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Kumkum Bhagya 12 May 2016 Written Episode

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Abhi propose Pragya Zee TV's Kumkum Bhagya
Kumkum Bhagya 12 May 2016 Written Episode

The Episode begins with Pragya taking a gander at their marriage pic, and thinks why are you like this. She says you kissed on my cheek, yet I felt it on my heart. She says in the event that you was infront of me, then I would have kissed you. She is going to kiss his pic, however simply then Abhi comes and asks her to statue. He says when I am here, then why you are kissing my pic. Pragya says I am kissing my pic as I am looking delightful. Abhi says you are solid as you are sitting adjacent to me. She inquires as to why am I looking great in other’s pic. Abhi says in light of the fact that you have hitched a rockstar and gleaming. They thinks back the episode after their marriage. Abhi says you may have entranced the maker as he chose you rather than Tanu. He says you are looking like Suparnakha. They contend. Pragya says in the event that I am so terrifying then why did you hang my pics on the divider. Abhi says really I don’t know why your pic is clicked with me. Pragya says I would prefer not to ms. World. You can get to be mr. World. Abhi holds her hands and says too bad.

Pragya inquires as to why? Abhi says in light of the fact that I have concealed reality. Pragya says it is alright in the event that you don’t care for me. Abhi says I like you in particular and holds her closer. She says when you leave your hairs open, it appears like my music is breezing. He converses with her impractically and compliments her grin, face and so forth. Pragya says it implies I look excellent to you. Pragya says you said numerous things, yet I made you to admit love. Abhi says you have played with my understanding and pursues her in the room. They fall on the bed while battling adorably. Tanu comes simply then. Pragya is sitting noiselessly. Tanu takes a gander at the pics and asked who got these pics on the divider. Pragya says I hanged it on divider. Tanu asks Abhi, how could you have been able to you permit her. Abhi says no. He gazes Pragya. Pragya goes. Tanu says she has played with us, and ceased our marriage. She says it is futile to converse with you. Abhi says when did I request that you talk, and goes. Tanu supposes it is a point of confinement now, and says this has given me motivation to murder you. You will kick the bucket tomorrow.

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Dadi tells Dasi to make preparations for the puja and mata ki chowki. Pragya comes and asks Dadi. Dadi says she kept mata ki chowki for her, and says she is not feeling well since morning. She is keeping shakti paat for peace and asks Pragya to stay at home and sit in puja. Pragya agrees. She gets call from Tanu. Tanu calls her acting as Nikhil’s wife. She changes her tone and says she had disconnected the call as Nikhil came. She asks Pragya to meet her at sun sign, and not to tell anyone that she is going to meet Nikhil’s wife. Pragya says okay. Tanu is talking to Pragya while being in Sarla’s room. Sarla worries for Pragya as she hears Tanu executing her wicked plan. Tanu thinks Pragya doesn’t know that she will be killed, and feels pity on Sarla. She thinks Sarla will die hearing Pragya death. Tanu opens the door and Mitali falls inside.

Mitali says what you are doing here in this room. Tanu says I….Mitali says I heard you talking to someone and have changed the tone. Tanu says I was not talking to anyone. Mitali says I am ears of Mehra’s house. Tanu asks her to keep ears safely, as she will cut her ears when Pragya will no longer be owner of the house. Mitali says it means you are planning against Pragya. Tanu threatens her and goes. Mitali tries to enquire with Sarla.

Sarla signs her something. Mitali says I can do much more if you could tell me. Sarla tries to tell her and cries. Mitali says I am sorry, as you couldn’t tell me anything. She says I will keep eye on Tanu, and goes. Sarla thinks what will happen tomorrow. How to tell Pragya that Tanu is trapping her. Pragya thinks this phone call have put life in me, and thinks she will unite with abhi. Abhi asks why you are happy? Pragya says I can’t tell you and says it is a surprise. Abhi says gents die thinking about the surprise. Pragya says you couldn’t wait for the surprise to come out, and says it is for both of us. Abhi asks her to tell…….and twists her hand. Pragya says you have to go with me on a meeting. Abhi asks if this was a surprise. He refuses to come. Pragya asks him to get ready.

Robin comes to Tanu’s room. Tanu scolds him for entering room without knocking on the door. Robin apologizes and goes. Tanu talks to Nikhil on phone and says plan was executed as planned. She says Pragya will reach you at 11 am, and says she might not sleep tonight because of happiness. Nikhil says you could have trapped 4-5 Abhi’s till now. Tanu thinks Pragya will die now…………

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