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Kasam 7 May 2016 Written Episode

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Find out how Kasam star cast deal with SSharad Malhotra being late for shoot
Kasam 7 May 2016 Written Episode

Honey bee ji discloses to Rishi that Tanvi has worn a ring that was purchased was Raaj. Rishi was elated and embraces Bee ji, wiping his tears that Tanvi is his. He watches Pavan cheerful, and resolved to make him cry by winning over Tanvi. Nobody can win Tanvi from him. Manpreet and UV were concerned viewing Rishi, they come to Rishi. Manpreet guarantees they are with him, why is he chuckling when he should really cry. Rishi discloses to Manpreet and UV about the ring matter, they move bouncing and hooting. Bani goes to ask what happened. Rishi says he just recalled his own engagement viewing Tannu’s.

Bani sends Neha to Rishi, he has gone insane after Tannu’s engagement today. She guarantees Neha he recollects his own engagement in the wake of viewing Tannu’s engagement. Swati denies going to Rishi with Neha, however Neha drags her.

Rishi strolls to Tannu requesting that her accompany him. Tannu leaves from him. Rishi pursues her, Pavan watches him go behind Tanvi and miracles what he needs now.

On the gallery, Tannu denies listening to him. She has been locked in to Pavan, they matter a great deal for her. Rishi stops her, he knows she is distinctive and is constantly pleased with her at whatever point she watches him. He is the stand out in her life. Tannu says Pavan is the one, Rishi says in fact his dad brought this ring, Pavan has placed it in the wrong ring. So she is locked in to him really. Her Roka was additionally with him, he had put it over her. He grins, and says the greatest custom is him being in her heart. He salutes Tanvi Khurana to be locked in to Rishi Singh Bedi, measuring her face in his grasp.

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Ahna stops Pavan and deters him if he ever hurts Tanvi she won’t leave him. Pavan’s attention was directed to Rishi and heads towards him. Ahna wonders why she dislikes Pavan. Manpreet comes saying she doesn’t like anyone. They have a confrontation and leave other ways.
Tannu tells Rishi all the rituals happened with Pavan. Rishi qualifies all her rituals were with her, she is his and not Pavan’s. Pavan comes there and tells him Tanvi is his now. Rishi confronts Pavan and says we both knows whose Tanvi is, he appreciates Daal Makhni in the party and leaves. Pavan eyes Tannu.
Rano insists on Raaj there is something between Rishi and Tanvi. She accuses Raaj to be taking Bee ji’s side always, Raaj shuts his mouth. Rishi comes serving drinks. Rano wonders what happens to him in engagement, he had been serving in his own engagement as well. Raaj appreciates Tanvi for this. Bee ji comes there. Rano and Bee ji have an argument but Raaj leaves without uttering a word.
Tannu comes to the party and watches Rishi with juice tray. Pavan takes comes to take Tannu to meet his friends, he holds her injured hands. Rishi was moved as she cries in ache. Pavan apologizes then holds her hand and takes her along. Tannu were lost in her own thoughts, Pavan introduces her to his friends but she only thinks about Rishi’s words about their engagement. Pavan calls her again asking if she is fine, she nods and takes a leave.
Swati announces a couple dance performance of Neha and Tannu.
Tannu comes to the terrace again, thinks about her couple with Rishi.
UV watches Pavan’s father takes his cellphone to call a relative. UV turns to Manpreet for a chance but Manpreet had vanished. Guljeet goes to take the drink tray from Rishi’s hand compelling him to dance with Neha………

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