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Krishnadasi 1 July 2016 Written Episode

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Krishnadasi upcoming twists Aaradhya finds clue about father’s identity
Krishnadasi 1 July 2016 Written Episode

Scene 1

Kumudini requests that Pavitra go and begin pressing, i dont need your stuff here, Aaba says what is this waste? Kumudini says you are not trusting your ears but rather when you will see will papers then you will realize that you have gotten to be home-less, Aryan says what are you saying Kumudini? aaba requests that his men toss this devdasi family out, Kumudini calls Raney there, Raney says to aaba that see these papers of Keshav’s will, as indicated by it, Aryan has got this house as well, aaba requests that Shaswhat read it, Kumudini says its composed there that Keshav’s beneficiary can grab everything from here, Shashwat understands it and is dazed to realize this is valid, aaba says this is untruth, Kumudini says i will toss you out now like your child tossed my little girl out of town 21years back, Aryan says enough, no one

will go out, Aaba may have overlooked connection of 21years however i regard him, no one will leave, Kumudini says didnt you perceive how they treated your mom Tulsi? Aryan says what needed to happen has happened, me and Tulsi aayi doesnt have any contempt against anybody, we dont need any reprisal, in the event that you think you have connection with me then dont do it, he begins leaving with Tulsi, he takes a gander at Aradhya, Aradhya is in tears and imagines that i have a craving for coming to you and let you know everything except for i am simply sitting tight for perfect time, i cannot put Tulsi aayi’s life in risk, Aryan leaves with Tulsi, Kumudini leaves as well. Banwari welcomes visitors and requests that they leave, they leave, Purva believes that i just begins flame and now its going greater, i need to advise this to Raj, aaba says to Aradhya that did you perceive the amount of terrible sign you are for us, when you were conceived then i got fake bliss of getting stupendous child and now on your birthday, i have lost my beginning and end, yo are awful sign, awful sign, he kicks away Aradhy’a birthday cake and leaves, Aradhya remains there hurt, Purva imagines that it will be beneficial for us as much as she stoop in aaba’s eyes. Aradhya leaves from that point, Pavitra is concerned for her.

Aryan reviews how Aradhya got out of hand with Tulsi, he comes in mandir and reviews how Aradhya tossed Tulsi out of house, he says what has happened to Aradhya? by what means would she be able to overlook her aayi so soon? by what means would she be able to overlook me and our affection? he reviews how Aradhya brought pheras with him, Aryan says she was prepared to runaway for our adoration and now.. a child comes to Aryan and gives him letter, Aryan asks who gave it? she says read it. Aryan says Aradhya gave it? he opens it, its Gayetri’s letter, Gayetri has composed that i used to wish you on birthday first consistently, you got back home today yet i couldnt wish you, i used to do your aarti and you used to give me present on your birthday, i am making aarti plate and i will sit tight for you, even after whatever happened, our connection cannot be changed after all that.. your own Gayu tai. Aryan wipes his tears perusing letter, he takes off.

Tulsi is going to master and says offer joy to Aryan and Aradhya. Kumudini comes there and says my terrific child is absent since morning and kaka is lost as well, Tulsi says i am appreciative to Pavitra that she gave such great conveying to Aryan, Aryan has done right by me by sparing their home.

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Shashwat says to aaba that Aryan cannot think terrible for us, Aaba says dont laud him, dont overlook he has squalid blood of devdasies, Shashwat says what is Aryan’s shortcoming in this, Kumudini wronged yet he spared house for us.
Kumudini says to Tulsi that Aryan did wrong, i know why he did it, that Vidyadhar Rao has done Aryan’s postmortem, i know what game is this, this is all rao’s game, Tulsi says thank God because of Aryan, everything was fine, Kumudini says you didnt see truth even after your fake daughter pushed you, your son will do same then you will realize, Tulsi says you are wishing that for me? atleast think good for sometime.
Pavitra says to Aaba that Aryan thought good for us, he maybe Tulsi’s blood but he has our upbringing, he may not be our son but he is our son in law, aaba says dont talk like this again, even if slipper is of gold, you dont keep it on head, you wear it in feet only.
Kumudini says to Tulsi that when you will realize difference between gold and silver that day i will thank God, you dont talk to me but you are always ready to taunt me, Tulsi says i dont like to talk to you but if you try to poison my son’s mind then it wont be good for you, she leaves, Kumudini says she taunts me like he is her son only and nothing to me, where is my prince Aryan? his birthday was spoiled too.
Gayetri brings Aradhya to her room, she has closed her eyes, she asks Aradhya to open her eyes, Aradhya does and sees cake there, she recalls how she insulted Tulsi, Gayetri says i know you are hurt by insulting Tulsi and you did all that on aaba’s orders so i asked Nakku to take cake from Tulsi, i know your birthday cant be fulfilled without cutting this cake, so cut it, Aradhya sits and makes a wish that i wish i could celebrate my birthday with Aryan, she blows off candle, Gayetri asks what did you wish? tell me what you wished, Aradhya is silent, Gayetri says i know our wish has connection with same person, i know you both care for each other, you both think about each other alot, i will bring your birthday gift, you light fire to Diya of mandir, i will come in a minute, she leaves, Aradhya thinks that Aryan and my misunderstanding will never fade away? She sees mandir in room and lights diya there, she recalls how had light lantern with Aryan, she says i wish Aryan was here so i could tell him whole truth, God wherever he lives, he should remain happy. Aryan jumps in Gayetri’s room from window to meet Gayetri. lights are switched off, Aradhya takes diya in her hand and says how did lights go off? Aryan sees her standing in dark room and thinks that it is Gayetri, he says i am sorry, i got late, he sees cake there, Aradhya listens his voice and smiles, Aryan says wish me birthday and celebrate it with me, he says tai.. Aradhya thinks that Aryan is thinking that i am Gayetri. Aryan is coming near Aradhya, Aryan says i know you are miffed with me tai.. he comes to her and sees its Aradhya standing with diya in her hand, she closes her eyes, he angrily looks at her, she opens her eyes, they share eyelock, both are pained and has tears in eyes.
aaba sees lights switched off and asks his servant to see what happened to lights, Gayetri has become lazy too, she didnt give me my medicines, he calls Gayetri.
Aryan and Aradhya are looking at each other in Gayetri’s room, Aaba is coming to Gayetri’s room, he calls out her name. Aryan listens Aaba coming there, he says this is height of shamelessness, even after doing so much, you are not ashamed of showing your face, he starts to leave, Aradhya holds his hand and says listen to me, She hides with him behind window, they are close, Aradhya holds Aryan’s hand, they look at each other, tum hi toh ho meri jaan plays. aaba comes in Gayetri’s room and doesnt find her there, he starts to leave but sees silhouette behind window, he asks who is there? Aradhya comes out, Aaba asks what are you doing here? Aradhya says Gayetri has first aid box in her room, i came to get pain killer, Aaba asks where is Gayetri? Aradhya says she has gone with your medicine, Aaba says today i liked when your kept respect of our family, you showed place to that devdasi Tulsi, we will not have any relation that devdasi family, Aradhya says yes, i am part of this family so i will not have any relation with that family, Aryan listens all this, aaba says its good that you understood soon, he leaves, Aradhya comes behind window and sees Aryan gone, Aradhya thinks that Aryan will think more wrong now, how to make him understand, to handle one relation, other relations are going wrong.
Banwari and Markand are eating Aradhya’s birthday cake in kitchen, Nakku comes there and asks what you both are doing here? Markand asks her to have cake too, Banwari says she ash diabetes, Nakku says i dont have any illness, you both are shameless, i will tell you something, i went out of house to throw garbage, i saw Aryan going out of window, Banwari says he will throw us out of house, we will switch to Kumudini’s side, we will call her madam, Markand says i can call her lady aaba sahib but will stay here, Nakku says i will not do it, you both are chameleon.
Kumudini asks Kaka where is Aryan? he says i didnt see him. Tulsi is worried for Aryan too, she calls him but he doesnt pick up, she says first she makes him angry then shows fake concern, Kumudini says i will go and check for him. Aryan comes there all sad, Kumudini says Aryan where were you? you didnt even inform anyone, Aryan says i dont think to tell where i was, Kumudini says how are you talking to your aaji, i was worried for you, Aryan says if you worried for me then you wouldnt have played with our lives, he goes to his room, Tulsi stares Kumudini and leaves too, Kumudini says to kaka that i took upto to me fight enemies but what to do with my grand son? i have to do something to take of Rao family from his mind and make place for Kumudini and Tulsi in his mind otherwise this grand son will will destroy my all set game, Kaka says i dont understand what you are saying? Kumudini says tomorrow i will show you everything.
Scene 2
Its morning, all sit to have breakfast in aaba’s house, aaba says where is Aradhya? will she come on invitation? Pavitra says i will check up on her. Lawyer comes there and shows banner which says that Rao house will be auctioned, aaba says what is this drama in my house? lawyer says i got to know that this house is of Aryan, what you are doing here? aaba says shut up, lawyer says talk with respect, he asks his men to start auction, aaba pushes him, Shashwat comes and asks how can you do auction? Lawyer says dont ask me, ask Aryan, he has passed orders from court to auction everything of this house, infact this house will be auctioned too, you should find new house, Shashwat sees court papers and gets tensed, aaba looks at him. Clients come there, lawyer asks them to check out house, aaba says to lawyer that its better for you to leave rightnow else i .. lawyer says you cant stop court orders, Aaba says i am court, law in this city, he calls his goons and says to lawyer that will you like to go in ambulance from here? lawyer says sir told me that you dont think from mind when you are angry thats why i have come prepared, he calls police there, lawyer says now you cant break law, Sir was right, you wont leave this house easily, Shahwat says who is this sir? is he Aryan? Aaba says didnt you understand, we have raised chameleon, shashwat says Aryan cant do this, if he wanted us to leave then he would have done that yesterday, he wouldnt have stopped his aaji. Kumudini comes there and greets aaba in her style, she says there are so many people in this house, i mean in my house, what is happening here? last night’s party was not completed so aaba must have called guests again, Aaba says you have done all this? Kumudini says what i did now? Markand see what he is saying, i was just passingby and thought to see if everything is fine in my house, i had to check so i came, aaba smirks. Kumudini says its Rao’s auction, i mean Rao house’s auction, this is my grand son Aryan’s house, this penniless aaba cant do it, aaba says i know you have done all this, you took orders from court and now doing drama, i forgot that you are devdasi and drama is your career, Kumudini thinks that i didnt arrange this auction then it means Aryan arranged it, she gets happy and says what they say in english? yes my grand son has given me Surprise, aaba angrily looks at her……….

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