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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 2 July 2016 Written Episode

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Roop Durgapal enter Sony TV Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi
Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 2 July 2016 Written Episode

Ishwari sits in her room unfortunately. Mamaji comes and says he knows she holds up each year to go out for shopping with Dev, however Dev this time needed to accomplish something else. Dev dependably needs to excelt by attempting diverse and even attempted with her blessing, so she ought to be upbeat. He says even he presented to her a blessing and gives her their youth imli golis/tamarind cady and reminds how they used to purchase it from lala’s shop in adolescence. Ishwari gets exceptionally cheerful. Mamaji says he needs half return blessing. She says she will give just 1 and nourishes him 1 goli.

At Sona’s home, Sourav gives lottery ticket to every relative and tells Sona in the event that she wins, she needs to give him 80% and keep 20% as comission. Elena inquires as to whether Sona does not win. Sourav says she will. Elena says

Sona effectively won lottery and says Mr. Obodro… Sona gets bashful. Entryway ringer rings. Sona opens entryway and sees golgappa/puchka merchant who says somebody sent him here. Sourav and Elena take him in and begin hoarding puchkas. Dev comes and advises Sona that he learnt to blessing. Sona grins and inquires as to whether he meanders even as of now, it is not a decent habbit..

Dev takes a gander at Sona’s pic as his tablet screen saver. Sona calls him. He says he was in regards to call her. Their sentimental talk proceeds…

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In the morning, Neha, Nikki, and Ria talk about mother normally enjoys just things identified with Dev. Nikki says she is astonished when she didn’t wear Dev’s skilled sari. Garib ki Beti Radha comes and says she has called material vendor to look for Neha’s marriage and requests that they stay at home when shipper comes. Nikki jokes with her.

After some time, Neha and Nikki talk about what to blessing Neha for her marriage. Nikki says special first night outing to Europe. Ria says Europe individuals go out in winter and recommends Goa. Nikki says it is exceptionally tasteless, they ought to think something else. Sona enters and approaches them to recommend a present for Neha. They both snicker and say even they can’t choose blessing. Neha comes and asks what are they examining. Sona says they are examining sangeet subject of her marriage. Nikki says techno. Ria says it is not a US understudy’s gathering. Nikki says what in regards to sustenance, they will appreciate a great deal. Sona says nourishment ought to be great with a spot of wellbeing. They bot h say no. Dev hears that going by and says Sona is correct, sustenance ought to be delectable and with a bit of wellbeing. Nikki says they are fasting to shed pounds and appreciate at Neha’s marriage, yet this eating regimen sustenance subject will destroy their arrangement. Ria says let Neha choose what she needs. Neha says diet nourishment thought is in the same class as Nikki’s techno subject thought. Sona leaves for kitchen……
Dev follows Sona to kitchen and says Sona says he says yes to everything like a honest boyfriend does. He says no, but diet food idea is not good. Their nok jhok starts. Sona offers him almonds. He muches some and says she tricked him. Their nok jhok continues. Radha watches them standing at stairs an fumes in jealousy.

Radha goes to Ishwari’s room and tells she should keep a tab on Dev, else bengalan/Sona will take him away. Ishwari says she trusts her son. Radha says howmuchever a gardener protects flower, bee will use flower at last, soon Sona will fly away with Dev. Radha says her son is her proud and she trusts him……….

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