t you tell Abhi when you knows the truth. Pragya says Tanu lied and convinced me that the baby is of Abhi but later I came to know about the truth.

Abhi asks Nurse about Pragya. Nurse says she went to Dr. Sheela’s cabin. Abhi calls her sister. Nurse says I am your big fan and asks him not to call her sister. Abhi calls her sweetheart. Doctor tells Pragya that it is simple to expose Tanu through DNA test. She says I will take blood sample of Tanu. Pragya thanks her and says she wants to put her career in danger. Doctor Sheela says she will be happy to help her. Pragya says you came as an angel. Abhi comes there and asks Pragya why she is thanking Doctor. Pragya says as she has taken care of Tanu. She thanks Abhi for bringing coffee and says it is cold. Abhi says it got cold while searching you. Pragya says lets have coffee with snacks. Abhi agrees.

Doctor tells Nurse that they will do some test. Nurse says it is done to find out about genetic disorders. Doctor says husband asked me to take the sample as he don’t want his baby to have any genetic illness. Abhi is about to go to Tanu. Pragya thinks Sheela is taking sample of Tanu and stops him. Abhi says you are jealous. Pragya says you are also jealous naa seeing me with Champak. Abhi says I will go and see Tanu. Pragya shouts and feigns that something fell in her ears. Abhi says he will check. Pragya says she will show her eye to Doctor only. Doctor comes out and says she is fine. Abhi says can I take her home. Doctor says yes. Pragya is happy…….

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