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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 27 April 2016 Written Episode

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Roop Durgapal enter Sony TV Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi

Suraj asks his mum for what good reason she woke him so early. She says she advised at home in regards to him joining school so they get cash as his charges. Jiji comes and she gets calm. She signs Suraj to take gifts. Jiji favors him and clears out. At that point comes Suraj’s father and he gives him a check. He asks what’s that. He says he’s going to do back and doesn’t have any acquaintance with it’s a check. He gets stunned. His mum takes check and asks that is it? His father says his companion’s child is doing fund and he made sense of everything from him about school and expenses. His father clears out. Suraj asks his mum would she be able to discover another person to wed? He leaves and Sona is coming in. They chance upon each other. She lets him know furiously wouldn’t he be able to see. He teases her truism how he would have gotten into such a delightful mischance then. She glares indignantly. He says she looks great while furious doesn’t mean she ought to get irate. She’s a specialist and she ought to know annoyance is bad. Furthermore, in end he’s Dev’s sibling, so her advantage is in kinship. She declines his companionship and inquires as to whether he has any name or he’s Dev’s sibling as it were? She instructs him to first get to be something and afterward say every one of these exchanges.

She comes in talking on phone. Nikki sees and says so her bro finally made her accept phone. She checks it out and says so many apps. Sona says she didn’t install anything. Nikki says so he installed them for her..and it has dating app too. Sona takes phone away saying she don’t know all those apps and says she has work. Riya tells Sona to learn the app. Dev asks her she doesn’t have to go office? Riya leaves. Nikki also leaves saying she needs to study. Sona too leaves.

Dev follows her to the kitchen and drinks water. They both look at each other one by one. Sona asks him whether he wants to say her something? Dev says he didn’t install apps. Sona says she knows. He asks she knew? She says he doesn’t have time to install apps. He asks was that a thank you? She says it was a taunt and Tina must have done it. He’s confused whether she’s thanking him or taunting him. She says it was thank you this time. He says she’s so confusing. She says ofcourse she’s the confusing one in kitchen. He says, anyway he should leave saying ‘you’re welcome’ as she thanked him. He was leaving. She says, then say it. He says, ‘you are welcome Ms. Bose’ and leaves. She was going to say for you…and then says Ms. Bose will work too…

Dev tells Tina to fix his meeting with some company. She asks anything else? He asks why she installed dating app in Sona’s phone. She says he made her matrimony profile. So she thought it’s better if she finds someone by herself. She asks him, he doesn’t want her to date anyone? He says why would he want that and tell her to fix appointment.

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Sona is walking in the hall. Suraj watches her from upstairs. She was checking something on phone and then says, (he) doesn’t have time for himself, how he will have time for apps. Suraj snatches her phone and asks her to try a different app.. She asks what is this? It would be better if he maintains distance from her. He says he wants to become friends and she’s always angry. He was suggesting to join a dating app so that way she will get chance to become his friend. She says she’s not interested and as he’s giving her free advices, she advices him to concentrate on his course, not apps. She asks what course he’s doing. His mum comes and asks whether she’s a doctor or CID. Why she’s behind her son. She better mind her own business. She takes Suraj on a side and asks him to stay outside. His dad will come and ask how was the class. He asks what he will do outside. He doesn’t have any money.

Saurav’s showing model pics to his partner. He says they need an ordinary woman as their nighty will be worn by them. Saurav’s mum comes there and Saurav tries to convince her. His dad comes and gets angry. Saurav says it was his mum wish to become model before marriage.. her mum asks him to shush.

Suraj’s mum waits for Dev’s mum to leave her room and then goes to steal money. Sona is going to meet Dev’s mum when she receives call from her mum who asks her to be home early today. Sona says she’s just leaving. Suraj’s mum is stealing money when Sona catches her. She asks Sona what she’s looking at and what she’s thinking that she’s stealing money? Sona says she didn’t say anything. Suraj’s mum continues lecturing her. Dev and his mum come there. Suraj’s mum says Sona crossed limit today. She called her a thief. Sona says she didn’t say anything like that. Suraj’s mum emotionally blackmails and asks Dev’s mum to beat her up if she think she’s a thief as well. Milkman is asking for money everyday and she thought not to bother her and take money herself when Sona came and started glaring her with big eyes. Dev tells Sona that mami is part of this house..there was no need to make her feel anything bad. It’s a family matter.

Sona says she didn’t say anything to mami. Mami interrupts. Dev’s mum asks her to stay out..Dev is talking. Sona again justifies herself. Dev says there is no need to stretch the matter. Sona says, she didn’t even start it. She says, fine… I will leave. Dev follows her. Mami again complains about Sona to Dev’s mum. Dev’s mum asks her to calm down.

Sona comes to servant and says he helps her so much and gives her phone as gift to him. Dev tells her she’s saying anything in anger. Every person gets rewards based on their hard work. She deserves this phone, no one else. Servant tells Sona he doesn’t need any phone and asks Dev whether he can leave. He leaves.

Dev asks Sona what stupidity is that. She says it’s his home, his business, his money..he deserves all that. It’s good if he wants to share with someone. But if someone is stealing then…he interrupts. She asks him to let her finish. She continues..she just by chance saw her doing something which she shouldn’t and she just left shocked and couldn’t do anything. Saying anything is too far, she couldnt even move from there. He says whatever it is.. she shouldn’t have made her feel like that. She asks like what? She has learned since childhood..if anything is wrong, then it’s wrong. But she was careful she doesn’t do anything as he has asked to stay out of his personal matters. If she didn’t do any mistake, then what was need to create hungama. He says whatever said and done..she’s elder, she can take out money from anyone’s wallet..anyone’s cupboard. She says fine. He says fine? She says she got his point………..

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