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Kawach 27 June 2016 Written Episode

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Kawach Gossips sharad Malhotra girlfriend Pooja Bisht replace Mahek Chahal
Kawach 27 June 2016 Written Episode

Natasha exhaust after Pari goes up against and affronts her back. She supposes she will show Pari a lesson and thinks back advising she doesn’t know not. She solicits Pari to move in front from everybody and mumbles in her ears that it is retribution for offending her. She reports on mic that Pari will move now. Manjulika in Pari moves exotically on Ang laga de re… tune… Everyone applaud her. Mother applauds that she didn’t know she can move so well. Rajbeer says this is get 36 out of 36 firearm/qualities. Pari takes a gander at Natasha grinning. Youngters insult Natasha that she can’t move like Pari. Natasha exhaust in enviously.

Saroj thinks there is something incorrectly in this house, she will need to meet kinnar/eunch woman. Manjulika/Pari comes there and panics her that on the off chance that she calls kinnar, she will torment Pari and beats Pari’s body. Pari cries and argues Saroj to help her. Saroj argues not to damage Pari and strolls back home.

Ranbeer comes to room around evening time. Manjulika in Pari’s body begin romancing him erotically. He says he doesn’t feel great with her over ownership and goes to put on something else. Manjulika exhaust and torments Pari. Pari says this is called love, Rajbeer can recognize her. They adore each other ‘s soul and not body. Manjulika says she will demonstrate her the force of body now and turns her hands. Rajbeer returns and mulls over bed. Manjulika begins sincerely coercing him that despite everything he adores his ex, so he is maintaining a strategic distance from her. He gets sentimental. She tosses her mangalsutra and says she doesn’t need anything between them. Mangalsutra falls into water glass….
Natasha tells Shakti that Pari was talking cheap with her. She alleged her that she was having affair with 4 producers, can she. Shakti says no. Natasha then sees Pari walking out of house and follows her. Pari gets into car and goes to Manjulika’s haveli and tries to break open Manjulika’s mom’s grave shouting she will free her mom today. Natasha enters haveli yelling how can Pari come into such a dirty old haveli. Manjulika senses her and turns. Natasha gets afraid seeing her horrible face and runs home. She gathers family and tells Pari is not at home and went to old haveli. Daadi scolds her to stop bothering Pari. She insits and takes them all to Pari’s and knocks door. Rajbeer comes out. She asks where is Pari. He shows Pari on bed. Everyone scold Natasha again.

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In the morning, during breakfast, Rajbeer tells family that he is going to Canada for 15 days on a business meeting. Daadi asks him to take Pari along for honeymoon. Natasha comments Pari should be sent to some local hill station like Massouri, Darljeelling instead of Canada. Mom scolds her. Rajbeer’s brother asks Rajbeer to take his passport, else he will return home like last time if he forgets passport. Rajbeer asks Pari to get their passport. Pari goes to her room. Manjulika says she will celebrate honeymoon with Rajbeer for 15 days. Pari says she will not let that happen and burns passport. She tells Rajbeer that her passport got burnt by mistake, so she will stay at home and mingle with family members. Manjulika tortures Pari and says after 7 p.m. she will enter her body and will stop Rajbeer here. She enters Pari’s body at 7 p.m. and injures her forehead. Rajbeer takes elders’ blessings and is about to leave for Canada when Manjulika/Pari calls him loudly. He runs up and sees her injured. Doc nurses her forehead injury. Mom asks what happened. She says she slipped in bathroom and hit her head to a table. Her family also comes and her mom asks what happened. Rajbeer asks how did they know about Pari’s injury. Pari’s mom says she does not know about injury, but Pari had told about Rajbeer going to Canada, so they came. Pari insists Rajbeer to go to Canada alone. Rajbeer leaves. Manjulika fumes.

Manjulika in Pari’s body walks in corridor. Natasha comments that poor junior artist could not even go abroad. Manjulika angrily fumes that she will teach her a lesson now. Natasha is sound asleep on her bed. Manjulika/Pari enters her room and wiggles her soles. Natasha wakes up and sees Pari on bed, hides herself in bedsheet. Shakti wakes up and asks what is she doing. She says Pari is here. He scolds her to sleep. She walks out and sees Pari in corridor. Pari frigthens and tortures her. She falls unconscious shouting. Shakti comes and takes her to room. Doc checks her and says she is under a lot of work stress, so is acting weird and needs rest. Manjulika in Pari’s body sits next to Natasha and smirks, wiggling her fingers in hair.

Manjulika continues torturing Pari for sending Rajbeer. Pari says now she will not see Rajbeer for 15 days. Rajbeer comes back and says airport road has traffic jam, so he came back. Manjulika smirks on Pari. At night, Manjulika hears her mom calling her. She in Pari’s body get out of bed and walks into store room breaking heavy lock. Manjulika in Pari’s body looks at her mom’s burnt portrait. Mom says she has to get her out with black magical key via Pari’s body. She cries that 30 years ago Bundela family killed her and locked her in suitcase grave. Natasha goes kitchen to drink water and sees Pari in store room. Manjulika tells her mom that she will get her out of grave and will bring her back to Bundela family…….

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