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Kumkum Bhagya 29 June 2016 Written Episode

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Pragya STOP Abhi Tanus wedding Kumkum Bhagya
Kumkum Bhagya 29 June 2016 Written Episode

The Episode begins with Tanu reviling about Pragya and her character. She says a well wisher sent this video to the relatives. Tai ji blames Pragya to investing night with an outsider and calling her characterless. Purab says it is an untruth. This video is a transformed. Tanu says Pragya has acknowledged to love Champak, dealt with him, made him have sustenance with her hand and afterward called him to room. Pragya requests that her stop it and says she didn’t call him to room. Tanu says this is the evidence that this video is valid. She requests that Akash interface this video to TV and inquires as to whether he is pragya’s param bhakt like Purab. Akash won’t. Tanu requests that Mitali interface the video. Everybody see the video on TV. Pragya considers

what has happened? Dadi requests that they stop the show. Tanu says until when we will bear. She is showering love on another person and not her significant other and says we might toss her out. Taya ji says we are here to take a choice. Tanu asks when you will take a choice and requests that Champak say. Champak says whatever is indicated is truth. Purab holds his neckline and asks how could you have been able to you trap my di. Champak says our adoration is not avoided anybody, and now no one can stop us. Tanu says did you hear what he told. She says in the event that you individuals are peaceful then everything will be demolished. She says this is an ideal opportunity to make a move. Pragya requests that her quiets down. Tanu says I will take this verification to Court and will demonstrate that you are having illegitimate connection with him.

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Pragya says I didn’t have any acquaintance with him. Purab scans for something and tells Akash this is Dadi’s brahmastra. Tanu requests that Pragya demonstrate her blamelessness nd asks where is Purab. Purab comes and says I am here. Tanu requests that Purab not begin his garbage again and says you are a major idiot to trust her. She says you require a proof to demonstrate her blamelessness which you don’t have. She requests that Pragya request that Purab get some confirmation as sanjeevani. She says your transgressions verification are infront of us, and requests that Pragya get out before Abhi shows her out. Purab inquires as to whether you are done, and says everybody will chuckle on this video which is a joke. He says I have genuine picture with no embellishments. Abhi asks what you have? Purab says I won’t tell, yet will demonstrate you. He says I realized that champak accompanied wrong expectations and that is the reason I did a few arrangements. He plays the video on TV. Pragya is seen beating Champak. Tanu says Purab is a route in front of us. Purab says Champak had spiked her beverage and after that took that video. Tanu says I have genuine video. Purab says truly and requests that Abhi take a choice….
Abhi says I didn’t tell anything, as I never trusted on Tanu. He says I asked Champak to stay at home, and says Pragya tried to make me jealous, but she can’t do this. He says I need an answer from Champak. Tanu looks on lost. Abhi slaps Champak and asks how dare you to molest my wife. He says what did you think that you will give him drugs and will take advantage. He says Pragya is my wife and can’t do anything. Purab says there is some mastermind behind champak. Abhi says yes. Tanu says Pragya said that she is having affair with Champak in the party and says may be Pragya asked him to give her drugs. Abhi asks her to stop it and says he needs to hear truth from Pragya.

Pragya says I accept that I agreed to have affair with Champak as my heart is broken. I accepted it being angry. He says when you doubted on me, I got angry and said that. She says I tried talking to you, but you didn’t listen to me. She says I want to make you feel what is extra marital affair. She says no wife shall do this with her husband and apologizes to him cryingly. Dadi tells Abhi that pragya has accepted her mistake, but haven’t confess her love. She says you both are jealous to see each other with others.

Abhi apologizes to pragya and says I should have trusted you that day. He apologizes. Mitali thinks their love story have started and their love is real. Dadi gets emotional. Abhi asks Tanu, did you get your answer now. He says Purab supported Pragya as he knew that she is innocent…….

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