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Krishnadasi 23 June 2016 Written Episode

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Krishnadasi latest Muh Dikhayi drama Aradhya lavani dance
Krishnadasi 23 June 2016 Written Episode

Scene 1

Aradhya focuses firearm at Raj and says dont draw close to me, Raj says white hands holding dark weapon? i will appreciate biting the dust, slaughter me now, he sits infront of her.

Aryan asks Pavitra for what good reason you are sobbing for Aradhya? Nakku says its for you not for Aradhya, Aaba says Aryan what’s happening with you? go and see where Raj is, his marriage with Gayetri is remaining.

Raj says to Aradhya that i will draw close to you so you can shoot me effortlessly, shoot me now, Aradhya says i won’t slaughter you like this, first you need to acknowledge your bamboozling infront of aaba and his family then i will execute you, Raj says i dont like weapon in your grasp, i like bangles in your grasp and ghungroos in your feet, you are devdasi, you ought to murder men with your eyes not with firearm, your aayi caught Chimaji, your aaji caught King Keshav and you caught Aryan, i am rich as well, i have this property, i will make you my devdasi, i will keep you near my heart, similar to your aaji got property from Keshav, i will give you property too twofold than him, Aradhya says dont talk in regards to my family like this, Raj snatches weapon from her and says now i got it, let me know whether i ought to slaughter you or abandon you? Aradhya says slaughter me, shoot me, on the off chance that i bite the dust then you will go to imprison and my Aryan will be spared from your conning. Aryan comes there and sees Raj guiding firearm at Aradhya, he yells Raj toward put weapon down, Raj says see your superman has come, he says Aryan sit tight for at some point, we will do her last uproars together. Aryan tries to break entryway and come in, ARadhya gets firearm from Raj and focuses at him, she says now you will kick the bucket, Aryan says dont shoot Aradhya, put weapon down, Raj tries to get firearm from Aradhya, they are battling for firearm, Aryan breaks entryway and begins coming in, he races to them however Aradhya and Raj are battling for firearm, slug is shot and it hits Aryan, Aryan falls on floor, ARadhya yells Aryan.. she hurries to him, Raj grins. Aradhya comes to Aryan and says i am sad Aryan, i did it by oversight, i didnt need to shoot you, Aryan shuts his eyes, Aradhya cries and says open your eyes Aryan, she cries, Raj applauds and says decent shot Aradhya, what a phenomenal end of this romantic tale, now story will resemble one significant other murdered her beau, you know you have done gigantic support on me, you did my work in 80rs, one projectile is of 80rs, his dowager spouse Purva and Gayetri will get his property which will be kine in the long run, i have ended up rich, God is with me in this battle, Aradhya comes to him and says i wont save you, regardless of the fact that i go to imprison and, after its all said and done i will leave proofs against you, i wont let you hurt Aryan’s family, Raj giggles and says you are absolutely stupid, its simple to trick you, what you feel that i will anxious of you and will acknowledge that i tricked Aryan? you are stupid thats why it was anything but difficult to trap you in phantom story with help of Kaveri, i will grieve over Aryan’s passing, my sister Purva will get to be ruler of house and i will get to be lord of Krishnavati, i let you know that God is with me. Aradhya says God is with me and even family is with me, pivot, Raj pivots to see aaba with his family.. he is stunned, Saras says i brought them here, Shashwat gets Raj’s neckline and asks what you did with Aryan? let me know? Aryan awakens and says nothing transpired, i needed to do show to bring truth of this dramatization ruler, i knew he would admit to his wrongdoings in bliss, firearm was fake, demise was fake everything was fake, he grins at Shashwat, he says now all of you comprehend what diversion Deshmukh family played, when Aradhya began acting strange, i began having questions, even Chimaji was in uncertainty about this so we chose test Aradhya’s nourishment which was eating back then, Pavitra gets tensed listening this. Flashback indicates Aryan and Chimaji demonstrating Aradhya’s sustenance to specialist, specialist let them know that some herb is blended in Aradhya’s nourishment thats why she was acting bizarre, flashback closes. Aryan says then i did dramatization of separation, i requested that Aradhya play alongside me, i realized that when they will realize that i have tossed her out of house then they will turn out to be simple, flashback demonstrates Aryan expressing gratitude toward Aradhya for marking legal documents, Aryan says your life was in peril in that house, Aradhya says i dont know in regards to something blended in my nourishment yet Kaveri has been spellbinding me, Purva and Raj are included in this, Aryan says i require you help in this show, i will act like wedding Purva tomorrow, flashback closes. Aryan says then we did this dramatization with the goal that Raj admits his violations himself, he inquires as to whether he needs to say something with all due respect? he punches Raj….
Tulsi says to Chimaji if he called police for Kumudini? Chimaji says Damini has gone to handle Aradhya’s case, Tulsi asks what case? Chimaji says we asked doctor to test Aradhya’s food and he.. Kumudini wakes up and says Aryan.. she screams Aryan and starts leaving from there, Tulsi says you need rest, dont go, Kumudini doesnt listen and goes from there, Tulsi and Chimaji goes behind her.

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Scene 2
Raj is brought to aaba’s house, police has cuffed his hands, Gayetri slaps Raj. Raj says i am sorry, i was going to destroy life of innocent girl like you, will you slap me more? he shouts to slap him again, he says you dont know that my plans never failed, i would have slapped you if my hands were not tied, Raj says even if i am going jail, Purva is already married to Purva, now she will get his property, now your family should decide how you will handle this situation, Aryan says what are you saying about my marriage? he calls Pundit, Pundit says i am not theater artist, i am not Pundit, the wedding i did of Aryan and Purva was fake, it wasnt real marriage, he leaves, Aryan says i avoided making Purva wear Mangalsutra too and one more thing, Aradhya and my divorce was fake, Aradhya says Aryan gave me fake divorce papers to sign, i knew i had to be with Aryan in this game, i knew we had to act in this game to bring their truth out, Purva recalls how Aryan was so sweet with her. Aaba is sitting there silently, Aradhya says to Purva that you told me that you will throw me out of house in 48hours but see your truth has come out before 48hours ended and i am still daughter in law of this house, will you leave this house yourself or should police take you?Aradhya says to Aaba that we didnt want to hide it from you but you wouldnt have believed us without proofs, everyone does mistake, even you did mistake in recognizing them, they are wolfs acting innocent all the time, i am sorry for all this, she folds her hand. Damini comes there with police, she says Mr. Jairaj see so many people have come to take you, wont you go? Purva says Aradhya is right, we cheated you aaba, let Raj go to jail, we are criminals, you had such good relation with my father but we broke it, Aryan was my childhood friend but i fooled him too, our biggest mistake was that we trusted Jairaj, his first wife died because he forced her to die, then he asked forgiveness and we accepted him, we brought him here so that he can start new life but he didnt change his ways, he spit venom only, because of his deeds, i am ashamed of myself, this fire has been insulted when i got married to Aryan, now this fire will burn me, Aryan takes fire rod from here and says have you gone mad? Purva says i dont wanna live, my brother has destroyed my life, he disrespected my family, she whispers to Raj that till this family trusts me till then we will have chance to get their property, Purva says take this man to jail, she comes to Aaba and says kill me aaba, aaba says enough, you are not at mistake, Damini take Raj away, Damini says we have to take whole family to jail, aaba says Purva told now only that only Raj was behind all this, her family is not involved in all this, they will stay here with me, i have blessed Purva, she will stay here, Damini arrests Raj, Raj says Aryan have you forgotten that Aradhya trapped you in rape case and married you, Aryan gets angry listening this, Raj says to Aaba that Aradhya’s next target will be you as this devdasi story started with you and will end with you only, he is taken away from there. Aaba recalls how his sister did suicide because of Kumudini. Aryan says what you did aaba? you sent Raj to jail even after knowing truth of his whole family? what about these people? Aaba goes and brings his gun, Purva gets tensed thinking be might shoot her but aaba passesby her and comes to Aradhya, he says to his men that this devdasi out of house, i dont want to keep filth in my house, aaba’s men take Aradhya from there, all are shocked and goes behind them, Purva thinks that my drama affected Aaba, lets see what happens next.
Aradhya is brought in garden, Aradhya’s hands are tied, Aaba points gun at her and says she and her family have not given us moment of peace, Aryan comes and takes gun from aaba, he says what are you doing aaba? aaba says move away, i will kill her today, she and her aaji have not let us live in peace, Aryan points gun at himself and says then kill me first, Aradhya says no Aryan, aaba’s men grabs Aryan away from aaba. Kumudini comes there and shouts Vidyadhar.. Aryan runs and takes gun from Aaba, Aaba says she has come with all family, i will finish them, give me gun Aryan, Kumudini says kill me but first kill this girl Aradhya, you know who is she? She is grand daughter of Vidyadhar Rao and daughter of Shashwat Rao, Aryan says dont start this new drama, Tulsi says what are you saying? Kumudini says i will talk to Aaba today only, 21years back to protect my grand son, i gave him to Pavitra and took her daughter with me to Pune,Aryan is my grand son, 21 years back to save me and my daughter, i did all this, i swapped children in hospital, she is your blood only, all are shocked, Aryan and Aradhya cant believe it…….

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