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Kasam 5 July 2016 Written Episode

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Kasam Colors Live Tv Upcoming Serial Story and Review Plot Line
Kasam 5 July 2016 Written Episode

Everybody was amped up for the weddings the following day. Rishi goes to the lobby, Rano praises him for getting hitched tomorrow. Rishi ponders whom he would get hitched tomorrow. Bani gets some information about Tannu simply in the wake of sitting on the stallion, as it makes individuals the couple for each other. Rishi supposes he would just consider his Tanvi. Rani ponders what he is intuition about so joyfully. Ahna was going by the corridor, Raaj asks about her then takes the medication from Ahna to take it to Tanvi. He had been sitting tight for Tanvi to wake up.

Tanvi tries to stand up viewing Raaj, however her damage harms. She asks Uncle, why you brought the drug. Raaj reproves her for calling uncle, she calls him Bauji. Raaj demands her to take prescription unobtrusively from Bauji, then gets her water too. Raaj appeals to God for

lightning of her life, and expresses gratitude toward her for sparing his Rishi’s life. He reproves Rishi a considerable measure, and is strict to him. Verbally he talks briefly to him, yet this heart is a father’s heart. She spared this heart from crying over and over, however sparing his life. Tannu breaks into tears. Raaj swings to leave, then comes to Tannu once more. He admit he can see the torment and stress for Rishi in her eyes, however circumstance is distinctive. Had it not been so mind boggling, he would have made her as his little girl in law. He can’t see somebody prettier than her, he can just see her be it a connection of girl or little girl in law. He guarantees might be in some other life, he will make his little girl as his girl in law, it not this life. He favors her to get all that she covets for in this life. Tannu cries hard when he had cleared out.

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Rishi comes to illuminate Manpreet he is going to wed Tanvi. Manpreet asks Rishi for what valid reason he change his choice day by day, he had admonished him about it yesterday. Rishi calls himself abit insane. He imparts a thought to Manpreet about exchanging the dresses of ladies. Manpreet calls it truly insane thought, if the ladies would acknowledge this all. This arrangement will be super slump, his courageous woman is truly unyielding about wearing Pavan’s lady of the hour as it were. Manpreet says he has another arrangement, however will just share when UV returns. He tells Rishi that he and UV made a strong arrangement, about concealing a camera in Pavan’s room, and UV has gone there. Manpreet says they will discharge the genuine video of their room and play it on the extra large screen. He recommends Rishi to get weak in the focal point of stage amid his wedding with Tannu.

Pavan goes to his room and lay on his bed to rest.

There, Rishi embraces UV and Manpreet. He wish Saloni lays down with Pavan today evening time, it’s their last risk this evening to assemble any confirmation against Pavan.

Saloni comes into the room, she says it’s their last night as a couple, from tomorrow Tanvi would be here and they will need to stay in characters of sibling and sister in law. Pavan holds her in his arms……..
The next morning, Raaj comes to wake Rishi up. He looks at him and is afraid. Rano comes there, Rishi complains he had been dreaming. Rano puts on haldi over his face. Raaj calls him downstairs, as the girls are waiting for him for the ritual. Rano says both Tannu and Tanvi have already come downstairs. Rishi thinks about watching Tanvi anyway, and hurries downstairs.
The turmeric ritual was going on downstairs. Tannu sat lost, while Neha excited. Guljeet announces about Rishi’s arrival, Tannu turns to look up at him and remembers his promise about marrying her only. Guljeet calls Rishi to take a seat. Bani calls Bee ji to put on turmeric over her daughter in law. Bee ji says she would put on haldi to her grandson first and asks Mumta to put on haldi over their (Bani’s) Tannu, as she hasn’t yet been theirs’ (Bee ji’s).
Bee ji comes to put on haldi over Rishi vigorously, she complains Rishi that he was never successful. Rishi asks her to imagine herself being in his and Tanvi’s wedding. She then thinks about putting this haldi over Tanvi.
Mumta boasts over Neha’s luck as Rishi got ready to marry her. Bee ji comes to put the haldi on Tannu’s face, and says she came to put on haldi over Rishi’s wife to be. She wanted her wedding to be according to all rituals, today she is starting that ritual. Tanvi was shocked, watching Rishi wink at her……….

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