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Krishnadasi 4 July 2016 Written Episode

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Krishnadasi Colors
Krishnadasi 4 July 2016 Written Episode

Scene 1

Kumudini says my stupendous child has given me amaze today, Vidyadhar Rao, i need to give you credit that how Aryan pondered closeout thing? indeed, even i am astounded however now i recollect that he has your childhood, you know how to toss individuals out of houses, he has learnt it and now showing you in your dialect, i felt yesterday just that things sick be beneficial for me, in the event that you think great then great happen, Aryan let me know that he will give me amazement and he gave it and demonstrated you stars in sunlight, my life is finished now, Aaba says yes he is your blood afterall, he said enormous words that he wont grab house from us yet what he did in genuine? he demonstrated his genuine blood in end, see all of you family, all of you were lauding him and see he needs to toss us out of house in the wake of offending us, Kumudini says dont yell else

you will get heart assault and will sit on wheelchair once more, dont yell on your family, they are going to stroll on streets with you, she requests that legal counselor begin closeout, offer everything in this house.

Aryan awakens and sees Tulsi in his room, Tulsi says i let you know that you will need to wake up right on time here, i have made puran pulli for you, too bad your birthday was most noticeably bad birthday ever, Aryan says you needed to hold up under so much yesterday, Tulsi says mother can shoulder anything for her child, you did great by not grabbing house from them, you have this decency in you, dont given it a chance to bite the dust, you and Aradhya have light in your that can end obscurity, Aryan says despite everything you think Aradhya is great? they were tossing you out of house yesterday and she was quietly watching it.

Aaab’s each show bit of house has acquired corridor, legal advisor says things have estimation of 5crores, Kumudini says now begin closeout of house. Closeout begins with 6crores, Kumudini says to Banwari that you probably profited by taking from aaba, why dont you purchase this haveli? aaba would serve you well, she says this current Keshav’s property, expand offer, offer increments to 17crores, Shashwat says Kumudini what’s going on with you, Aryan can never do this, Kumudini says bring down your voice, Shashwat says Kumudini ji please stop this sale, Kumudini says see aaba, your child is asking to me, recollect Shashwat how you had tossed my little girl out of town pulling her hair, this closeout will happen without a doubt. Offered is reported for 20crores.. legal advisor is going to declares closeout being finished numbering 20crores 1.. 20crores 2.. 20crores.. be that as it may, Aradhya comes and says stop.

Tulsi says to Aryan that Aradhya has my childhood, she wont give anything incorrectly a chance to happen, Aryan says you are guiltless, even i trusted her decency however what i saw yesterday after that i know she has your childhood yet has aaba’s blood, i cannot excuse her, Tulsi says i dont need to abhor anybody, let me know in what manner can blood make somebody great or awful? Aryan says even i used to not trust it but rather.. Tulsi says i dont need to see abhor in your heart, you recall how you and Aradhya attempted to correct missteps, you both worked in every others house, it was Aradhya’s thought, she is not terrible, i have heart connection with her, when she will toss me out of her heart then i will pass on, Aryan says dont talk in regards to death, dotn say it, he embraces her, Tulsi says i will need to pass on one day and afterward you will see torment in her heart and eyes, i will kick the bucket at some point or another yet i dont need to make you hold up to see her integrity, Aryan says why you are talking this way? Tulsi says dont know, possibly i am not ready to understand the way that you despise Aradhya who was raised by me as my little girl, dont loathe her, she puts his hand on her head and says swear on me that you will never do awful with that family.

Aradhya comes in house and says stop this sale, Kumudini says stunning, you need to stop this sale, you are in this family for 4days and now you are attempting to battle for them? your family’s roots are shaken, nothing is left now, Aradhya says those you abandon you in troublesome time is not your relative you wont comprehend it as you simply know how to utilize your relations, it can be your little girl tulsi, it can be your purported terrific little girl Aradhya whom you had put available to be purchased as well or it can be Aryan whom you tricked to have come to do this bartering, its not my tendency to discard my family, i have my family with me yet you are separated from everyone else today, Kumudini says me and alone? i have my girl Tulsi with me and my stupendous child Aryan as well, they resemble my column, ARadhya says on the off chance that he was with you then he would have requested that vacant this house yesterday just, Kumudini says he wont want this, legal advisor begin closeout, Aradhya says this bartering cannot be finished, this is Aryan’s property and i am his better half and without my assent this sale cannot be done, Kumudini says now you recollect that you are his significant other? Aradhya says dont you recall how you made me wed Aryan? Krishnadasi Kumudini says always remembers anything, dont you recall how you had accused Aryan of assault case and made me wed him, you played with my life so now perceive how this marriage will shield me, she says i am hitched to Aryan and i have marriage authentication as well and about Aryan Rao, he is just beneficiary of Keshav’s property and i am his lone spouse and according to law wife have rise to right on husband’s property, right legal advisor? Kumudini says is amazed seeing her like that.

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Aryan says to Tulsi that she perhaps my significant other however i cannot pardon her, what you need? Tulsi says simply bring her here once, she is not ready to say truth in that house but rather she wont have the capacity to lie here with me, simply bring her here once, i need to rejoin you both, Aryan says i guarantee to never hurt Aradhya or her family yet i wont pardon her, Tulsi says dont excuse her yet bring her here, i feel on the off chance that you dont bring her here today then it will be past the point of no return, simply bring her, Aryan says Aradhya is extremely fortunate to get childhood from my mom, he leaves his telephone there, he begins leaving however swings to take a gander at Tulsi, she sincerely takes a gander at him, he clears out.

Aradhya requests that legal counselors and customers leave, worker please welcome them and request that they leave, see nobody ought to attempt to act savvy, she eyes Kumudini. Kumudini feels that she may have not my blood but rather she has learnt all amusements from me, she has turned table on me, she turned my trap all over just, i lost my trap today, what is going on? Aaba says all will leave however this Kumudini ought to be tossed out else she wont leave, Kumudini says to Aradhya that i will rebound to bounce once more, Aradhya says do come Krishnadasi Kumudini, recollect that i know your amusements too well, you wont have the capacity to do anything as i am remaining with my family now, the Aradhya which you used to call your top pick, Kumudini leaves, Aradhya conceives that i need to converse with Aryan, i need to realize what is occurring, i feel he is not included in this bartering.

Aradhya is calling Aryan however his telephone is on noiseless and in Tulsi’s home. Gayetri comes to Aradhya and inquires as to whether she conversed with Aryan? he is not getting my call, ARadhya says he should be furious with me after all what he saw, i have harmed him, she reviews how she offended Tulsi, Aradhya says yet he needs to comprehend that he cannot do things in displeasure, i need to let him know that i did everything in view of aaba’s extorting, on the off chance that he is included in this closeout then its awful and if its aaji’s trap then i need to advise him, i know where he should be, i need to converse with him before relations breakdown, she clears out.

Scene 2

Aradhya comes to mandir and appeals to Krishanji. she feels that God give me quality to advise truth to Aryan. She leaves Mandir, Aryan is coming in mandir, they dont see each other and passesby, she leaves while Aryan comes in mandir. Aryan petitions Lord and imagines that Tulsi still have confidence in Aradhya, i simply ask that her confidence is demonstrated right and mine as well.

Aaba is calling legal counselor and says you have to discover lawful way out, we have been living here for 100years, my granddad marked on papers to not demonstrate any privilege on this property but rather he was trick, you discover some way, he closes call. Every single religious researcher go to Aaba’s home, aaba inquires as to whether there is any issue? Shastri says to aaba that everybody used to regard you, nobody had ever guts to say anything against you yet now individuals’ tongue are opening, they are talking against you, aaba says i will close their tongues one by one, i beat boozer yesterday who attempted to talk against me, alcoholic comes there and says i was plastered that day and i was distant from everyone else that day however now i am with entire town, Aaba says i did botch by abandoning you, Shastri says till when you will closing mouths? you used to regard customs thats why individuals used to regard you however now fingers are pointed on you, Tamri says that you wrecked my little girl’s life, you devastated lives of numerous and now as payback you will need to live on your girl’s riches, aaba yells on him. Shastri says comprehend their feeling, individuals are inquiring as to whether you have great child or excellent little girl, they are inquiring as to whether you have house to live or not? individuals are ridiculing you, this is bad climate for Krishnawati. Kumudini comes there and asks what is happening here? why all of you are attackibg aaba? give him a chance to sit on his throne then he will talk, he will answer everybody, right sarpanch? aaba furiously takes a gander at her, Kumudini says appears like he will stay noiseless as he is attempting to take cover behind his new great little girl, he used to abhor little girls and now he is holing up behind them, aaba yells you artist, simply close your mouth, Kumudini says you can get rebuffed for offending lady Sarpanch, you can tamed now as you used to meander like frantic creature, she says to villagers that dont be frightened of him, his goons wont arrive at stop you as he doesnt have cash to give them, this house is even my excellent child Aryan’s, we will begins continuing yet first Nakku will serve refreshment, Nakku bring juice, Banwari says to Markand that how could this have been able to this Nakku switch sides? Kumudini says to Nakku that you are my worker so dont fear anybody, Nakku is shuddering, Kumudini says first serve juice to Aaba, goodness he cannot savor squeeze his……

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