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Kumkum Bhagya 12 April 2016 Written Episode

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Kumkum Bhagya Holi special Abhi Pragya dance
Kumkum Bhagya 12 April 2016 Written Episode

Im back!!First of all Im sorry for deferring my upgrades here after I will redesign regularly.Thank u folks for ur support!!Keep supporting!!And I ll end this ff by 100 scene presumably thr may b possibility of giving Love of Life season 2..Lets see..Thanks for ur support on my next story’s teaser..Anyways..Lets get into the story..

Kush was burnt out on crying snoozing in his Mummas lap.Abhi returned to room n sees his child sleeping n asks,Fuggi..whts this he is dozing after refresh up.Pragya says,He is sick of crying couldnt u see dry trails of tears in his cheek.Abhi says,Whts the need of crying?Pragya asks,Y u r so stubborn..let him take part in that competition.Abhi says,Im not satisfied with that..u better attempt to make him understand.Kush awakens coz of their argument.Abhi says,Hey..Kush y u r crying like this..cumon..n takes him in his arms n takes him to the nearest n opens his travel sack n took some delicate toys alongside little music instruments which he purchased for him.Kush holds those things in his little hands with a pitiful face.Abhi says,Cumon..cheerup its so weirdto see Rockstar who continually indicating fits of rage n underhandedness had stopped in his room by wailing in Mummas lap it doesnt suit my rockstar n pulls his cheek.Kush made a compelling smile.They returned to the bed.Kush set his music instruments n toys on the bed.Pragya grins at him yet she could see his tragic face yet she cannot see him like this.Abhi says,Aarav is sitting tight for his sibling till from mrng.Kush says,ya..I overlooked he requesting that I play with him n left the room with a charming smile.Abhi grins at him.Pragya goes close Abhi n gives the form.Abhi asks,Whts this..If he overlooked u wont let him to come past this?Pragya asks,Do u think this toys n instruments ll make him cheerful.
Abhi says,Ofcourse..U didnt noticed his smile.Pragya says,He was smiling for ur sake..cant u feel his pain.Abhi says,Lemme sort out this..u better stay away from this issue.Pragya says,Why should I..better u stay away from this I ll sign this form n abt to sign the form.Abhi snatches the pen n asks,r u mad?Cant u understand wht Im saying n y Im saying.Pragya says,then tell me whts ur prblm..y u r not letting him.Abhi says,If he participated in that if he pursued all levels then thr issue ll sort he cleared all level co of being celebrity kid son of rockstar.Pragya says,No one ll say like that..For some cheap ppl v wont let our sons dream.Abhi says,U wont understand..If someone point finger on Kush he couldnt tolerate that it ll b a insult of his talent.Pragya says,No one ll point their finger on him..If they wanna point v couldnt stop them v should never bother such words..Did u bothered ur criticisms during ur raising period no na..We know what he is capable of n abt his talent too.Abhi says,Whatever u say I wont agree for this thats it.Pragya says,I hav better idea.Abhi asks,Wht?Pragya says,Better u inform media that u wont interfere in Kushs competition.Abhi stares at her.Pragya says,Wht?Then..y u r doing like this..I had seen many celebrity kids r participating in such shows no one criticized them u only saying like this.

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Abhi says,Yes..May be..Im openly saying I didnt wanna some others to judge my son thats y Im not letting him to such shows.Pragya crossed her hands n says,Yes thats the point..Say it directly..ur big ego is not letting him.Abhi says,Pragya enough!!Im his father n I hav rights to take decision in his life.Pragya could notify his voice difference n mood fuggi is changed to pragya but she doesnt fed up she continued arguing by saying.Yes..u hav rights on him to teach him good n bad n not for spoiling his dreams..Actually u hav to b proud of him coz he wanna his own identity he never wanna use ur identity.Abhi remains silent.Pragya says,Just sign it.Abhi says,U r giving this much lecture na u sign for ur son..I wont.Pragya says,He ll b happy if u accept this.Abhi says,I wont..Pragya asks,Pls.Abhi says,Dont try to trap me like this fuggi.Pragya smiles as his mood back to normal.Abhi says,I know wht u r thinking..yes Im convinced by ur words so its not that I agreed for this.Pragya smiles n thinks,I know how to make u agree.Abhi says,Smile..smile..but I know whts on ur mind n remind that it wont happen n smirked.Pragya says,I know how to make it happen.Abhi asks,how?Pragya says,If u didnt sign in this I wont have my food.Abhi says,Fine..enjoy ur hunger strike..If u force me to sign then I wont have my food.Pragya stares at Abhi n says,If I didnt have food then think about our baby.Abhi says,Fuggi..dont test my patience.Pragya says,Still u wanna go for ur hunger strike.Abhi tooks the form n signed on it n throws it on her face n left the room immediately.Pragya gets happy to the core n calls Kush.

Kush comes to room n asks,Wht Mumma?Pragya holds the form n hides her hand behind her n says,I have a super surprise for u.Kush smiles n asks,Wht Mumma?Whts in ur hand show me.Pragya says,U really wanna see the surprise.Kush says,Ofcourse!!Abhi enters the room n sees this scene n thinks,No one is thr to understand my feelings n went to balcony.Kush says,Papa..see here Mumma is hiding something from me ask her to show.Pragya laughs.Kush says,Mumma no more surprises..Pls Mumma..Pragya says,then ok..Give me a deep kiss n forwards her cheek.Kush says,Ufffooo!!Mumma n kisses her.Pragya broke the kiss n shows the form.Kush takes the form in his hand n sees his Papas signature on that he stares it for a while as motionless.Pragya asks,Kya hua?asked with a smile.Kush immediately runs towards balcony n hugs Abhi tight.Actually,Abhi doesnt respond to his hug.

Kush being in hugged state he says,Papa thank u so much..I never expected u ll agree for this so soon..Im so happy Papa..Oh..I never thought that u ll agree for this so easily.Abhi could see enormous happiness in his face which drive him to down his kneels before him.Kush says,Papa..u know I always wanted to b like u..In all things..I wanna become a Rockstar like u..This is my first step to reach my goal..my dream..by myself..Mumma use to told me how u started ur carrier..I wanna do the same have to become successful by my own like u..I wanna be u..He repeats the same he couldnt know how to express his happiness.Abhi had tears in his eyes n hugs his son.Pragya sees them with a smile.Kush kisses him n says,Thanks again Papa..I wanna say this to my friends n takes Abhis phone n left frm thr.

Pragya comes thr n says,I told u na ur toys n instruments wont make him happy that much.Abhi says,U r ryt…I thought my son was like me in his antics..tantrums n naughtiness but I dont know what to say I know I dont deserve this..What he is today is its all coz of u..he is carrying ur values..Thank u for making our lives n hugs Pragya.Pragya says,U no need to thank or no need to feel guilty its just our parental duty to do for our kids.Abhi smiles n says,U r always..Impossible n hugs her tight.Pragya says,Arey..n pushed him n says,U r hurting ur baby..Abhi smiles n says.Oh..Im sry..n downed his head towards her tummy n says,Im sry baby..forgive ur Papa.Pragya smiles.Abhi says,thought to go out tonight.Pragya says,why not.Abhi says,Hmmn looks forhis phone.Pragya says,Ur son took ur phone.Abhi says,This champ na..n searched Kush.He calls Kush n says,Shall v go for dinner.Kush says.U go with Mumma..I hav work.Abhi wonders n asks,Wht work?When v had gone out without u?Kush says,Papa..I have to practice na so better u both go n pls come back soon I need ur guidance a lot.Abhi lifts him n takes him to music room n drops him down n asks,Wht guidance u need?Nothing is important than u and ur dream.Kush smiles…………..

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