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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 5 July 2016 Written Episode

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Roop Durgapal enter Sony TV Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi
Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 5 July 2016 Written Episode

Dev’s family chooses garments for Neha’s wedding. Neha chooses majenta shading dress. Radha says it is rani/dull pink shading and she has same dress. Neha says it is definitely not. Sona enters and says it is majenta and will look pleasant on her. Neha says she let it know is not rani shading. Radh requests that Dev select his sherwani fabric and shows maroon material. Dev says he is befuddled and can’t choose. Sona messages him to choose same maroon material. He says he enjoyed maroon. Radha sees Sona messaging and sends her to kitchen. She asks Dev he was befuddled a little while ago and now is certain about shading. He says yes.. Ishwari asks Family then chooses wedding card and jewerly and Dev chooses one Sona writings him. She then messages him to come to kitchen. Dev strolls towards kitchen however then quits mumbling he

is not joru ka ghulam. Radha goes by and thinks what happened to him and takes off. Sona turns out and apologizes him for requesting him. Dev says it is alright and they both grin. Radha gets envious watching this.

Sona achieves home and apologizes Elena for coming late. Elena says they needed to go for shopping, however she came so late, it is Neha Dixit’s marriage and there will be numerous capacities, she needs no less than 5-6 dresses to coordinate with Dev Dixit. Sourav remarks they are Sourav’s sisters, so ought to purchase 2 dresses and trade amid capacities. Elena tosses pad on him and says at any rate Sona is Dev’s sweetheart and ought to look tasteful.

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Neha gets enthusiastic and tells Ishwari that she was dependably a decent mother, yet she was a disobeident little girl. Ishwari spoils and consoles her.

After some time, Ishwari offers gems to Radha and requests that her wear it amid capacity. Radha acts that she is garib ki beti and can’t deal with them. Ishwari says she will look great in capacities wearing this adornments. Radha’s eyes enlarge in ravenousness and she acknowledges it. Vicky comes and asks her for what reason did not she squeeze her sherwani. Dev comes and inquires as to why is he wearing dress which he skilled on his birthday. Ishwari tries to talk that she offered cash to Radha for shopping, however Radha stops her and says jiji gave her cash, yet it was insufficient. Dev gives Vicky cash packages and requests that he purchase whatever he enjoys. Radha’s eyes broaden more in avarice…..
Sona does shopping with Elena and rushes to get ready for Neha’s sangeet. Nikki and Ria come to Neha’s room after getting ready and see makeup artists apply lousy makeup on Neha. They say they will get her ready now and go into childhood flashback and then repeat same childhood dialogues emotionally, showing sister bonding.

Sona gets ready for party. Elena dorns her Asha’s gold anklets and says now she is ready as Dev’s bribe. Sona gets shy. Elena comments he to be careful with her ankle as they speak a lot. Sona reaches Dev’s house and gets by in arrangements and walks with shagun thali towards Neha’s room. Her anklet falls down. Dev holds it and fixes it back. Sona sees him and relaxes. He starts praising her that she is looking ver beautiful and says these jewelries are looking good because of her. She says it is very cheesy dialogue and doctor does not like cheese. Their romance continues. She says she has to take these items to Neha’s room. He says he did not permit her yet. She asks who is he to permit. He says one who loves her most. The both continue talking smilingly. Ishwari sees them together and fumes……..

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